I did it, I finally ticked off another one of the incredible countries on my hypothetical list of all of the enchanting destinations that I would love to visit one day..And dare I say, this one might be the most exciting place I have been to yet!
My handbag is predominately the home of food wrappers, loose change, hair ties and hundreds of unneeded receipts, but just for today, I thought I would put those details to one side and pretend that I am actually quite organised when it comes to what I carry in my handbag.
Primers are one of the most controversial make-up products within the world of beauty..
The perfect nude lip can do the same for your face as what the perfect little black dress can do for your body. It has the ability to transorm, define and accentuate all of your best features, in a way that says 'I am trying, but I am not trying too hard'.
I have been sat at my laptop looking at this blank Blogger page for the past three hours..Or if I'm being honest, I have actually been staring at it for the past three weeks.
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