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 - Charlotte Tilbury.
Hi guys! I hope you are all well.
 Now I would recommend getting in your comfy clothes, putting your feet up and grabbing a cuppa because I have a feeling this post is going to be a LONG one. 
Recently I have heard so much hype about the Charlotte Tilbury make-up range and I was dying to try it out for myself. I mean look how beautiful and luxurious it is, how can you not fall in love at first sight? 

Now this is a very high end, lavish brand and these products were not cheap, so I understand this is not to everyone's taste but I just wanted to show you what I treated myself to. I literally spent hours on their website trying my hardest to pick just a FEW products that I wanted to try but I just could not narrow my items down that were in my basket, I wanted the WHOLE website practically - That is my new make-up collection goal! I have currently got a wishlist on the website which comes to well over £1000 so I best get saving! I know, I can hear you all saying 'HOW MUCH..ON MAKE-UP? GIRL YOU CRAZY!', but this is my passion and the Charlotte Tilbury collection is so worth splurging on in my opinion - it looks stunning, the products are amazing and they do not test on animals, I couldn't ask for anything more! I also believe if you are going to splash out on something, it might as well be make-up or skin care, as it is so important to have products which are good for the skin. 
I will be doing some make-up looks soon for you guys using all of these products and so I will be reviewing them and letting you know if I think they are worth investing in!

Now, lets get on with the Haul...
 Firstly, I thought I would show you how it all comes boxed up because I for one love something that has nice packaging. So, this box is what the products come in if you opt for the UK fast 'N' fabulous delivery option, which is £9.95 or free if you spend over £150. I think this just adds the finishing touches to an order, I was so excited when I saw this box in the mail, but it looked so pretty I didn't want to open it! The receipt for your order also comes in this lovely Charlotte Tilbury envelope which is another nice little extra. I know good packaging is not everything and it is not essential to everybody but I think it is the perfect extra, just look how pretty..
I actually could of screamed with excitement when I opened up the wrapping. This is what a little box of heaven looks like to me guys. 
As you can see the main colour scheme for Charlotte's packaging is sort of a deep burgundy/purple colour with the writing and the 'CT' symbol in rose gold, it looks so deluxe. Ahh, I just cannot explain how happy it makes me. 
So without further ado, here is what was inside my Charlotte Tilbury box..

Wonder Glow
- Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash Primer
In all honesty I am not a huge user of primers, however when I read about this one in particular I just had to try it! Wonder glow is a soft focus primer, an anti-ageing elixir and a beauty flash all rolled into one. You just need to use a pea sized amount and you apply it all over the face, either on its own or underneath your foundation. It is said to be 'a miracle turn around for tired looking, dull and dehydrated skin', so I am so excited to give this ago and see if it really does make a difference.  
Link to buy || Wonder Glow
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

The Retoucher
- Concealer and Treat Stick (1 Fair) 
Recently I have found myself being a bit of a concealer junkie! I love trying out new ones to see which work best, so this was a MUST for me from the range. This one claims to make any imperfections disappear, so we will see! I do not really suffer with troublesome skin and I do not get breakouts a lot, however I do occasionally suffer from quite dark circles under my eyes. For this reason I like quite a high coverage concealer, that won't crease and offers a bit of brightening as well. I really hope this one works how I want it to! This product has a 'hydrating complex of black tea derivatives' which helps smooth out and moisturise the skin. I am super excited to try this out and see if it offers a luminous healthy finish!
Link to buy || The Retoucher
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

Filmstar Bronze and Glow 
- Face Sculpt and Highlight
Now this product I did not buy as part of this haul - I bought this the month before because I just could NOT wait until payday to have it in my make-up collection! Where has this product been all my life?! It is just perfect for contouring and curving out those cheekbones girls. It can also be used to slim, sculpt, shorten, trim and highlight your facial features to really define them and maximise your assets. Who doesn't love the sound of that?! It is without a doubt my most favourite contouring kit, I definitely recommend it to all of you!
Link to buy || Filmstar Bronze and Glow
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

Cheek to Chic
- Swish and Pop Blusher (Ecstasy)
I absolutely love the concept of these Charlotte Tilbury blushers - the application of them is done in 2 steps. The first step is done by swishing the outer colour upwards, along your cheekbones in big circular motions. The second step is to take the inner colour and to pop that onto the apples of your cheeks and blend together again in big circular motions - Hence the term 'Swish and Pop'! Apparently as soon as you apply these blushers to the skin, it makes it look youthful, happy and healthy, so I cannot wait to try this one out. I am desperate to try the other five blushers from the collection as well as they are all such gorgeous colours, but I opted for this one to be my first try. This one is called Ecstasy and is stunning, however on the online pictures it looks a lot more peachy toned than what it actually is, in real life it seems more pinky, but it doesn't bother me too much - Just bare that in mind though if you are wanting to invest in this one. When I swatched this blusher, it seems a very creamy texture with rich colour pigmentation, they also seem quite buildable which I really like. 
Link to buy || Cheek to Chic
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

The Feline Flick
- Quick Fine Line Shodo Pen (Panther)
Now, I love eyeliner, I think it is the perfect finish to a make up look that really outlines the eyes and makes them stand out. However, I CANNOT for the life of me do a winged eyeliner! One eye will start off really well, but then the other side won't match, so I try to even them out and eventually it just turns into one thick black line that really just looks nasty! Anyone else have this problem?! So I am hoping this is my answer to my struggle, because it claims that with this pen, ANYBODY can create the perfect feline flick, so time will tell! This applicator brush is very fine tipped to achieve a sharp, crisp line to make the eyes look more feline and more mesmerising. The thing I love about a feline eye is that it suits all face shapes and all eye types - which is good for me because I have fairly hooded eyes, so not everything seems to work! The trick is to start off with a thin line and elongate it towards your nose in the inner corner and then add a flick in short strokes. Apparently the Shodo pen is as easy to use as a felt tip pen and it does all the work for you - So if you see me parading around with perfectly winged, feline eyes from now on you'll know this product has worked miracles! 
Link to buy || The Feline Flick
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

Rock 'N' Kohl
- Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil (Bedroom black) 
I can hear you all shouting 'Why do you need another eyeliner?!' but I do have my reasons..I promise! Now for an every day look, so if I am not doing much but I still want a little eye make-up on to look awake, I prefer to use a pencil eyeliner. This is because it can be blended in, so it will not look as sharp, dark or dramatic as a liquid or a gel eyeliner. This liner is actually a liquid eyeliner but in a pencil format, so it has the soft, silky glide of a liquid liner and just melts onto the skin for a slick perfect line that can be blended and then sets. I am looking forward to trying this out to create a new everyday make up look! 
Link to buy || Rock 'N' Kohl
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

Full Fat Lashes
- 5 Star Mascara; curl-separation-length-volume-drama
I am still on the look out for my new holy grail mascara, and you never know, this could be the one! I have always used the Benefit they're real mascara which I love, but I decided it was time to try something a little different. This mascara claims to do the five main things that all us girls want for our fluttery, flirtatious lashes. This mascara has been cut with laser precision into a five star grooved brush applicator which helps to get right to the base of the lashes to fully coat them and fully lift them - It is a push up bra for eyelashes according to Charlotte! It claims to be a 5-in-1 product that curls, separates, adds volume, adds length and also adds drama. Sounds amazing right? I am hoping that this product means my search for my holy grail is over!
Link to buy || Full Fat Lashes
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

Lip Magic
- Rejuvenating, Smoothing Propolis Balm
Just before placing my order I received an email from Charlotte Tilbury telling me about this great new product for the perfect pouty lips that had just gone on sale. Perfect timing hey, this meant ANOTHER item being added to my basket! But what girl doesn't want that perfect pout? The main reason that I got this product though, is because it says that it reduced the lines in your lips - Nothing annoys me more than putting on a lipstick and having it sink into the grooves of your lips so I thought lets see if this little pot really does work miracles and stop this from happening. In the description it says that this product is very moisturising for the lips and acts as a protective barrier. Does anyone else suffer with dry lips in the winter? I know I do and it drives me insane, so with the cold weather at the moment there was no better time to test this baby out to see the results! 
Link to buy || Lip Magic

Lip Cheat
- Re-Shape and Re-Size Lip Liner (Pink Venus)

I was never into using lip liners, until all this hype about getting that Kylie Jenner lip came about and now I am OBSESSED! This one is in the shade pink venus and is just like a pinky toned nude and I love it! These lip cheats are very rich in colour and velvety in texture. They are able to re-size, re-shape and balance your lips to make them look fuller and to give that Kimmy K pout! Can anyone guess what Family I look up to for make-up inspiration?! 
Link to buy || Lip Cheat
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

Lip Cheat
- Re-Shape and Re-Size Lip Liner (Pillowtalk)
This next colour I bought is called pillowtalk and it is very similar to pink venus, but this one is more of a pale pink colour. The only thing I really use lip liners for is to fill in my lips before applying my lipstick, because I find this gives the lipstick an even base to go onto, and if your lipstick smudges throughout the day then you see the colour of the lip liner rather than having the contrast of your proper lip colour, if that makes sense? I am not really one for using them to over draw my lips because I think I would end up looking like a clown - Not a good look! This is Charlottes way of cheating her way to perfect lips and I am excited to give it a whirl! 
Link to buy || Lip Cheat
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

- Fallen From The Lipstick Tree (Confession)
Lipsticks are the one make-up product that I will just buy and buy, I love all the different colours available and so many different looks can be done by using different lipstick shades. A lipstick was actually the first item I wanted to get from the Charlotte Tilbury purely because I love the rose gold packaging, I mean, how beautiful does it look? In this haul I purchased two lipsticks to match the shades I bought the lip liners in. So, this one is in the shade confession and I plan on using this over the pink venus lip liner. Confession is a dusky, tawny nude colour flecked with gold particles. It is a stunning neutral shade which will suit everybody. 
link to buy || K.I.S.S.I.N.G
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

- Fallen From The Lipstick Tree (Bitch Perfect)
The second shade I bought is to go over the top of the pillowtalk lip liner and it is called Bitch Perfect. This is my favourite lip combo ever! It is super long lasting and leaves the lips feeling moisturised and soft. These pinky shades are my favourite at this time of year, going into spring time neutral pink lips look stunning. Both of these lipsticks I bought are from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range and now I cannot wait to buy some from the MATTE range as well. 
link to buy || K.I.S.S.I.N.G
See how it works || Charlotte Tilbury Youtube

Pencil Sharpener
- Rose Gold and Night Crimson
Because I have bought a few pencils in this haul I decided to buy myself a proper sharpener as well just to make sure the pencils are always sharp to give great precision and the best results from the products. 
Link to buy || Pencil Sharpener

If you want to see these products in further detail then click on the links and check them out on website..Charlotte has videos on there for each product to show exactly how to use them to get the best results possible.
Normally, I would never even dream of spending this amount of money on one brand all in one go, however I have just finished my college course with the highest grades you can get and I have been accepted into my first choice Uni to start my nursing career..So I figured I deserved a little treat - Hey, sometimes it has just got to be done!
I really hope you all loved this post, I apologise for the length of it but I had so much I wanted to share with you guys. Let me know if you enjoyed it and leave comments on what your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products are, and what you would recommend trying.
Thanks for reading!
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