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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all doing super well. 
Today's post is going to be about all the new beauty products I have purchased this month. When payday arrived I ventured into my local boots store because I wanted to buy some new make-up brushes to try out as my current collection of brushes is very minimal, but whilst in there I got distracted by other counters and ended up making more purchases than planned, always happens,right? 

Some of these items have also come from online websites, because I really wanted to try them out but unfortunately there are no stores local to me which stock the brands. My town really needs to get a Selfridges store - I would never have any money but at least my make-up collection game would be strong - Priorities. 
Now, these new Real Techniques brushes were what I went to purchase originally. I have been thinking about them since they were released and trying to decide on weather to get them or not by reading other bloggers reviews. I have seen a mixed bag of reviews about the bold metals collection but I decided to bite the bullet and buy a couple of them anyway, just to see if they are worth splashing out that extra bit of cash on. I love the original real techniques brushes, they are so affordable and such good quality, but when I saw these new ones and just how beautiful they are, I was just like 'YES! You will be coming home with me'. Then when I saw the price, honestly I was taken back and put off by them a little bit, because guys these are not cheap. I believe they range between the prices of £10 to £25, which is the opposite end of the price scale compared to the core real techniques range. This being said I chose to just purchase the three main brushes which I knew I would get most use out of, so I could kind of justify spending the money on them. I got the powder brush, the contour brush and the blusher blush - Three essential brushes for your make-up kit. 
The brushes are beautiful and definitely have a much more high-end and luxe feel to them.

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I was not going to buy this brush originally but then when I got home from my shopping trip I instantly regretted putting this guy down, so I got online straight away and made a little extra purchase. A powder brush I think is definitely worth spending money on because it is an everyday brush you tend to use to set your foundation in place, so I kind of justified it. I only have one other powder brush that I used every time I wear make-up so it was time for a new one and this one is perfect! Not only does it look great but the bristles are so soft and it feels great on the skin. 

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This contour brush from the collection seems to be the main one which everyone is raving about. The majority of people have been saying, if you are going to purchase just one from the collection then this is the one to get. I have been after a good contour brush for so long and this one is the perfect shape to really get into the hollows of the cheeks. I was contemplating getting the Nars Ita Kabuki Brush originally, but with that one being priced at £43, this real techniques one seemed like a steal at £22. Also, if you know me, you will know that I am an absolute sucker for anything rose gold, so this brush I definitely one of my all time favourites, the pictures do not do it justice, it really is stunning.

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I also purchased this brush online with the powder brush because when I got home I realised I needed it in my brush collection. I usually use a No.7 brush to apply my blusher, but the one I have is a very large brush for when I just want a pop of colour on the apples of my cheeks, and the bristles have gone sharp and are falling out because it is so old, so it was about time for an update! I love this one it is amazing to look at, it is a great size and it is so soft.

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I have been eyeing up this foundation primer FOREVER. So many beauty guru's talk about it and say how amazing it is and I thought it was about time I tried it out for myself. I normally use the benefit porefessinal primer, but I felt that it was time to mix things up and try something new in my make-up routine. I just use a pea sized amount of this and apply it on my T-Zone and some on my chin as well and then just anywhere I feel like my make-up comes off easier throughout the day. I love this primer, it just glides on the skin and feels so silky smooth, leaving a perfect canvas for foundation application - and a little definitely goes a long way! Recently I have been using this underneath my Bourjois healthy mix foundation, and I have noticed a difference in longevity compared to when I do not use this primer. If you have not tried this one yet, I do recommend it. I just got the normal photo finish primer, but they have a really wide range of these for all different skin types which I love because it really accommodates for everyone. 

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Right guys lets just take a moment to breathe and take in how amazing this brush is. It is such a great creation and definitely saves room in your make-up brush storage because here is the perfect 3 in 1 brush. I normally use a flat foundation brush to apply my make-up just because that is the style I have used forever so I have got used to how to use them properly to work the best they can. However, using brushes like this can be very time consuming so I have always wanted to try a flat top brush as it has a larger surface area to cover the face quicker - perfect on those mornings where you just need 5 extra minutes in bed! I find brushes like this also buff the foundation into the skin a lot better than flat brushes, so the foundation does not look like it is just sitting on top of the skin, it looks flawlessly blended. 
What I love about this brush in particular are the three different settings. So, on different days depending on what your plans are this same brush can be used. If you are just popping to the shops and want that sort of 'no make-up make-up' look, you can use the third setting which makes the brush the least dense and this creates almost a sheer coverage. Whereas, say you are going out for an evening and you are going for a more dramatic full coverage look, you can twist the brush onto the first setting where it is very compact and dense giving a much higher coverage on the face. Over all I am very impressed with this brush and I am very thankful to my amazing boyfriend for treating me to it!

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As you guys know, this is my absolute holy grail make-up product as it works as both a powder and a foundation, so the coverage is amazing. Whenever I wear make-up this is one of the first products I grab and I also carry it around in my handbag when going out, just incase I need to touch up if my face goes a bit shiny through out the day. If you have not tried this powder foundation yet, you need to get your hands on it. 

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This brush was a much needed purchase as last month I invested in the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and then realised I did not have an angled eyebrow brush to put the product on with. So the product has been sat in my make-up bag for too long now taunting me and it was about time I bought the tool so I could FINALLY try out the much hyped eyebrow product. This brush is perfect, the bristles are so soft and really tiny so it is really accurate when outlining the eyebrows. 

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Normally I do not use a foundation pump, however I have recently tried out the Bourjois healthy mix foundation that comes with a pump, and it has made me realise how much more product you can actually save. I opted for the MAC pump because my two go-to foundations are my MAC Studio Fix Fluid and the Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation, and this particular pump fits both bottles perfectly!

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Now Nars is one brand that I absolutely love but I seem to always bypass it online and head straight to Mac or Benefit, and I have no idea why?! This brand is just so stunning. I love all the packaging as it is so simple and sleek so it really stands out. 
Originally I went on the website to buy this blush in the shade 'Orgasm' as it is very hyped about in the blogging community and I just wanted to get my hands on it. However, after looking at all of the different shades and reading reviews about which ones go best with what skin tones I ended up opting for the shade 'Torrid' and I am so glad I did as I am obsessed with coral blushes for spring summer time. What makes this one amazing is that it also has a slight bit of shimmer in it, so it can also act as a bit of a highlight on the cheeks as well as a blush. 

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This is another Nars product that I have been wanting to try out for ages because it is talked about so much and people seem to love the bronzing powder in the shade laguna. I am going through a bit of a contouring phase at the moment and I am testing out different products to try and enhance my skills in this area and to see what works best for me. I wanted to try this bronzer because it is said to give the perfect sunkissed look to the face, without it looking muddy or orange. 

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This is a fairly new product by Clinique that I have been desperate to try since it was bought out. There is also a highlighter stick that you can get but I just thought I would try out the contour one first because as I said previously, I am trying to get a bit more experimental with contouring and I have never tried a cream contour! 

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This blusher purchase was very spontaneous. After watching a video on Youtube that included this in the tutorial, I just thought it looked so pretty and I had to get my hands on it! I love the mixture of the two shades and the texture of this blush is lovely. There are six shades in this blusher collection and I am lusting over all of them, but just to try out I opted for 'Diffused Heat' first. This particular shade is a soft, light-medium pink with warm peachy undertones. When on the cheeks it is luminous and creates a very subtle sparkle. 

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Oh my gosh you guys, this concealer is literally insane, I cannot even explain to you how good it is. It has not been out too long and I wanted to try out some new concealers so I chose this Urban Decay one to test out first and I am SO glad I did! The packaging is really cute and that is what drew me to it initially. I tend to use this product under my eyes and down the centre of my face rather than on blemishes, just because I got it in the lightest shade so it is very brightening on the skin. It offers such good coverage to cover up those dark circles and it is super easy to blend out and leave the face looking flawless. Also, a big bonus point from me comes from the fact that it does not crease during wear, which makes me so happy! I 100% recommend this product if you have not tried it yet. It is probably up there with one of my favourite concealers. 

I have been in desperate need for a new make-up bag as my other one is bursting at the seams with products! I really should just invest in some kind of make-up storage, like some acrylic Muji draws or a bed side table from Ikea, because my collection is growing weekly and I have no where to keep it all - If I carry on like this I am going to end up with about 50 make-up bags and not knowing where everything is, and nobody's got time for that. Anyway, I was walking through boots and noticed that all of the Ted Baker bags were on offer and we all know I can never turn down a Ted Baker make-up bag, they are my all time favourites! They have such beautiful patterns on them, that are so bright and colourful and are such good quality. I paid £8 for this one and this is the large size, the smaller one was also on offer for just £3.50! 


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Now guys I know this one is not beauty related in the slightest, but I wanted to include it in this haul because well, LOOK HOW CUTE. Last week I was looking on the internet to find some pretty artificial flowers to buy that I can use to incorporate into my blog photos, to add a bit of interest and I came across this beauty. 
I love black roses because they are so unique and just something that you never really see and I thought this would look so adorable on my windowsill in my bedroom as a bit of extra décor. I now want to get the matching white one as well! 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you don't feel like you want to go out and spend all of your money now. Let me know what products you have been treating yourselves to this month and what you have been loving. 
Thank you guys for reading and I will see you soon.

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