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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all doing well!
On Good Friday I am lucky enough to be jetting off to Rome for Easter weekend, so I have decided to do a sort of 'What is in my luggage' post for you guys today. 
I planned this trip a couple of months ago as a surprise for my boyfriend for his 21st Birthday as he has always wanted to go to Rome and I just thought what better time.

 So, we go away for four nights and we have got lots of exploring planned - including a shopping trip to Sephora and Laduree (much to my boyfriends disgust), but seriously, don't judge me guys - how could I go away without stepping into these two shops?!
Due to this just being a short trip I decided to take the option of just having hand luggage for the flight, rather than paying extra money for an extra bag. I am now kicking myself for doing this, because let me tell you, 10KG is not a lot - it means having to cut down on make-up, clothes and shoes, so I am super limited to what I can take with me - The struggle is real guys!
Anyway, I have rambled on enough now, lets take a peek into my mini suitcase. 
So this is the suitcase that I will be taking with me on my travels. My mum kindly bought me this case for when I went to Paris last year, because I saw it when we were out shopping and fell in love with it. It has such a pretty design on it, it is light weight, it has 4 wheels which makes it super easy to drag around and it is the perfect size for carry on luggage. 
Inside the case as you can see are two separate compartments, which I personally find really handy because I can keep all my clothes separated from my toiletries just incase any spill out of the bottles during travelling.
Now on to what is inside..
Obviously I have got my main essentials, my passport and my euros - wouldn't be getting far without these ones would I? 
Now, on to toiletries. As said previously, because I only have hand luggage allowance I am limited to what I can take, so everything has to be miniature, because bottles can not be larger than 100ml! Any liquids that are going in my case have to be packed into a single transparent, re-sealeable bag which is no bigger than 20 X 20 in size - now you can understand my struggle! I have already warned Dale that if I have too much I will be taking up some of his room in his case as well. 
Now lets start off with some skin care items.  In boots all of the miniature items are on a 3 for 2 offer which definitely helps on the bank balance. First of all I picked up the 'Simple cleansing facial wipes', this little pack is perfect for a long weekend away because there are only 7 wipes in a pack, so it is really thin and lightweight to squeeze in your case. I thought these would be perfect to just take off my make-up at the end of each evening. 
I then got the 'Sanctuary fresh-faced purifying wash'. I will apply this all over my face after removing my make-up and then use a damp sponge or a cotton round just to get any excess make-up off that may still be left on my skin after using the wipes. This step just ensures the face is feeling fresh and clean to go to bed. 
Now, I am a bit of a moisturiser freak so I had to pick up the 'Sanctuary illuminating moisture lotion' as well. This will be the last step of my skin care routine each evening. I will put a pea sized amount all over my face and leave that over night to really soak into my skin to get the moisture back into it. I will also use the moisture lotion in the mornings before putting my make-up on, just to give a smooth base for application. 
Whilst wondering around boots I also decided to grab two sanctuary face masks. Who else loves Sanctuary products?! I picked these two up for after my flights, so I will take one with me and leave one at home for when I return. I love these because I find flying really dries out the skin, so a mask is great to hydrate the skin again. The first one I got was the 'Moisture boosting mask' and this is the one I am going to take with me to Rome. It says that it revives thirsty skin and leaves a glowing finish, so I am super excited to try this one out. The next one I got was the '5 minute thermal detox mask' and I am saving this one for when I get back home after my second flight. This one is more of a deep cleansing facial mask rather than a hydrating one, but I thought I would try out two different ones and see how i get on. 
Next up is shampoo and conditioner. Aussie is my all time favourite hair brand so I am really happy that they do miniature sizes.  The miracle moist collection always leaves my hair looking shiny and feeling soft and very nourished. If you have not tried any of the Aussie products I cannot recommend them enough. 
Next is an obvious essential for wherever you go - a toothbrush and toothpaste. I wanted to get a travel toothbrush from boots but they didn't have any in my local store, so I will just take my daily one and keep it packed separately so it doesn't get any dust or dirt in the bristles from my case. I just buy a travel sized toothpaste when going away which Dale and I share and if there is any left over we just leave it at the hotel. I normally use Oral B or Colgate toothpaste, because I like the taste of them, but I had this one lying around my house and thought it will do for a couple of days. 
Then I have a few smellies to take with me to keep me smelling nice throughout the day and to keep in my bag to freshen up when walking around for hours upon hours everyday. I do not want to take a large perfume bottle with me as it takes up SO much room, so I am going to get one of the refillable rollerball perfume bottles and put some of my favourite perfume in it, just because they are really small and easy to carry around in your bag. I have got a roll on deodorant to take but I still need to get a body spray, I might get that at the boots in duty free though.
My next essentials are for my hair and these are my straighteners and my heat protector spray. I can not go anywhere without my GHD's, I genuinely cannot cope without them because my hair is so frizzy after being washed! 
My mum bought me this heat protector spray and it smells so amazing guys I can't even explain! I just spray this all over my hair when it is still wet and then brush it through with my tangle teezer before blow drying my hair. This helps to de-tangle my hair and leaves it looking so shiny and feeling so soft. 
These two items are just some pre-makeup products to make my face feel moisturised. The first is my trusty vaseline, I coat this all over my lips before applying may makeup, to keep the lips feeling soft and supple. This also acts as a bit of a barrier to stop getting foundation all over the lips as this can dry them out and cause lipstick to sink into lines and look drying during application and wear. This vaseline in particular smells so good, I literally want to eat it overtime I put it on - strange I know! 
Next is this moisture spray from Sanctuary which can be used two ways. You can either spray it straight onto your face before applying foundation, which gives off more of a dewy look to your base, or you can spray it on to your make up brushes or sponge to dampen them a little when applying your makeup as this helps to get the moisture on your face and helps to blend products easier. 
Now onto my favourite part of packing, which is my make-up products. Because most of these are classed as liquids, they also have to fit in that teeny tiny resealable bag I was talking about earlier, so I can only take one of each item, which kills me! I know, third world problems right there, but I am just the type of person who likes to have a variety of make-up on the morning so I can choose what make-up look I want to go for depending on how I am feeling that day. However, I will have to just suck it up and put up with it because it is what it is. 
Lets start off with my face make-up I am taking with me. First of all my trusty smashbox photo finish primer. As I am going to be exploring from about 9am throughout the whole day everyday, I need something to put on my base to keep my foundation in place all day and this primer is one of my favourites. I also have this primer in the miniature tester size so that is the one I will take with me because it will save me some room in my liquids bag. 
For my foundation I chose the new L'oreal Paris Infallible 24hr-matte foundation. I have not yet used this foundation but I have heard so much hype about it I thought I would try it out - I will try it before I fly sometime, just to make sure it can with stand the amount of hours I need it to last, as there would be nothing worse than getting away and not liking this product. 
For concealer I opted for my much loved Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, I love this one more than I can tell you, it gives great coverage but feels so light on the skin and does not sink into those fine lines. 
Continuing with some face products, I am going to be taking my holy grail MAC studio fix powder plus foundation. This is what I use to set all of my liquid foundation in place so it doesn't slide off during the day. I carry this around in my bag also everyday just incase I need to touch up in any areas at all if my skin appears to look shiny anywhere or if my make-up has worn off at any time during the day. 
I am also going to take with me my Clinique contour chubby stick, because without this step in my makeup routine the face can be left looking a little flat with no dimension, so I like something just to add that colour and depth back into my face. 
Another product to take is obviously blusher, this just adds that healthy pop of colour back into the cheeks to give a more natural finished look to the make-up. I am taking my new Nars one with me in the shade 'Torrid'. I chose this one because it has a slight shimmer to it so it can also act as a highlight which means I do not need to take a highlight as well and I can save some room. 
This product I am still debating weather to take but I thought I would include it for you guys. It is my Illamasqua powder foundation, but I got it in a darker shade to use as a bronzer. I wanted to take this to just add some shading over my contour, but also because I can take it on a fluffy brush and just work it into the crease of my eyelids to add some dimension to the eyes without needing to carry around an eyeshadow palette.
Next on to eye products. I have decided to just keep this simple as said earlier, I do not want to be carrying around massive eyeshadow palettes. So I will be taking my Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick pen just to line my eyes everyday to make the stand out  a little. This is my favourite product for eyeliner of all time, it is literally like using a felt tip pen so it makes it a really easy and precise application. 
For mascara I have chosen to take my mini sized Roller Lash  sample from Benefit, which I got free with Elle magazine. I love this mascara, dare I say it even more than the Benefit They're Real mascara. It just does everything and what I mainly love is that it really holds the curl in the lashes. I definitely need to invest in the normal size of this product now it has been launched (that can go on my list to buy at duty free I think)! However for travelling, this size mascara has actually come in really handy. 
Now we cannot forget eyebrows can we guys?! Even if I was wearing no make-up one day I would 100% still have to fill in my eyebrows, as they really are the framework to the whole face. I have only used my Anastasia Dipbrow twice and I am in love, I cannot see myself ever wanting to try anything new again! It applies so smoothly and a little really does go a long way - I now understand the hype!
As for lips I have been in such a fluster trying to decide on just one colour to take with me, but in this situation, Nude lips is always the safest bet to take - You can never go wrong with a nude lip! With this in mind I have chosen to take with me the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in the shade 'Pillow talk', and the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in the shade 'Pink Venus'. Together these two just create the most stunning pinky nude shade imaginable. They also leave the lips feeling soft and moisturised all day. 

As for makeup brushes I am just going to take the few with me that I really need to get through as I do not want to waste room and weight in my case. These essential brushes are; my MAC foundation brush to apply my foundation obviously, my Real Techniques sponge to apply and blend in my concealer, the Real Techniques powder brush to set my face with my powder, the Real Techniques contour brush to blend out my cream contour, the Real Techniques blush brush to apply and blend the blusher onto my cheeks, the Mac angled brush to apply my eyebrow gel and possible a fluffy brush to add the bronzer into my crease (If I decide to take this product). 
Yes, do not judge me guys, I am one of those girls that owns a selfie stick, I hold my hands up! I got this as a birthday present last year off my boyfriend for when we went to Paris and I am not going to lie, it came in SO handy! I am one of those people that doesn't like to give my phone or camera to strangers to take pictures of Dale and I together because I am very cautious of my belongings, so this was an absolute God send when wanting to take pictures of us together by tourist attractions. Using your arm is fine to just take an average selfie, however when travelling you sometimes want a background in as well to show of where you are to everyone and with only two of us together my arms are just not long enough for that. So this fella will be joining me in Rome. 
Next up is my little handbag from Zara. Obviously this is an everyday essential when walking around so I can carry all my little bits and bobs I need throughout the day. I am normally a sucker for a large handbags, but I tend to loose everything in them so for travelling this one is a perfect size. 
Last up is my outfits which I have decided to keep quite casual and I have stuck to a monochrome theme so I can mix and match different pieces, to save me taking a different outfit for each day and filling up my whole suitcase. I have checked the weather in Rome for when I go just to have an idea of what to take, and it predicts about 16 degrees, so i have chose to wear jeans everyday, with short sleeved tops and light weight duster jackets to just throw on over the top incase it gets a bit chilly. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and liked to see what my holiday essentials are for when I just have hand luggage to take with me. Let me know what your essentials are for going away to see if I have missed anything! 
Thank you guys so much for reading, do not forget to follow me on bloglovin' to ensure you do not miss any future posts, and in that case, I will see you soon. 

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