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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all doing well. 
Now the day I manage to go away on holiday without making a make-up purchase will be a miracle day. When I arrive at an airport the first thing I get excited about is browsing through duty free. 

If you do not already know, duty free is located in the departures area at airports, where they have hundreds of different products available, from skincare and cosmetics to fragrances to liquor and tobacco, which are all offered at tax free prices - So they are slightly cheaper than what you would pay if you were to get them in your local stores or online. If you lust over high end brands such as YSl, Chanel and Bobbi Brown, but do not like to splurge the money on the products, then you would love duty free - as you can pick up some of your much wanted products at discount prices - It has just got to be done sometimes right?! 
When I was in the car on my journey down to Gatwick airport, I decided to make a little list of the brands I wanted to check out and what products I definitely wanted to pick up, just so I was not wasting hours wondering around being indecisive about what I wanted. The items I ended up buying from Duty Free were from Mac, Chanel and Bobbi Brown. 
The thing I love about buying from World Duty Free is that if you are travelling within Europe, they now offer a service where you can leave the products you buy at the airport and collect them when you arrive back at the airport after your holiday. This is really handy because you do not need to worry about the extra weight, space or liquid allowance in your suitcases - Just make sure you remember to collect your items before leaving the airport! 
Now, as if I was not excited enough about Duty Free, I also found out that there was a Sephora right near my hotel in Rome and I cannot explain how happy this made me. I have never been to a Sephora store and I just could not wait to get there! However, I instantly knew I was going to need to take double the amount of money than I originally planned to. It was very much to my boyfriends disgust that I was thinking about a make-up shopping trip when going away on holiday, but what is a girl to do?! Make-up is my passion and my favourite hobby, and I take each opportunity to extend my collection! 
I managed to gather up quite a few items on my trip so if you want to see what I got my hands on please keep reading, and lets get into the haul.. 

Too Faced
'Melted' Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks
These too faced melted lipsticks are products that I have lusted over for SO long now and I decided it was time to pick some up and start a little collection. They did not have all of the colours in the store I went to, so I chose to pick up my five favourites out of the ones that they did have. I wanted to go for bright and vibrant colours as we are now coming into spring / summer and this is a perfect excuse to pull out these bold colours and go a little crazy. I love this time of year, when you can start to put away the dark lip colours and bring out the bright ones that really stand out, it makes me feel so much happier. Also, for me personally because I have such super pale skin, I find bright lips to be really flattering, which is an extra bonus. 
 I will be doing a separate blog post all about these items where I do include swatches for you of these colours, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested in more in-depth details. 
Melted Candy || Too Faced
Melted Fuchsia || Too Faced
Melted Peony || Too Faced
Melted Coral || Too Faced
Melted Fig || Too Faced


Vitalumiere Aqua
I have wanted to try a Chanel foundation for so long now but was always put off by the price point. However, at duty free I thought I would just finally bite the bullet and treat myself. I have really wanted to be more experimental with foundations recently, because I have always used MAC studio fix and I just want to change it up a little bit. Especially with it coming up to spring/summer, I want to try out more lightweight, dewy foundations. I am yet to try this foundation still so I really hope it lives up to its expectations because I have high hopes for this little guy!
 Admittedly, I did pick up the wrong foundation, I actually wanted to try out the Perfection Lumière one from the Chanel collection - Oooopsy! But now I just have an excuse to go and buy another one I guess.. 
Link To Buy Foundation || Selfridges

Soleil Tan De Chanel
I am so insanely happy that I now have this product in my life. I have lusted at it from a far and over the internet for too long now and it was just time we were together! I am currently trying out lots of different techniques for bronzing up my skin. As I am so pale I find sometimes bronzing can turn out to look quite cakey and almost muddy on the face, which is not cute, so I am learning on perfecting my skills to get it looking seamless. To help me do this I am trying a mixture of cream bronzers and powder bronzers, to see which I can get the best, most natural results with. 
Link To Buy Bronzer || Selfridges

Marc Jacobs

#Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder
I saw this product on the Sephora website a couple of weeks before going away and I just had to have it in my make-up collection. Lets just take a minute to appreciate its beauty- it literally gives me life! Good packaging is something that really draws me to a product and for me personally, over any brand, Marc Jacobs would win the award for best packaging. Everything is so classy and sleek and I just love it! 
This I believe is a new product that is exclusive to sephora, and it is a contour powder duo, which helps to sculpt, define and shape the face. I love trying out products like this. I am such a newbie to contouring and these kind of powders are so easy to work with. One day I will have contour lines like a Kardashian - Practise makes perfect after all! Contouring is such a great technique to help enhance your features more and really define the face, it can also be used as a way to give the illusion of slimmer features, who doesn't love the sound of that?! 
This product comes in three different shades and I picked up the lightest one, which I think is actually sold out at the moment online unfortunately. But as far as I am aware it is not a limited edition item, so it should be restocked again soon, so make sure you keep an eye out! 
Link To Buy Contour Powder || Sephora

New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel - Shade 'Eat Cake 150'
Another product I got from Marc Jacobs is from the 'New Nudes' lipstick range. There are seven shades in the collection and it was SO difficult to choose just one, so I now want the rest as well! After swatching all of them, I opted for the shade 'Eat Cake', which is a neutral medium rosy pink shade. The lipsticks are a gellified formula, so should glide onto the lips effortlessly, feeling very nourishing and I think they would have quite a shiny finish to them.
I have not tried this one out on my lips yet, so I cannot comment on how long wearing it is, but I have high hopes for it because the colour is seriously beautiful. 
Link To Buy Lipstick || Sephora

Le Marc Lip Creme - Shade 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 216'
Because I fell so in love with the first Marc Jacobs lipstick, on my last day in Rome I went back into Sephora to pick up another! This time I chose to go for one from the 'Lip Crème' collection, which offers a much larger variety of colours - Yet I manage to go for yet another pinky nude shade! This one is called 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' and is described as being a Dusty Rose shade. 
This range of lipsticks claim to last for 10 hours on the lips which I really hope is true, as if you have to continue to touch up your lipstick during the day, it seems to run out so much quicker - and when your spending this much on a lippy, you want it to last as long as possible! 
If you follow me on Instagram I am sure you'll see a picture up soon of me wearing this beauty, as it is such a gorgeous spring / summer transition shade.
Link To Buy Lipstick || sephora

Make-up Forever

HD Invisible Cover Foundation
Since I started watching beauty guru's on youtube a few months ago, I have heard so much hype around this foundation and I was so desperate to pick one up to try out! I believe this product is another Sephora exclusive, so I had to grab one whilst I was there.
It is a long wearing, medium to full coverage foundation, so it will be perfect for events, nights out or any other occasions where you need your make-up to last all day looking seamless. Even though this is a full coverage foundation, it does not look heavy on the skin at all, face to face or through a camera lens, it is very natural looking. 
Link To Buy Foundation || Sephora

HD Microfinish Powder
As Makeup Forever is such a hard brand to come across in the UK I had to pick up a couple more items whilst I was there. So, the second product I picked up was this miniature sized HD powder. This is a translucent setting powder, which is perfect for setting concealer and highlighter on the face, as it adds no extra colour, it just sets any creams or liquids in place so they stay looking perfect all day and do not slide on the skin. I tried this out for the first time yesterday and I love it so much! A little goes a very long way so this tiny pot should last a long time. I used it over my Urban Decay concealer and it seemed to reduce creasing under my eyes and it kept the places I had highlighted on my face looking bright. Another plus with this powder is that it feels so light weight on the skin - I genuinely felt like I was wearing nothing. I would definitely recommend this product.   
Link To Buy Powder || Sephora

Aqua Brow
The third and final item I grabbed from Makeup forever was the Aqua Brow eyebrow corrector. I have been so experimental with eyebrow products over the last few months, using pencils, gels, powders and all sorts to see what works best for me. Personally for me, eyebrows are the most important part to an overall make-up look, as they completely frame the face - they need to be on FLEEK everyday. My all time holy grail brow product is without a doubt my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, however I have not tried this one yet, so we will see how it compares! 
Link To Buy Brow Corrector || Sephora

Bobbi Brown
Shimmer Brick - Shade - 'Pink Quartz'
For so long now I have wanted to try a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, but they are so expensive and it was just one of those products I have never been able to give in to - Until I got to Duty Free and saw and tested it. It adds such a beautiful shimmery highlight to the cheek bones and it looks gorgeous! There are four shades I believe to choose from, and I went for 'Pink Quartz' as I thought it was a great spring / summer colour combination. A bonus to this product is that is can double up as an eyeshadow, so it is versatile - which we all know I love! You can take each colour separately on a shadow brush and put it all over the lid, for a gorgeous pinky gold shimmery spring look. 
Link To Buy Highlighter || Selfridges

Radiant Creamy Concealer
Nars is one of my most favourite high end brands, along with MAC it is one of my sort of 'go-to' brands, because you can never go wrong with their products. I have wanted to try the radiant creamy concealer for as long as I can remember, and honestly I do not know why I have never bought it. I have heard nothing but good things about this concealer, so whilst I was at a Nars counter I decided to pick one up. I got this one in the lightest shade in hope that it will act as a highlight on my uber pale complexion. 
Link To Buy Concealer || Selfridges


Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick
A MAC make-up artist I follow on Instagram uploaded a picture of this lipstick and I had to go and get it straight away! It is a gorgeous vibrant bright pink shade and I cannot wait to wear it on those hotter summer days. Even though it is very bright, it is a very daily wearable shade I feel. 
MAC lipsticks are and always have been my favourites as they have so many different finishes and such a wide colour range to choose from - they literally have something for everyone, for every occasion. 
This particular lipstick has an Amplified Crème finish, so it is very soft and creamy to apply and has a slight glossy finish on the lips. 
Link To Buy Lipstick || MAC Cosmetics

Lip Pencil - Shade 'Soar'
FINALLY GUYS, FINALLY I HAVE MY HANDS ON THIS BEAUTY! Every time I have been online recently or been at a local MAC counter I have NEVER been able to get my hands on the 'Soar' lip liner. Since all the hype has been going around with Kylie Jenner's nude lip and it being heard that she used this particular colour in her combo to get the perfect nude look, there has been a shortage of the shade, meaning it is just impossible to get a hold of. I was so excited when I spotted it in a MAC store in Rome, I actually could of jumped for joy - I wish I had someone with me to share my excitement, as dale was just confused - will boys ever understand?
 I cannot wait to pair this little guy with the MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick and give Kylie a run for her money with that nude pout! 
Link To Buy Pencil || MAC Cosmetics

Eye Brow Pencil - Shade 'Lingering'
When I was at the airport I realised that I had not packed anything with me to fill in my eyebrows, HOW COULD I FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT PART? But this then gave me the excuse to get a new eyebrow pencil whilst at Duty Free. I had seen this MAC one on Instagram in the shade 'Lingering' and thought this was a great time to pick it up and pop it in my make-up bag. I used it whilst in Rome and I began to love it. It is great for a subtle everyday brow look, as it does not look too full and heavy. The pencil feels so creamy and just glides on easily to the brow to make them appear fuller and less sparse - this just gives them the life they need in the morning!
Link To Buy Pencil || MAC Cosmetics


Precision Eyebrow Pencil - Number 04
Kiko is a brand that I have never really heard much of, but the stores they had in Rome looked so great from the outside that it just drew me in and I wanted to see what it was all about. I could not get over the prices in there - It was SO cheap I thought I was seeing things! I decided to pick up a few items, just for work purposes really as I hate nothing more than wearing my high end expensive make-up to work, it just seems like such a waste. 
So, the first item I got was another eyebrow pencil. I got this one, because brow pencils run out so so quickly and I want to try and keep my MAC one as long as possible and save it for days when I am doing something, because they are obviously that bit more expensive to replace. This Kiko one was 4 euro and it comes with a spoolie on one end and also comes with a sharpener - Talk about value for money. For the price it is actually such a good product, it looks really nice on the brows, is easy to apply and who can complain for that price?!
Link To Buy Pencil || Kiko

Unlimited Stylo Long-Lasting Lipstick - Number 008
The next item I picked up was a lipstick in this gorgeous everyday pink shade. I kid you not when I say this smells good enough to eat! I use MAC lipsticks normally when I am in work but they run down so quickly and they are expensive to want to repurchase every month or so. I have not tried this one yet but I am hoping it does the job! 
Link To Buy Lipstick || Kiko

Creamy Lipgloss - Number 107
Lastly from Kiko I picked up another lip product. It is called a lipgloss but personally I think it is more of a lip crayon. Again I got it in an every day pink shade - you can never go wrong with a pink lip, especially in the summer! 
Link To Buy Lipgloss || Kiko

Traceless Hair Ring - Candy Pink 
This one was a bit of an impulse buy - what is it with shops putting these little extras by the till just to trick you into buying more?! They get me every single time! I have heard a lot about these invisibobbles over social media and when I spotted some bright pink ones I thought I would give them a go to see what the hype is about. They claim to be kind to the hair and because the bobble is traceless it will not leave those annoying kinks in your hair if you want to take it down after having it tied up in the day. 
Link To Buy Bobble || Feel Unique

I hope you all enjoyed this post and liked finding out what I treated myself to on my trip away. Let me know what you have been treating yourself to recently.
Thank you guys so much for reading, do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will see you soon.

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