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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all doing well! 
Another payday can mean only one thing - another makeup binge!
 Today I thought I would share with you my new purchases of this month! I love doing these kinds of posts for you guys, because personally hauls for me are my favourite blog posts to read, which means I also really enjoy writing them as well, and whenever I publish one you guys seem to like them also.

 I have not gone too crazy this month, because I now have a car to pay for, which is just eating into my makeup funds - BOOOO! However, I did still manage to pick up some lovely bits; most of these were impulse buys, but a couple of the products I have wanted to try out for a while now. 
I hope you guys enjoy this post and if you want to see what I've been splurging on these past couple of weeks, then please keep reading..

So, it is safe to say MAC get it right EVERY time when it comes to their packaging on limited edition collections. I appreciate cute packaging so much and it has the power to suck me in to buying any product...I did not need anything from this collection, but the packaging made me do it! Basically, if an item has nice packaging and says limited edition across it, it WILL be coming home with me - apparently I have NO self control what so ever. Please tell me I am not alone in this situation? 
The new MAC collection for spring summer 2015 is called 'Wash and Dry' and it is so bright, fun and ridiculously stunning. There were so many other bits I wanted to pick up but unfortunately by the time I got online the majority of products were sold out, and I do not have a MAC store where I live - WAAAAH! Never the less, I am still over the moon that I managed to pick up a lippy, and it is a colour I have wanted for ever! Four lipsticks were released as part of the limited edition collection, however two of the shades are actually available in MAC's original lipstick range - I just paid the extra for the packaging, oooopsy! The two shades that are not technically limited edition are 'Morange' which I purchased, and also 'Creme d'Nude' which I actually already own. Out of all of the four colours available, I opted for Morange because as you guys know, I am OBSESSED with orange lipstick and this is a shade that I have wanted to try for so long now but have just never bought, and the packaging gave me that extra boost to finally bite the bullet and buy it. Morange is an Amplified creme finish which I absolutely love. This finish is probably one of my favourites as it is super creamy, really pigmented, fairly long wearing and also it gives a slight glossy look to the lips which is perfect for spring and summer. However, when it comes to this kind of finish I advise wearing a lip liner underneath just to prevent the lipstick bleeding over the lips and feathering onto the skin. The main problem I have now is that it is far too pretty to use! 
Were any of you guys lucky enough to pick something up out of this collection?

LINK TO BUY || Selfridges

Now, unless you live under a rock, you would of heard everybody and their nan raving about this concealer and I have finally jumped on the wagon. I do not know why I have taken so long to purchase this as I have wanted it for so long, but I am very happy to have it now. I got this one in the shade NC15, which is the lightest shade. In MAC foundation normally I use NC20, so I thought I would go for the lighter shade to hopefully brighten up my under-eye area slightly. 
Recently my holy grail concealer has been the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, but I have heard so many amazing reviews on this MAC one that I have extremely high hopes for it and it could bump Naked Skin off the top of my list - watch this space! 

LINK TO BUY || MAC Cosmetics

When it comes to eyeliner, I am a liquid girl, I have used liquid eyeliner for as long as I can remember and I think I have got so used to using in now that I find it the easiest to apply. I used to use the MAC liquidlast liner religiously and then a couple of weeks ago I switched it up and tried out the Superslick liquid liner and I am so disappointed. The product has dried out already, literally after just a few weeks, the lid has always been screwed on tightly and left secure, so I know it is not from my own doing and I just found the liner smudges and flakes off after a short period, so evidently I have thrown that one out and I will not be repurchasing it. 
So, I was on a desperate hunt for a new eyeliner and I was going to go back to the liquid last one, but I thought why not take this moment to try something different? I have seen so many people using gel eyeliners and saying how much easier they are to apply than any other formula, so I thought I would give it a go myself! I was going to try out the Bobbi Brown gel, but I thought before splurging on that product, I would try out this one from MAC which is a bit more affordable, just to see how I get on with it.  I actually tested this out for the first time yesterday and I REALLY like it. I took it on my MAC 209 eye liner brush, and the application was so simple, I felt like I had much more control over this technique than using a liquid. I am going to continue practising with this product to make sure I can perfect my skill and get that winged liner on FLEEK, but so far so good. This might be a game changer for me and it could potentially convert me to the gel side. 

LINK TO BUY || MAC Cosmetics

Can you guys tell I have a little bit of a MAC fetish?! 
This is one of those impulse buys I was talking about earlier. I was browsing on Depop one day and this little beauty just caught my eye. A lady was selling it for £15 brand new and straight away I decided I really needed a new highlighter. My holy grail highlighting product is the same as this one, but in the shade 'Soft and Gentle' which I am obsessed with, so I knew I would like the formula and everything of this one as well. 
I actually do not own many highlighters, so I am really happy I bought this one to add to my collection. I am also glad that this is the colour I opted for as it is very different to the other shades I own - Where Soft and Gentle gives off more of a peachy golden bronzed glow this one is a beige with multidimensional shimmer, it looks a lot more frosty, so is great for pale skin! I tested this one out for the first time yesterday and I do like it, it is such a smooth texture and it is really pigmented and glowy. 

LINK TO BUY || MAC Cosmetics

So, this is a buy that should not have happened, but I got pulled into that deep dark hole of limited edition pretty packaging once again..What a surprise! I love that for the packaging the original Nars matte black box has been used but rather than white lettering, the letters are in hot pink..What is not to love?! You just need it, you need it in your life.
 I am never normally a sucker for eye shadows, but this one is an exception..LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL! It is just all things shimmer and sparkle and it is absolutely amazing, a picture really can not capture the beauty of this product. 
Nars recently collaborated with Christopher Kane to create a stunning collection for Spring and Summer 2015 which is kind of a revamp and a new take on 'neutral' based makeup. So basically, the theme of this collection is being neutral, with pops of neon which are also neutral. So even though some of the products are neon, they sheer away to much more faded shades during wear. The collection includes, this single eyeshadow, an eyeshadow duo, four lip glosses, two blushes and two multi-sticks. 
Personally, I am not CRAZY over the entire collection, the products are okay, but this eyeshadow for me is the hottest item out of all of them and I had to have it in my makeup bag, the glitter and the sparkle is just life! 
I have not used this shadow yet and I am not sure what the colour pay off is actually like, as like I said before, they are supposed to fade away to almost sheer, so I am not 100% sure on how well it is going to work. I will probably put a base colour all over my lid and then use a wet shadow brush to pack this product on to get the highest intensity out of the colour. If all things go well whilst testing, I will try and do a makeup look blog post for you guys based on this shadow. 

LINK TO BUY || Selfridges

Meet my first ever Givenchy guys, it might not be a handbag, but we will get there one day - GOALS! 
This purchase is one I blame on Casey Holmes - She featured it on her youtube and I had to have it! Since I was about 16 the only setting powder I have used is MAC studio fix powder plus, so I thought it was about time I ventured out and tried something different. I have wanted to try a translucent setting powder for ages now, because obviously it adds no extra colour to your face, which I find my MAC one does, and it makes my face look darker than my body - even though it is the same shade of my foundation, it is really weird and drives me crazy. 
This is an extremely luxurious product and I thought long and hard about purchasing it. I read reviews for hours to try and justify the splurge, because it is so expensive for a setting powder. I originally decided to not buy it because I have other things to buy which I need more but then I came across one on Depop..I was lucky enough to find this one for nearly half the price, brand new - it was still sealed in all of the packaging, so thats okay right? Should I feel guilty? Because I really don't!  
This is another product that I want mention the packaging on, it is just gorgeous. So simple and sleek, it makes me happy! I love that the little holes are in the shapes on the Givenchy G symbol, it is those little things that keep me appreciative! 
I have not tried this one out yet but I have super high expectations for it because of the original price point. This is a powder that will be great for summer and in the hotter weather as it is said to be SUPER mattifying so it will keep any oil and greasiness at bay.   

LINK TO BUY || Feel Unique

So, that is it for my purchases this month guys, I hope you all really enjoyed this post and I hope it has not made you want to go out and spend all your money now - I know hauls make me feel this way sometimes! Let me know in the comments down below if you have tried out any of these products and what you think of them, or tell me know what you have been splurging on this month, any suggestions on other items I should be giving a try? 
Thank you guys so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future blog posts, and in that case, I will see you soon.

Lots of Love,
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