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Recently, in the mail I received the 'Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation', which I have been testing out now for a couple of weeks, and I have decided that today is the day I am going to do a review post for you guys! 

As this foundation is fairly new out, there has been so many review blogs flying around about it in the last couple of weeks, so you are probably bored to tears of it by now. However, I find that peoples opinions vary a lot on this particular foundation, it works for some people and just does not for others, its like marmite I feel - you either love it or hate it. Due to this being such a controversial product, I thought I would jump on the band wagon and review it for myself to let you guys know how it works for me, just in case any of you have the same skin type and are sitting on the fence about this foundation, this may help you out a bit.

I am going to mention the not so interesting facts first, just to get them out of the way before the review and my final thoughts. The foundation is priced at £32, so it is not cheap, but if it is in your price budget, I do recommend trying it! For that price you get 1 fluid Ounce, which is 30ml, which is the standard amount for a foundation. I believe there are 20 shades available in the foundation and they range from super fair to super dark with different undertones, so it is a massive colour range and there would be a shade to suit every skin tone. I am not sure if the shades in this range match the ones in the sheer glow range, so if you have used sheer glow, you might not necessarily be the same shade in this foundation, so I would recommend getting newly colour matched if you are wanting to try the all day luminous weightless foundation, just to be on the safe side. Anyway, Now all that is out of the way, if you want to find out a little bit more about this foundation and hear my thoughts, please keep reading..  
 Firstly, lets just start off by talking about the packaging, if you guys have followed me for a while, you will know that I really appreciate good packaging on makeup products. Nars is one of my favourite brands when it comes to packaging, everything is so sleek with the matte black casing and white lettering, which gives it such a luxurious feel. They just get it right and I cannot fault them for it - the only thing that bothers me slightly is how dirty the packaging gets so easily. I know you expect this to a certain degree with any makeup as it can get messy, but as soon as you pick up a Nars product out of its box, you will have finger marks on there that are setting up camp and are never going to budge! I can see past this if I absolutely love the product, but I have a bit of OCD when it comes to my makeup collection, and I do like things to be clean, so if you are like me with this, then bare that on mind! 
Anyway moving on to this particular item - The foundation comes in a much larger bottle in comparison to the Nars sheer glow foundation, which personally I prefer, yes it takes up more space in your storage, but it looks a whole lot nicer. I really love the frosted glass effect on the bottle - it makes it feel very high-end and what I love even more is the fact that Nars have finally listened and thrown in the pump applicator, rather than us having to go and purchase one separately, THANK YOU NARS!! 
One thing I never usually do when buying a new foundation, is buy online. This is because it can be really hard to guess which is the perfect colour match for you. However, I was a bit of a dare devil with this one and ordered it off the website because I was so desperate to try it and I do not have a Nars counter in my area to go and get colour matched at. Before ordering I did try out the Nars colour match questionnaire that they posted about on twitter, where you answer questions about your skin and complexion and then they match you to what colours would work best for you. Just for a second opinion I also went onto - this website is super good to find your colour match as you just click on to it and select what other foundations you have used in the past and what shade you are in all of those, and then they website will review and compare all of these shades and chose the correct shades for you in other brands and foundations based on what you have already used - If you haven't checked it out already, I definitely recommend it! I was matched to the shade 'Light 4 : Deauville', (I am usually between and NC15 and NC20 in MAC for reference). This shade is described as : Light with a neutral balance of yellow and pink undertones. I actually feel that this colour is a bit too on the yellow side for me, I maybe could have done with the shade lighter. However, once I have set it with powder and bronzed and done all that good stuff, it is hard to tell if the colour is slightly off! 
Before I tried this foundation, I read a lot of reviews about it and everyone seemed to mention how liquidy it was, but holy moly I was not expecting it to be as runny as it is.  When I first pumped it out onto my hand, I will be honest, I thought I was going to hate it. I did not like the consistency at all because it was something I had never tried before and I was just not used to it. A lot of people compared it to the MAC face and body, as that is something like 90% water, however I have not tried that one so I cannot comment on that. The main concern I had at first was 'How can something this runny offer a good medium to full coverage?' I did not see that happening at all. However, I was pleasantly surprised! 
The pictures above were all taken when I had nothing but the foundation on my face - I have not set it with any powder, so you can see the kind of coverage and finish it has. 

So, Nars claim that this is an all day luminous weightless foundation (hence the name), that offers up to 16 hours wear and is oil free! 16 hours wear is quite a bold statement to make, so I had high hopes for this product - not that I would keep makeup on my face for that long on a day to day basis, but it was nice to think that if I had to this would hold up for that length of time. On the box it also say that, 'All day luminous weightless foundation reaches an extraordinary level of perfection with ultra lightweight complete coverage and a uniquely fluid silky feel. Ideal for all skin types and tones, it sweeps on weightlessly, absorbs quickly and blends easily for all day natural luminosity'.
So without further ado, lets get on with the review and see if we agree..

I was advised before using this foundation to shake it really well, I guess this just mixes everything together and gives for an easier, more bendable texture. 
Nars state that just one pump of this foundation is enough to cover your whole face and give a good complete coverage. I think this statement really does depend on the kind of coverage you are after though. Due to the watery consistency, one pump possibly could go a long way and spread out over the whole face, but I do not agree that this would give complete cover, I think it would just offer a minimum coverage. Because I like my base to be a flawless full coverage, I used 3 pumps originally to see how I got on. 
This foundation is actually designed to be applied with your fingers, but I much prefer to use a brush or sponge - I hate using my fingers to blend in foundation personally, but you do what works best for you and your skin. I went in and applied the foundation with my flat MAC 190 brush all over my face and blended it down my neck, this is my favourite brush to use for my base as I find it gives a really even distribution of product. The foundation was super easy to blend out, it just glides on to the skin, but it does dry quickly so you have to keep your hands moving fast, otherwise it becomes a lot more tricky to blend perfectly. Once I had it on and it was all blended seamlessly, I grabbed my real techniques sponge and dampened it with some water, I then just dabbed this all over my face, using a bouncing motion to absorb any excess product that was sitting on my skin. I find this step makes the foundation look flawless and takes away any kind of cakeyness (is that a word?!) to the over all finish. With some foundations I will just go straight in with my sponge to apply it to my face, however I found with this particular foundation, because it is so watery, if I do this the sponge just absorbs SO much product and you end up needing much more than necessary - and at £32 a bottle it is just too expensive to waste - You leave about £5 worth of it in the sponge! 
One big bonus for me I noticed through application, is that the foundation has no scent to it! Some foundations I have used previously have a strong, almost paint like smell that sometimes lingers whilst it is on your skin and I really hate that! So I am extremely happy this one is scentless. 
I found that the 3 pumps was a great amount of product for covering my face and some small spots I had, but I could still see a slight bit of redness and discolouration, so I did go in with an extra pump around my cheeks and the corners of my nose just to cover this up. This did the trick for my cheeks and I was very impressed, however around my nose it did cause the foundation to cake up a little bit. So, I would say that the foundation is build able, but just be aware of these kind of areas that can get quite dry as it will cling on. 
With this being said, I think if your skin is quite dry, this foundation would not be for you. I know on the bottle it states that it is suitable for all skin types, but I believe this would just cling on for life to dry patches, which in turn would cause it to break apart on the skin and look cakey. 
I have fairly normal skin, I am not dry and I do not get too oily either, and I find that this foundation does work really well for me. As I said before, it is just around the nose and mouth where I think it could possibly sink in and highlight fine lines and look cakey throughout wear.
I was surprised that even with these 4 pumps of foundation on my face, it felt so weightless, I genuinely felt like nothing was on my skin and my skin could breathe, unlike when I have MAC studio fix on, which sometimes makes my skin feel claustrophobic.  
I love the finish that the foundation has, it is really natural - it is not as thick and cakey as the Estee Lauder double wear, if you have tried that one out. Double wear is my holy grail foundation, but I find that it can be so drying for the skin as it has a matte finish, so I only really use it for certain occasions, like nights out or events. What I like about this Nars foundation is the glow it gives to the skin and how silky it feels. The glow really brightens and wakens up the face, while leaving a dewy surface, which is perfect for spring and summer! 

The pictures above were taken after I had applied the rest of my makeup, so you can see how it looks after being set in place. 

Once I had completed the rest of my makeup, I fell in love with the foundation. It just looked seamless. Everything was fully covered, you could not see any spots or redness. As you can see, once everything was in place the colour seemed to match perfectly, which I am really happy about. I did take a picture with the flash on to test for any flashback, which there was none of, as there in no SPF in the foundation. This means if you are going to event or an occasion like prom for instance, where you know a lot of photos are going to be taken, this foundation would be a great choice to wear, as pictures will not give you a white overcast and wash you out!
The application for the rest of my makeup was super easy, I found everything blended in really nicely onto my base with minimal effort - concealer and bronzer just glided on. I did not use much powder to set the foundation, I just swept a little bit of MAC studio fix powder plus over my entire face, and I love that you can still see the glow from the foundation shine through this, so it does not look matte, it is slightly dewy. 
So far I am super duper impressed, and I will check in with you guys again later on to see how it is holding up!

On an average day, I will have my makeup for about 7 hours, so after this length of time, I thought I would check back in to see how the foundation is wearing (I am really sorry I forgot to take any picture to insert here)!
So, I have not touched up with any more powder throughout the day, as I wanted to see if that effected the finish. The skin does look a little bit more oily now, you can see more shine on the face, but nothing too drastic - I like that dewy, supple look to the skin, especially in the warmer months, so this did not bother me too much. I always carry a pressed setting powder with me throughout the day in my bag as well anyway, so if this was a problem I would have just dusted a little bit over my face to control the oil and give a natural finish again, so it would look as good as what it did when it was first applied. 
After this length of time, the foundation did start to break apart on my chin a little, but this seems to happen with every foundation I try, and I don't know why? If you can enlighten me then please leave a comment below and offer me some tips, because it drives me crazy! Again this is something that does not bother me too much, because it happens all the time, and this is definitely not the worst foundation for separating that I have used! 
The thing that probably bothered me the most about the foundation, is that it did end up sinking into my fine lines - So I had creasing on the laugh lines around my mouth and the corners of my nose still looked super cakey. This is such a shame as I absolutely love everything else about this foundation, from the colour to the finish. I mean I would probably be able to look past this because of how much I do like the foundation, but if this is something that you really do not like then bare it in mind before you purchase. 
I feel like if I needed to keep the foundation on for longer than 7 hours when going out, I would definitely have to touch it up with powder, just to try and disguise where it has clung onto any dry parts. So as far as the 16 hour wear claim goes, I definitely disagree which is actually quite disappointing. 
I will report back to you guys again in a few hours for a final review! 

After 10 hours wear, there has not been a huge difference since I checked in earlier. It has just got a little more oily and has sunk into my lines a lot more, but other than that it still looks okay! I feel that from a slight distance the foundation actually still looks flawless, it is just if someone is really close to you they would notice the imperfections. So it depends how close you let people into your 'bubble' to weather they will notice or not. 
I am now going to take my makeup off as I feel like it has been on my skin for long enough and I just want to get it off to cleanse, moisturise and feel fresh faced ready for bed! 

Overall, my final thought is that I do like this foundation - it has more positives than negatives for me. Will it knock double wear off the top of my list? Probably not, but I will continue to use this more to see if i can figure out different techniques of application and setting and things like that to see if it wears differently or for longer periods of time. I love the coverage it gives - It is great coverage for such a thin product. Normally if you want a full coverage you would expect something with a thick and heavy consistency, where as this is the complete opposite. I also really like the finish and the feel. I do not feel like my skin is clogged up with product to the point where it feels like it cannot breathe. It looks nice and dewy and glowy, so the skin look awake and not dull, which is prefect for those days when you literally find yourself needing to be dragged out of bed from having no sleep. Lastly I love that it is so natural looking, it looks and feels like skin, it is not sticky or tacky to touch at all. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this foundation in the summer and I am really happy I chose to give it a try! 
Link To Buy || Selfridges

I hope you guys enjoyed this review post and hopefully it has been helpful and given you a little bit more insight on this foundation. Have any of you tried this foundation out yet? What are your thoughts, do you like it? I would love to know what you think, so be sure to leave a comment down in the comments section below. Also, let me know what other foundations you are loving recently, I am wanting to try out more and am not sure which one to go for next, so inspire me! 
Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to ensure you do not miss out on any future blog posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon. 

Lots of Love,

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