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I am super excited about this post I am sharing with you all today. Yes, you have obviously guessed it from the title, it is an Anastasia Beverly Hills haul! 

The first time I tried this brand out was last year when I purchased a couple of their eyebrow products - I got the brow wiz pencil and the dipbrow pomade. I wanted to try these because I had heard so many good reviews about them both in the blogging and youtube community, and I wanted to test them out for myself to see if they lived up to expectations. I was literally blown away by how amazing the products were and since then, I have been OBSESSED with this brand. Somedays I will just find myself sitting on their social media and their website for hours lusting over everything - I like to add item after item into my basket and then look at the subtotal, realise I am not a millionaire and I cry inside a little as I close down the tab! But anyway moving on from that sad little story..
At the beginning of this year, Anastasia Beverly Hills announced that they were realising a line of liquid lipsticks and immediately I was like, 'YES I NEED THEM ALL', and then I calmed down and came back down to earth and realised I did not have £300 to spend on liquid lipsticks - Boooo! So, I figured I would have a few months doing a little saving, pick just a handful of colours that I really wanted to get my hands on and then make a bulk order, which is exactly what I did and this is how we have ended up with this blog post today - It has finally happened! 
However, could I just stop at liquid lipsticks?! Of course I blooming couldn't! As soon as I got on the website I was like, 'I need this, this, this and ooh that looks pretty, I'll take one of those' - it got a little crazy for a minute guys, I am not going to lie! I did manage to stop myself though, it took some self control that I never knew I had, but I was fairly sensible - Can I have my medal now please?! 
So after my little large splurge, my make-up storage is now 6 liquid lipsticks, 1 lip gloss and 1 contour kit fuller, while my purse is much lighter and my bank balance is screaming at me, begging me not to buy any more make-up! Online shopping is lethal guys - Don't say I did't warn you! 
I literally feel like a kid at Christmas with all these beautiful products sat in front of me and I just cannot wait to share them with you guys. So, if you would like to see what I have got my hands on then please keep reading...
Liquid Lipsticks
Liquid lipsticks seem to have become all the rage this year in the make-up industry. So many different brands have been releasing their own versions of them, but there has been one clear 'stand out' brand from the rest that everyone seems to be going crazy for, and that is Anastasia Beverly Hills.
For you guys that do not already know, liquid lipsticks are basically lipsticks which come in the liquid form of a lipgloss. They look like a lip gloss, they have the applicator of a lip gloss, but they are not a lip gloss! 
I have been wanting to try these ones out since the second that they got released, and I am now so excited that I finally have some in my make-up collection! 
Anastasia Beverly Hills have really out done themselves with the colour range of these lipsticks, they literally offer every shade imaginable. I believe there were 20 shades released initially and then another 2 shades have been bought out more recently in their summer 2015 collection - It is literally like looking at the colours of the flipping rainbow! 
Disclaimer || Above picture is not mine, I just wanted to show you guys the full colour range. Photo credit to Sifa's Corner.
For my first purchases I chose to pick up a variety of colours which are all completely different from one another, so I have not ended up with 6 lipsticks that are all shades of the same colour, if that makes any sense to you guys? There are still a few more colours in the range that I have got my eyes on, which hopefully I will be able to grab in the very near future to add to my collection. I believe more shades are also being released in July so I have a feeling my wishlist is going to continue to grow!
Anyway, that is enough talking for now, lets get on to what really matters here ..LIPSTICKS!
Pure Hollywood
I am so happy I managed to get my hands on this shade! Every time it gets re-released it seems to sell out in about 2 minutes because it is so sought after - I may have screamed a little bit when I saw it was in stock. 
Pure Hollywood is described as a 'Nude Beige Pink' and it is just the perfect colour of nude in my opinion. Now I have used this one for myself I understand the obsession over it, it is so beautiful! I paired it with MAC 'Soar' lip liner and this may have just become my new favourite lip combination. 
I have seen so many different reviews on this particular colour and the main problem I seem to read about it comes from the fact that it does not suit every skin tone. I can see this being true if it is just used on its own - it is not a colour that could work for everyone, however I feel that this is a shade that really can be manipulated so much to look exactly how you want it to look. Try mixing it with a lip liner underneath or a lip gloss over the top and see how you can alter the way the colour looks on the lips - I am sure you will find a way that makes it work for you! Everybody needs a colour like this in their make-up collection!
This is the shade I was probably most excited about receiving because I am such a sucker for a natural pink lipstick. 
Lovely is described as a 'Soft mid-tone rose pink nude' and it is just heavenly! This is a shade that will be suitable for so many different skin tones as it is not too warm toned, nor is it too cool toned. Personally, I love this kind of colour for everyday wear as it is not too bright and intense - it really is just a perfect natural pink lip option.
The next one I picked up was from the summer collection that was just released and it is the shade Unicorn. This is not typically a colour that I would go for, I much prefer my nude lipsticks, however this just stood out to me and I had to get my hands on it! 
Unicorn is a 'luminescent lavender' colour and it is really similar to Bambi, also from the Anastasia Beverly Hills collection. Unicorn just has more of a purple undertone to it where as Bambi is more pink. This is a really beautiful colour for the summer if you are wanting something bright to make your lips POP!

Now I could not make an order without purchasing a bright pink lipstick could I? Bright pink is my favourite in summer and usually I go straight for MAC's 'Candy Yum Yum' but I thought it was time to try something a little different. 
Sweet Talker is a 'watermelon pink' and it is a true bright hot pink. This shade will suit SO many different skin tones. It does have warm undertones, however it is not too warm, nor is it too cool, which makes it the perfect pink shade. This one is just so girly, so barbie and I am so happy I got it - LOVE!

Next up, we have American Doll. There is just something I love about a red lipstick. On those days where you are feeling really drab and unconfident in yourself, slap on your favourite red lippy and instantly you seem to feel so sexy and is a powerful statement colour. 
American Doll is a 'classic retro red' shade which is more cool toned, so it has blue undertones in it. It is very similar to shade 'Bloodline' from the collection, however bloodline has orange undertones so it is more warm toned. I feel that this colour would suit all different skin tones, it is a medium to dark red but is still very bright. This is definitely my new favourite red..Sorry MAC 'Russian Red', you've lost your place at the top!

The last liquid lipstick I got me hands on was the shade Craft, the second colour which was released for the Summer collection. 
Craft is described as a 'sparkly plum' colour, however I do not find it to be sparkly at all.  
This one was a bit of an impulse buy, I was intrigued to see how a deeper colour could work for summer time, as I normally associate dark colours with Autumn time makeup. To be honest with you guys, I cannot see myself grabbing for this one in the warmer months, it is just far too dark. I was really disappointed because it looks so much lighter in the tube that it does once it has dried on the lips. That being said it is a beautiful colour none the less, and I cannot wait for the cooler months so I can pull this out of my makeup collection to create some winter looks with it for you guys. 
I hope you guys like all the shades I picked up this time, I am so happy with them myself!
Now, I have decided to include a mini review on the liquid lipsticks range to let you know all the little details of them and to share with you what I think of the product overall, so if you would like to know more information, then please keep reading...
Lets start with packaging...The way I feel about a product starts at the packaging, I really appreciate something that is eye-catching and pretty to look at - I know looks are not everything but it definitely adds bonus points. As you can see in the pictures, the liquid lipsticks come in just your typical lipgloss tube casing, it has a silver screw on cap and some gold detailing tied in around the top, which I think is a perfect finishing touch. The Anastasia Beverly Hills logo is wrote along the side of the tube and the shade name can be found on a sticker at the bottom. The applicator included is a doe-foot applicator which makes it really easy to apply the product onto the lips precisely. Overall, the packaging is very pretty, very feminine, and I just love it!
Now, onto the actual product...Anastasia Beverly Hills claim that these liquid lipsticks 'deliver an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy swipe. A single application gives you smear-resistant coverage that stays put for hours', I 100% agree with this statement from the brand. 
When I first applied one of the liquid lipsticks, I did one swipe and was just like 'WOAH' at the colour pay off - the pigmentation is insanely intense, even from just one thin layer! I would say you can definitely build up the product and continue to add layers until it reaches the exact colour you want, I would just warn you that the more product you add the more tacky the product feels on the lips. They are extremely full coverage, none of the shades sheer out at all. Even though they have this kind of coverage, the product still feels super light on the lips and you lips do not feel totally caked in lipstick. One thing I do find with these lipsticks is that they dry very quickly, so you need to work fast at blending the colour on to the lips. Once on the lips, I would say that they dry completely matte within 60 seconds. Matte is my all time lipstick finish, it just seems to suit me so much more than a glossy finish. Because these lipsticks are SO matte, they are very long wearing and they will last all day without budging, no matter how much you talk, eat or drink throughout the day, this lipstick has such a strong staying power that it will not go anywhere! They also do not seem to transfer on to anything either - we all know that struggle of having to pull a top over your head to get it on, and no matter how hard you try to avoid it happening, your lips seem to manage to lightly graze across the top and you are left with a nice colourful stain - well not with these lipsticks! This gives big bonus points from me as there is nothing I hate more than finding make-up marks on my clothes. 
Now, because of the nature of liquid lipsticks and how matte they are, they are also VERY drying on the lips. This is something that you should expect from any liquid lipstick you try, regardless of the brand. If you have dry or chapped lips the formula of these would probably not be for you! I would always recommend to exfoliate and moisturise your lips thoroughly before applying a product like this, as they will just attract to any sign of dry patches you have on your lips and it will cling to these parts and enhance them, when really you want to try and cover these areas! There are in fact two ways in which you can wear liquid lipsticks to help with this problem and make them slightly less drying fr your lips. The first way would be to apply a lip liner to the lips initially and then put the liquid lipstick over the top. This is probably my favourite way because it does not take away the matte finish of the lipstick, but the lip liner acts as a base for the lipstick to grab onto rather that grabbing onto the lips and drying them out! I find this way offers also offers double the longevity, the colour will last forever. This way I would say also looks the best as it intensifies the colour more as well. The second way to wear them, is to apply a lip gloss over the top. By doing this you will get the longevity of a liquid lipstick but you get the moisture of a lip gloss. The thing I do not like about this method is that you do get more of a glossy finish rather than the complete matte finish desired from the liquid lipstick. I did try this second technique recently, but it did not work well for me at all. I paired pure hollywood with dainty from the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss range, but it made the product extremely sticky on the lips - I had to try and avoid placing my lips together because it felt like my top lip was sticking to the bottom lip and I was almost having to peel them off each other, which is never a nice feeling! This stickiness also caused the colour of the lipstick to wear off in the centre of the lips, which was quite disappointing! I think the reason behind this was the consistency of these two products combining - the liquid lipsticks and the lip glosses are both so thick that I think it was just too much to mix them together and it caused excess product to be lingering on the lips, which made it cakey and sticky! Needless to say, I will not be using them paired together again! I will try this technique again, however I will use a lighter lip gloss to see if it makes any difference. 
Over all, I do really love these liquid lipsticks and I would absolutely recommend you adding some to your collection if you haven't already!
 In March, Anastasia took the beauty world by storm once again - but this time with lip glosses! 
These are the first lip glosses that Anastasia Beverly Hills have ever had in their make-up range and they really have gone all out on them! The collection is made up of a whooping 34 shades which have a variety of different finishes. They have sheer ones, shimmery one, metallic ones, normal glossy ones, you name it - they have got it! 
I only purchased one of these this time, just because I am not usually an avid lip gloss user. I do much prefer lipsticks because personally for me I feel that just look and feel nicer on the lips. However, I have heard so many amazing reviews about these particular lip glosses, that I thought I would purchase one and see how I get on with it first before bankrupting myself. 
Now I have tried this one, I definitely want more - scratch that, I NEED more! The only question now is 'What other colours do I get?'
Disclaimer || Above pictures are not mine, I just wanted to show you guys the full colour range. Photo credit to Julia's Allure.

The lip gloss I decided to get was obviously from the nudes set and it is the shade Dainty. This one is described as a 'baby pink nude' and I absolutely love the colour!
I will wear this one on its own if I am going for a natural makeup look, but if I want to intensify the colour and make it slightly deeper I like to pair it over the top of my liquid lipstick in Pure Hollywood - They really are the perfect match!
As said previously, I am not normally much of a lip gloss fan because personally I feel the glossy finish just does not suit me as much as what a matte lipstick does, However, after trying this particular lip gloss, my mind has changed and I have converted my thoughts! If you would like to find out why then please keep reading for my mini review on this product..
Anastasia Beverly Hills claim that these lip glosses offer 'ultra-smooth, weightless formula which combines the intensity of a stain with the mirror-like shine of a gloss'. 
Again, we will start off by talking about the packaging. The packaging of these is very similar to that of the liquid lipsticks, it is just not quite as luxurious! The product comes in a standard plastic lip gloss tube, with a black screw on cap. The Anastasia Beverly Hills logo is wrote down the side of the tube and the shade name can be found on the sticker on the bottom of the tube. The applicator is a flat, sponge-tip applicator with makes the product easy to apply. The gloss glides on neatly and precisely. 
The lip gloss itself is super soft and creamy to apply to the lips and it just feels like the product is nourishing and moisturising the lips throughout wear - nothing is drying about this product at all! The very first quality I noticed when I was about to apply the lip gloss was the strong intense smell of vanilla butterscotch! This scent only lingers for about 30 seconds, you cannot smell it throughout the day of wearing the product, so it is something that does not bother me at all. But if you are not a lover of sweet smelling things, bare this in mind because you might not like it! Another down side I find of this product is that once it has dried on the lips, it leaves a slight tacky feeling, it is not quite sticky, but it does have a slight bit of tackiness. However, this is barely noticeable after a little while so I manage to look past it, but I know a lot of people would be put off by this factor. 
Now, onto the pigmentation. I cannot tell you guys how impressed I was with the colour pay off considering this is a gloss formula. The product is pigment packed and just one thin layer is enough to offer high coverage and true colour. I literally looked at it on the lips and it felt as if I had just applied a lipstick - it is crazy! 
These lip glosses were designed to be able to be worn two different ways; either on their own or paired over the top of a lip liner or lipstick. Personally, for me the shade dainty that I purchased is too light to wear alone against my skin tone (It reminded me a little bit of those dreaded foundation lips look - not cute!), so I pair this over the top of liquid lipsticks pure hollywood or lovely or over the top of lip liner soar from MAC - this darkens the shade slightly and offers the perfect pinky nude shade which I love! 
One thing I cannot comment on regarding these lip glosses is the longevity, purely because I have always paired mine with another product which obviously increases the wear time. With a lipstick or lip liner underneath, they are quite long wearing but I do not want to say how long they last alone because I do not want to give you guys incorrect information and mislead you! All I can say is that they supposedly have the lasting power of a lip stain, so I would assume they last a fair while!
After trying just one I feel like I cannot comment on the whole lip gloss collection as the different shades do have different finishes, so they will probably all differ slightly. However, I can say that I really like the one I picked up and so far I am very impressed and I am excited to pick up some more of the shades that I have my eyes on!

Now onto probably my favourite item from the haul..The dreamy cream contour kit! More recently contouring has been hyped about massively and it is taking the make-up world by storm! So many different brands have contour kits available to buy now, but the ones I have always wanted to try come from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Originally, I wanted to get the powder version of the contour kit, but for the summer time I thought I would give the cream one a try because cream contour gives a more natural look! 
If you are unfamiliar with contouring, it is all about giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through make-up. The basic rule of highlighting and contouring is that anything you are highlighting you want to bring forward and anything you are contouring you are wanting to push back and carve out. Just for reference, normally when highlighting the face you want to take a product one to two shades lighter than your skin tone, and when contouring you want to use a shade one to two shades darker. I find it is also better to contour with cool toned colours which have sort of grey undertones, rather than a warm toned shade with orange undertones as this gives a natural looking shadow shade - save the warmer tones for when you are bronzing up the face to get that healthy glow. Also never contour with anything that has shimmer in it, always use something matte! 
I have been so indecisive about purchasing this kit for months but I finally took the plunge and thought it was time I had it in my collection, as I do not actually own many contouring products and I want to get into using this technique more. Also, I have seen that this contour palette has been used on the Kardashians in the past, and lord knows if there is a product out there that is going to give my that Kimmy K contour, I am going to be all over it! 
I believe that the cream contour kit is currently available in three shades; light, medium and dark,. There is apparently another one to be released soon in fair, which may have been better for me, but I am too much of an inpatient person to have waited any longer! 
Now I have got the cream kit, I am definitely going to purchase the powder one as well because I need something to set all the creams in place with, right? Well that is my excuse to getting both anyway!
I have not yet used this product because I was keeping it tidy and ready to take pictures of it for this post, so I had to pull myself away from it to avoid any temptation, but just look how pretty it looks guys..
So, the colours that come in the light kit are; banana, vanilla and cool pink for highlighting and cream, nude and cinnamon for contouring. Will I use every shade? Probably not because I feel they are not all suitable for my skin tone, however the pan for each colour is removable. This means when you run out of your favourite shade you can take out the empty pan and replace it with a refill, rather than having to buy the whole palette again just for the one colour - this is a really great feature of this product and it gives this palette a big thumbs up from me!
When it comes to highlighting and contouring, there are no rules which state exactly where you MUST contour, but there are some basic guidelines you can follow as a template to help you if this is a technique you are new to. The basic idea is that you should highlight under the eyes in large upside down triangle shapes, down the bridge of the nose, the centre of the forehead, the cupids bow and the centre of the chin. Do not feel obliged to take all of these steps if you do not feel the need to, it is all down to personal preference of what you want to highlight! The usual places that people will apply the contour shades are in the hallows of the cheeks, which you can sometimes see naturally or if you feel across the cheeks you can feel where is indents inwards under you cheek bones. Usually this line tends to go from the top of your ear to the corner of the mouth, but if you are after a natural look you should not go past the point of where your eyes start - You want to stay further back and just carve out those cheek hallows and create a shadow, You also do not want to go over the cheek bone area, be sure to keep it below that height. This will enhance your cheek bones and slim down the face. Other places people will contour include the temples, around the top of the forehead, down each side of the nose, under the bottom lip and on the jaw line. That being said, everybody's face shape is different and you will need to contour different areas according to your face shape. Everybody also has different features that they want to make stand out more than others, so practise the technique and see what works best for you! 
One thing I will say is that I will always advise anyone to blend the creams out with a damp beauty blender, using dabbing motions. Everything needs to be blended seamlessly to look flawless and I cannot stress this point enough. You DO NOT want any harsh contour lines on your face as it will just be obvious and look really unnatural and you will not achieve your desired results. You can use a brush if that is what you prefer to use, but personally I find that a beauty blender just blends perfectly and does not move any of the product around the face, which is exactly what you want. After placing the correct shades so precisely to where you want them, you do not want that to be ruined by the colours blending up to where you do not want them to show. 
As I have not used this particular product product yet I feel I should not give a summary on what I think of it as it would not be liable for you guys. However, if you would like an in depth post separate to this one all about the cream contour kit, then please let me know in the comments below and I will sort that out for you all. In that post I will then talk you through about how I apply the products and what steps I take personally for my round face shape. I will also include pictures so you can see clearly what I do and I will write up my full review and final thoughts of this contour kit!
So, that is everything that I picked up this time guys!
I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, and hopefully I have shared some interesting information that you have found helpful in some way. What are your favourite products from Anastasia Beverly Hills? Is there anything else I need to try out from there? I would love to know in the comments below! 
Thank you guys so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon!

Lots of Love,
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