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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all doing well! 
I want to start off todays blog by simply just saying ... 'YAAAAAAASSS'! I am seriously so over excited about this post guys, you have no idea! Today, I want to introduce to you..CHAMPAGNE POP! 

If you have no clue what I am on about right now, then let me tell you. This month the amazing Beauty Youtuber Jaclyn Hill has collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to create this beautiful new Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector shade, that will be a limited edition item - So make sure you grab it while you can! I believe that Champagne Pop is an exclusive item to Sephora, it went live online on July 2nd and sold out within roughly the first hour, breaking Sephora's records for most items sold in one hour - Ahh, snaps for you JACLYN! However, if you did not manage to get your hands on it when it was first released for purchase, do not panic! Sephora had a ton of back ups to restock it online to release again, so they were well prepared! Also, the product will be available in Sephora stores from July 16th, so you will be able to get your hands on it then if you miss it online. As I am living in the UK and we do not have any Sephora stores over here (BOOOO! Get it together Sephora), I had to make sure I was able to grab it online! I could of cried at first because I was at work at the time it went live and I was just like 'Ahh, what to do?!', so I set it all up on my laptop ready and I made my boyfriend sit there to order it for me as soon as it went live - he's a keeper! I am highly surprised that the website did not crash during the launch because of how crazy people were going over this collaboration. But, just look at this highlighter! Can you blame us for being THIS excited?! 
Look how BEAUTIFUL it is..I cannot stop staring at it! I feel like I need to buy a second one just to sit on top of my vanity to look at and appreciate..It is far too pretty to use and I NEVER want this to run out. 

Champagne Pop comes with 8g / 0.28oz of product and it also has a large mirror inside the compact (always a bonus!). This item retails at $38 which converts into about £25 for my fellow UK ladies and in my opinion it is totally worth it! 
Even though this is a limited edition product, there is no special limited edition packaging for it, it comes in the exact same packaging as all of the other normal Becca highlighters. The only difference this one has is the outer box that it comes in, which is super pretty! It is a coppery gold shade and it has the effect of little water droplets splashed over it. These water droplets are supposed to go along with the theme of the product and represent little champagne droplets to match the name Champagne Pop (of course). It then just has 'Becca' wrote across the centre with Jaclyn Hill's signature stamped underneath. It is very simple, yet very effective! 

Now, onto the actual product itself. If you are familiar with any of the other Becca highlights and have used them before, you will recognise the formula of Champagne Pop, as it is the same formulation that we all know and love! Meaning the powder is super finely milled and it is so soft, so creamy and so smooth to apply! I am told the product is also water based, which makes it just fuse and blend into the skin so beautifully and naturally. The only parts of Champagne Pop that were created by Jaclyn were the colour and the concept behind the actual item, everything else has stayed true to Becca. 
The shade is described as a 'Soft white gold with pinky peach undertones', and when swatched side by side it almost looks like a heavenly mixture of the shades moonstone and opal, also by Becca. 
 Disclaimer || Above picture is not mine, I just wanted to show you all three next to each other and I do not own all three sadly. Photo's credit goes to Rachel Barkules.

As you can see, Moonstone is more of a light vanilla gold and Opal is a beige golden pearl. Literally if those two shades got together and had babies, Champagne Pop would be the beautiful result. What more could we ask for?!

When Jaclyn was going through the process of creating her perfect shade highlighter, she said she wanted something that was going to be suitable for a huge range of skin tones, from the fairest to the darkest. Me being super fair, I have a really hard time finding a highlighter that actually shows up on the skin and actually looks good without looking too muddy. This highlighter is just the answer to my prayers and I am sure my fellow fair skinned girls will feel the same..It gives me the ability to achieve that perfect summer time golden glow and it just looks as if my skin has been kissed by the sun - It is seriously STUNNING guys. Jacca did good with this one (Yes, I shipped the collaboration). 
The shade Champagne Pop is infused with light-reflecting pearls that beautifully catch the light, allowing your favourite features to POP. Just simply apply it over the targeted areas to achieve that soft, pearlized glow.
For this look in these pictures I actually tried out the a technique known as 'Strobing', purposely because I just wanted to drown myself in Champagne Pop and play disco ball for the day! If you are not aware of what strobing is, then you can google it for a more in-depth explanation, but it is new trend for the summer time and it is basically all about focusing exclusively on highlighter and applying it in copious amounts to the areas where the sun will naturally hit your face. It is a great way to achieve a sun kissed, radiant and healthy glow on the skin. The result should always look fresh and dewy as if you are just beaming from within. I actually really like this new trend and can see myself wearing it a lot..it is always fun to have something new to try with make-up!  

To apply the highlighter I like to use a tapered blending brush to sweep it over the tops of my cheek bones, the forehead and the chin. Then for the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow I like to take the product onto a fan brush, just for a finer more precise line. Sometimes I will also apply the highlighter to my brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes, just near the tear duct to brighten that area a little. To do this step I usually just use my finger to get it in the exact places I want it to be. 

Overall, I think this highlight is just everything, it is giving me life right now! I JUST WANT TO SCREAM FROM THE ROOF TOPS..#HIGHLIGHTONFLEEK!
If you do not have this highlighter in your collection, then you need it! What are you doing? Go and buy it now, just close down this screen and head on over to Sephora..You will not regret it! I might even head over there with you myself to purchase a back up, because this is my new go-to highlighter and it wouldn't hurt to have a spare, right?! 

I hope you guys all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Who else was lucky enough to get their hands on this beautiful highlighter? Let me know in the comments below if you are as excited about it as I am! 
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Lots of Love,
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