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Ahh, I seem to find myself saying this same statement at least once a month. I always have good intensions of putting myself on a spending ban, but then payday rolls around, I take a sneaky innocent 'BROWSE' online just to see what is new and all of those good intensions go flying out of the window and I somehow end up having a ton of products to try out, because apparently I have NO self control! 

But, I am just going to keep telling myself I do it for you guys and my blog..Sorry y'all get the blame, but it is a good enough reason, right?! So, on the plus side, I do get to share all of my new purchases with you guys, and that is exactly what I am going to do today in this haul post. 
Over the last couple of weeks I have been shopping in some different cities and due to this I seem to have managed to accumulate quite a lot of items to add to my forever growing collection. Honestly guys, I went a little cray! I always get super excited when I know I have plans to go to the city, because I live in such a tiny town where the shopping facilities are not the greatest, so venturing out to bigger shopping malls is like taking an afternoon trip to heaven for me. However, unfortunately for my bank balance it is like an afternoon trip to hell!
It feels like a lifetime ago since I went on a big shopping spree and this month I had a sudden urge to was much needed! I have a list on my phone that is as long as my arm of all of the make-up products I am wanting to try out and I thought it was about time I started to tick some of the items off of it, so that is exactly what I went and did!
One of my main goals at the moment is to expand on my personal 'MAC' make-up collection in particular. So, the majority of the products I bought were from there and this is why I have decided to share with you just a MAC haul rather than showing you a generic haul that included EVERYTHING I got, because trust me, We would be here for about a week if I did that (It was an extremely big shopping trip..the MOMMA of all shopping trips)! 
Personally, I am such a MAC lover, they are just my go-to brand whenever I am after some new make-up. The main reason being is that their product range is so vast that they really do have everything you could ever want or need. If I HAD to commit to use only one brand for the rest of my life, which FYI as a make-up enthusiast I could NEVER do, but if I had no choice, I would without a doubt pick MAC..I feel that the price point is not extortionate, the quality is outstanding, the packaging is sleek, they are constantly releasing collaborations or new collections and there is just nothing they do not have available! So yeah, they are definitely one of my faves and I want everything available from there!
Anyway, now I have rambled on for about an hour and wrote a small book, I think it is time to get on with the haul. So if you would like to see where all of my money has gone this month, then grab yourself a snack and please keep reading...

Pro Longwear Paint Pot
Link to buy || MAC Cosmetics

Yes guys, I finally jumped on the 'Painterly' Paint Pot train, I was a bit late getting on this one wasn't I? Think I missed the stop a few times! I have seen everybody and their nanna raving about this product and I am so happy I now have it in my collection! 
The sole reason I decided I wanted to try this out, was to use it as an eye-base for the days I am wearing eyeshadow. With the shade 'Painerly' being a similar colour to my skin tone it is perfect to conceal any discolouration on my lids and it just helps to prep the eyes ready to apply the eyeshadow over the top. What is also great about this product is that it actually doubles up as a primer as well, so it really locks in the eyeshadows and keeps them lasting all day long without creasing. I love products that have a dual purpose like this as it saves time and it saves money, who doesn't love the sound of that?! 
 In regards to the product itself, it is very creamy and smooth to apply, it seems to make shadows easier to blend and a little goes a very long way! I can see this turning into a holy grail for me. 

Eyeshadow / Pro Palette Refill Pan
Link to buy || MAC Cosmetics

If you guys follow me on Instagram (@aliciaamyjones) you will know that I have recently purchased the 'MAC Large Duo Pro Palette' with 2 inserts, which will fit a total of 30 of the eyeshadow refills! So now I am in the middle of trying to fill this up with all the MAC shadows which I am after to create my idea of the 'perfect' shadow palette. Every month I am going to try and get about 3 of the refills and just build up my palette over time, because it is going to cost me £300 overall to complete this palette and that is expensive to try and do all in one go! 
So far this month I have only purchased this one shade which is 'Embark' and it is an intense reddish brown colour. I liked the look of this shade to use as a transition colour through the crease to build up over the top of a true brown shade to give the eyeshadows a gradient look so the eyes look like they have more depth and dimension..if that makes any sense at all? 
MAC shadows are one of my all time favourites, they are so easy to blend, they are not overly dusty and they are really pigmented..I cannot wait to have a palette full of my fave shades from there. 

Heirloom Mix Collection Pressed Pigment 
So, this next item I have my boyfriends parents to thank for. They recently went away on holiday and this was a little treat which they picked up for me at the airport. Before they went away I asked them if they would mind checking at the MAC counter in World Duty Free for me to see if they had the shade 'Boom Boom Room' from the Le Disko collection available. I had been trying to get that particular eyeshadow for so long, but it sold out instantly and I could not find it anywhere..Duty free is usually the best place to try for limited edition or 'sold out' products as they do often have the stock in. Unfortunately, they did not have any of 'Boom Boom Room' left, which I did expect to be honest due to it being in such high demand! However, the girl at the counter did offer an alternative eyeshadow that is relatively similar, which is this one I have to show you here..It is the Pressed Pigment from the Heirloom Mix collection in the shade 'Modern Majesty'. 
When I was searching everywhere for 'Boom Boom Room' I came across a sort of 'dupe that' page on google which shows all different kinds of make-up products that are similar to each other and on there I had seen another online beauty blogger do swatch comparisons of these two eyeshadow shades together to show how they were almost 'identical'. When I first saw them side by side I did not think they looked that alike at all, but now I see this one in person, I do see some similarities. Where 'Boom Boom Room' is a light burgundy with emerald sparkles, 'Modern Majesty' is more of a dark brown base with green pearlescents, so basically 'Boom Boom Room' just comes off slightly lighter than 'Modern Majesty'.  
If you are looking for an exact dupe of 'Boom Boom Room' then you should definitely check out the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in the shade 'Solstice' - I am telling you now, you will not be able to tell the difference!
After swatching this shade and trying it out, I am actually kinda happy that 'Boom Boom Room' was out of stock because I have fallen in LOVE with this shadow! To achieve a more intense colour pay off I like to spray my brush with MAC Fix + just to dampen the shadow slightly before applying it, and honestly this technique gives the most beautiful duo chrome effects I have ever seen in any eyeshadow before. Blue sparkles on a reddish brown base?..STUNNING!

Le Disko Collection Dazzleshadow
Now, I may not have been able to get my hands on 'Boom Boom Room' from the Le Disko collection, but I did manage to pick up the shade 'Slow Fast Slow', so I am still super happy because I got at least one from the limited edition eyeshadow range. 
This shade is described as a 'bronze with red sparkles' but I definitely do not see that colour pay off when I look at it. To me it is more of a muted rose brown with copper and pink sparkles. I absolutely love this shade, it is so pretty, so shimmery and so feminine it just gives me life! 
Did any of you guys get your hands on the Nars x Christopher Kane eyeshadow in the shade 'Outer Limits'? If so, then you pretty much already have this colour eyeshadow! I have both and I literally would not be able to tell the me they are identical! 

Lip Pencils
Now onto my favourite kind of products..It is all about the lips guys! 
If you have been following my blog since the beginning then you will know that I never used to be much of a lip liner girl. I never thought that they seemed to make a huge difference but oh how wrong I was..I now cannot go a day without lining my lips before applying my lipstick! 
A few months back I was advised by one of my friends who is a Bobbi Brown make-up artist to try using lip liners because I had major dramas with lipstick feathering over my lip line. No matter what lipstick I had on, within a couple of hours it would just run everywhere and would be half way down my chin, which was definitely not a desirable look! My friend suggested that if I lined my lips first it would conceal the lipstick and act as a barrier to keep it contained to just where I apply it on the lips.
At first I was not sure on how or if this technique was going to work, but I can honestly say that it has been a game changer in my make-up routine. Since I have started using a lip pencil first to outline my lips, and then gone in with the lipstick in the centre to fill them in, I have not had this lip feathering happen again! So now it is safe to say, lip pencils in general are just a holy grail item of mine, how did I manage without them?!
Now I have researched more into lip liners and their purpose, I have found out so much more information on them and how they really do make a difference to the overall appearance of your lipstick... 
Number one || They make your lipstick last so much longer. This is because the liner is like having a base between your lips and the lipsticks that acts almost like a primer to help the lipstick hold and stay in place all day. 
Number two || Applying a lip liner underneath a lipstick helps to bring out the colour and the pigmentation of the lipstick to intensify it more and make it appear more 'true'. This is because it cancels out any colour on the lips. To achieve this a lot of people also try putting foundation or concealer over their lips first before putting on lipstick, which I suppose can create the same look because you are blocking any of the natural redness from the lips showing through, but personally I prefer using a lip pencil because you can use a shade that matches your lipstick. 
Number three || If you are wanting to wear a matte lipstick or a liquid lipstick, lip liners will stop them from drying out your lips. This is because the lip liner will act as a barrier for the lipstick to grab onto rather than it grabbing onto the lips and making them feel and look dried out. 
 So, there is just a few reasons I thought I would share with you all to why I think lip pencils are such amazing products to have! 
I have tried different ones from all different brands but my favourites definitely come from MAC and Charlotte Tilbury (eek, expensive taste I know)! The reason I love these particular ones so much is because they are just so soft and creamy to apply..They go on with minimal pressure which I love because it means you do not have to tug on your lips to put them on. They are also super pigmented, one swipe around your lips and they show up pretty much true to the colour shown on the box! 
MAC have definitely become my go to brand for lip pencils now purely because of the colour selection available, they literally have every colour under the sun that you could need! I do have a list of colours that I am wanting to get from there and this month I stared off my collection by picking up six of them! Do not judge me that all six of these are very similar..they are all nude, some of you will think they are all the same, but to me and all other make-up artists and make-up enthusiasts they are all very different!  
YAAS! I GOT MY LITTLE MITTS ON THIS LITTLE BEAUTY! I have literally been trying for about a year now to get the lip pencil in the shade 'Whirl' from MAC. I managed to purchase the shade 'Soar' when I was in Paris last year, but I was told there was an international shortage on 'Whirl' and this it was practically just impossible to get a hold of. Now after the waiting and the checking every other day online to try and find it, it finally got restocked on the MAC website. 
A good year ago now or maybe even longer, it got rumoured that 'Whirl' is the exact shade that Kylie Jenner uses to achieve her signature nude lips and ever since then every girl on earth seemed to go nuts about it and nowhere ever has it available, so it really is just a waiting game! 
'Whirl' is described as a 'Dirty Rose' shade and shows up on the lips almost as a mauve-pink colour. I like to pair this lip pencil with my lipstick in the shade 'Velvet Teddy' to achieve a perfect nude lip, or sometimes if I want a slight darker nude I will just wear 'Whirl' alone all over my lips. 
The next shade I picked up was 'Spice'. This one is very similar to 'Whirl', but it is slightly darker with more of a brownish undertone. It is described as a 'Pink Cinnamon Stick' and it is just your typical nude shade. I can imagine this lip pencil looking incredible paired with 'Taupe' lipstick! 
Onto a shade I have wanted for quite some time now..'Dervish'. This shade is described as a 'Pinky Mauve' and to me it seems like a slightly lighter version of 'Soar'. This particular colour would look lovely underneath the lipstick shade 'Creme Cup' to create a perfect pinky-nude lip colour.
Now, onto another shade which is also highly talked about. This one is 'Subculture' and it is described as an 'Underground Pink' colour. The colour pay off shows up as a natural pink which is perfect for everyday wear. I think this lip liner paired with 'Please Me' lipstick will look incredible for a go-to everyday pale pink lip.
Strip Down
If you guys love a more brownish nude lip, then you will love the lip pencil in the shade 'Strip Down'. This colour is described as a 'Creamy Brown-Beige' and it is beautiful for a deeper nude lip. This one has started to be hyped up a lot recently as it is rumoured to be a colour which is used on Kimmy K herself! I do not usually like to wear a brown toned lip colour, I much prefer to go for pink shades as I feel that suits my pale complexion better, but I actually really like this shade! I have heard that this lip pencil combined with 'Angel' lipstick is to die for, so I am going to have to purchase that lippy next! 
Boldly Bare
Last but not least, I picked up the shade 'Boldly Bare' which I have lusted over for a very long time now. MAC describe this colour as a 'Dirty Red Brown' but to me it is more of a dusty rose shade. Out of all the shades I picked up this one definitely is the lightest and I cannot wait to pair it underneath 'Myth' lipstick! It is a very true nude shade that has a muted brown undertone to it. 

And, what do I love more than lip pecils?! LIPSTICKS! And which lipsticks in particular?! YES, MAC! Some people would say I have a slight obsession..I literally want every single one and that it my life goals! You can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick, they are so pigmented, the colour range is HUGE, they have a variety of different finishes, they feel so soft on the lips and I could go on and on, I do not have a bad word to say about them! 
This month I picked up seven in total, but four of them were from the MAC Matte Lip Collection, which I have not included in this post because I am doing a separate post all about those ones, which is coming up after this one I think, so keep an eye out if you are interested in that! 
Also, for any of you guys that are not already of aware of this..MAC actually offer a programme called 'Back to MAC' which means if you have a total of 6 empty primary packaging products that can be recycled, you can take them into your local MAC store or counter and you can trade them in and get a free lipstick in return..SO DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR EMPTIES! I had managed to save up 12 empty bottles by this month so I was a very happy duckling as that meant I got two of these lipsticks for free! We all love a freebie, right?!
To start off building my collection, I decided to pick up some neutral shades because I think it has become fairly obvious..I love a nude lip! 

The first shade I picked up in the lipsticks was 'Mehr'. I have wanted this colour for such a long time now so I am happy I finally have it! This one is a matte finish and is described as a 'dirty blue pink'. It is very much a pinky nude and I think it just compliments my skin tone really well! 
Now, this purchase I have to blame my mum for. I originally wanted to get the shade 'Brave' but then my mum asked the assistant at the MAC counter to show her what 'Twig' was like when on the lips and I fell in love when I saw it on my mum, so it ended up coming home with me instead! This one is a satin finish, so it is basically a matte lipstick with a teeny bit of a sheen to it..It has the colour pay off of a matte lipstick but feels soft and nourishing, so it is kind of the perfect finish! 'Twig' is described as a 'Soft-muted brownish pink' and in actual fact it is very similar to 'Mehr'. You will notice that a lot of colours I gravitate towards in lipsticks are all very similar, this is because I want to build a wearable lipstick collection rather than spending money on ones which I will never get the wear out of! 
The last shade I picked up on this trip was 'Myth'. I went for this one because I had heard so much about it by other make-up artists and I just decided to give it ago. I have not actually tried it out on my lips yet, but looking at it in the tube it is much lighter than I thought it would be so I am not 100 percent sure if it is going to work for my skin tone. I am dreading that it is going to give me that effect of 'foundation lips' which I am definitely NOT trying to achieve! This one is another satin finish from the MAC lipstick range, so again it is one of my favourite finishes! It is described as a 'light neutral nude', so from the description it sounded right up my alley, I just hope I manage to make it work on my lips. If I feel it is too light against my complexion, I will try and make it work by adding one of my lip liners in a darker shade underneath to try and manipulate the colour slightly. 
Do I have a shopping problem?! What do you guys think?

Right then guys, so that is everything I purchased from MAC this month! As I said earlier, I did purchase lots more make-up bits on this shopping trip from other brands as well, and even though I have not included them in this haul, I do have plans to incorporate them into my blog in other ways, such as first impressions and reviews..So keep your eyes pealed for those coming up very soon! I know this is a lot of stuff to get all in one go and it is a lot of money to spend on just make-up but I see all of these products to be items which I can add to my make-up kit, so when you think about it, it is really just 'investing in my future', right?! 
 What sort of things are you guys loving from MAC recently? Is there anything I desperately need to add to my collection?! Let me know in the comments below because you know I love hearing your thoughts. 
I really hope you guys enjoyed this haul post! Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon. 

Lots of Love,
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