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When it comes to make-up there are very few things I love more than lip products, but the real question there anything I love more that a matte lipstick? Possibly not! That is why I was so over excited when I heard about MAC's new 'The Matte Lip Collection'. 

This was announced and released earlier this year in America but I feel as though we have been waiting a lifetime over here in the UK for it to arrive, but guys..THE WAIT IS OVER, IT IS FINALLY HERE AND AVAILABLE TO BUY!  
There are 22 shades altogether that make up the collection, and there is a combination of the old shades which we all know and love and there are also 12 completely new shades as well, which is what got me super excited because they are STUNNING! However, the very best part about this new collection is that it is permanent (WOOHOO), so do not panic about falling head over heels in love with a colour and fear that you will never be able to get your hands on it again, because it is not going anywhere! 
After much deliberation, I eventually decided on 4 colours which I wanted to purchase and those were..Stone, Whirl, Persistence and D for Danger. Each of these are new shades that have been launched as part of the collection, but you may be familiar with 2 of these names already. That is because the shades 'Stone' and 'Whirl' are actually both available in lip liner form from MAC's current lip pencil range. So, if you have either of those shades in the lip liners and you would like the lipstick to match it then voila, you can now have the perfect pair! 
As well as having these 4 shades of the MAC Matte lipsticks, I also have 'Please Me' and 'Velvet Teddy'. I have had these 2 for quite some time now as they are actually a part of the original lipstick range. Even though I have not bought these ones recently with the others, I thought I would include them in this post today anyway because they have in fact been re-launched as part of the Matte Lip Collection as well, so it just seems fitting to include them for any of you who are trying to decide on which ones you want to get your hands on!
Anyway, I am not going to make you wait any longer and I am just going to get straight into if you would like to read more about each individual shade I picked up from the MAC Matte Lip Collection then please keep reading...

As soon as I saw that the shade 'Whirl' was getting released as a lipstick I think I screamed a little with excitement..I knew I HAD to have this one 100 percent, no questions asked! Whirl is no stranger to those who have been following the make-up trend sparked by Kylie Jenner, when it was revealed that she uses the whirl lip liner to create her signature pout. This colour is described as a 'Dirty Rose' and it is a muted, medium-dark rosy brown shade with warm undertones. I am so in love with this shade because in my opinion it really is just the perfect neutral nude lip is a classic 90's statement shade and without a doubt this is my new favourite lippy! 
I know a lot of people have been wondering if this colour is a complete match for the lip pencil and I would say that it definitely is, but the lipstick comes off slightly more coppery with a teeny bit of sheen, compared to the lip pencil which is completely flat and has more of a retro matte finish. 

Now moving on to my second favourite shade of the collection..'Persistence'. MAC describe this colour as a 'Peachy Cinnamon' and it comes off as a subdued medium brown with warm, reddish-orange undertones. I personally love this colour. Because of it being a more orange toned brown, it is so different to anything I already own. 
If you have followed my blog for a while now you will know how obsessed I am with bright orange lip colours in the summer..I now love that I also have one that is more of a toned down orange so it is appropriate to wear into Autumn and Winter! Woohoo, orange lips all year round..It's a winner for me!

Described as a 'Muted, greyish taupe brown', Stone is the one that probably interested me the most. I never thought I would love this colour quite as much as I do. It is a muted, medium-dark taupe brown with very subtle warm undertones and it is definitely something different! If you are feeling brave and want to take a step out of your comfort zone then this colour is one worth experimenting with! I feel like there has been a massive hype around more grey-taupe toned lipsticks since the Lime Crime velvetine was released in the shade 'Cashmere' and now it seems to be all the rage..I am not complaining though, I love something a bit unique! 
Now who doesn't love a sultry red lip?! I am slightly obsessed with rocking a red lip, but in all honesty I do not tend to buy many red lipsticks, just because it is not an everyday shade for me so I normally gravitate towards more wearable shades first. However, as soon as I saw 'D for Danger', I instantly fell in love..this is not just your average red lippy, this is a berry red lippy and it is perfect! This shade is described as a 'Brick Red' and it is a medium-dark, berry-red with cool pinkish undertones. I am most excited to wear this out for date nights with a subtle smokey eye..I think it will just look gorgeous!

Now moving on to an absolutely holy grail lipstick of mine..'Velvet Teddy'. Again, if you followed the Kylie Jenner nude lip trend then this colour is also no stranger to you as it is what was rumoured to be paired with whirl lip liner to create that perfect nude lip colour. Once everyone and their momma started going crazy for this lipstick it become extremely hard to get a hold of and nowhere ever seemed to have it in stock..I think I was lucky enough to pick mine up in World Duty Free when I went on holiday! Now it has been re-launched in this new collection I can hear tears of joy all over the UK as it is finally going to be re-stocked and you can go and get your little mitts on it! Velvet Teddy is described as a 'deep-tone beige' and it is a muted, light-medium, rosy beige with a hint of warm undertones. I am IN LOVE with this shade, it is my ride or die and I could not manage with it..everyone needs this colour in their collection! 


The shade 'Please Me' I have had for about a year now, my boyfriend's sister bought it back from New York for me when she went on holiday and I am addicted to it! I am not going to lie, I actually put this in the bottom of my make-up bag for a while and forgot about it but now I have dug it back out I think I love it even more than I ever did! More recently I have started to really enjoy wearing more pinky nude lip colours everyday and they have sort of become my go-to thing for when I just want to appear a bit more natural looking. Please me is described by MAC as a 'muted-rosy-tinted pink' and it is a light-medium pink with subtle warm, yellow undertones. I personally adore this colour, it is girly, fun and it really compliments my 'NC20' complexion. 

So guys, that is it for all of the lipsticks I have purchased from this collection so far, I am sure I will end up with plenty more eventually because I am so obsessed, and there are a few more shades which I am very intrigued by that I would like to get my hands on to try out! 
Now I have finished talking you through all the shades I have, I thought I would just include a mini review here at the end just before leaving you, so I can tell you my thoughts on how I feel about MAC matte lipsticks...
If you did not already know, MAC actually have 2 different kinds of matte finishes. One of these is just your general 'matte' finish which all of these lipsticks are that I have shown you today, and then they also have a finish which is known as 'retro matte'. Honestly there is not a huge difference between the two finishes, they both appear to be flat, meaning that they have very little or no shine at all. In essence retro matte lipsticks are more intensely matte on the lips and they feel much more drying as well - they almost feel the same formula as a matte lip pencil and give that same extreme flat appearance as well. Retro matte finishes will also enhance any lines that you have on your lips and makes them stand out more than what a normal matte will, so bare that in mind if you are looking at buying any colours from this collection which are retro mattes. Either way, which ever finish you are buying I would always recommend exfoliating your lips and putting a lip balm on first before applying the lipstick to ensure they are slightly hydrated and feel nourished! By doing this you will notice a massive difference in the overall appearance of how the lipstick sits on your lips because it will help it to glide on much more smoothly and it will end up looking much softer.
Next I wanted to talk about the colour range of the collection. As you can see it is literally like looking at the colours of the freaking rainbow, they have pretty much every colour you could ever wish for! MAC really have outdone themselves with these ones, 22 shades is an incredible amount of colours to come out with and each of them are so beautiful and unique in their own way. I feel like everybody could pick at least one shade from the whole collection which they absolutely love..wether you rock a nude lip, a bright lip, a dark lip, a red lip or a bold lip, you will find something that fits your needs perfectly! 
Lastly I am going to briefly talk about matte lipsticks in general, just to try and give you as much information as I possibly can. Lets start off by talking longevity..Matte lipsticks do not play around when it comes to staying power, they are the most long wearing of all the MAC lipstick formulas. I get at least 6 hours wear out of them before I feel the need to put on any more product - even when I have been eating or drinking! For me this is a great quality because I hate nothing more than having to constantly reapply lipstick throughout the day. As well as being the most drying and the most long wearing, matte lipsticks are also the most pigmented of all finishes. Just one swipe all over the lips offers a full, opaque coverage of colour. I really like this because it means you do not have to try really hard to get any colour pay off and you do not need to tug on your lips during application - they just glide on fairly smoothly. 
So, just to sum a whole, I adore MAC's matte lipstick collection. The matte finish is one of my all time favourites which makes this new collection a bit of a dream to me.  
Right then guys, I think that is everything covered that I wanted to talk to you about regarding this new MAC 'The Matte Lip' collection. Are you as excited as I am about the collection? Which are your favourite shades out of the 22 available? Leave me a comment below and let me know! 
I hope you all enjoyed this post and hopefully it has given you an in sight to some of the shades and helped you decide which ones you want! Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to makes sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and it that case, I will speak to you soon. 

Lots of Love,
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