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When I think of the iconic shoe brand Christian Louboutin, I immediately think of that perfect shade of red. You can have it on the sole of your shoes, you can have it on your nails and you can even have it on the lining of your handbag..but, have you ever dreamt of having that signature Louboutin shade of red on your lips? If the answer is yes, then stop dreaming, because now you can!

This month Christian Louboutin proved that he is not all about the shoes, the nails and the handbags, oh no, he has finally gone that step further and released his own line of lip products..and if I may say so myself, they are possibly the most luxurious looking lipsticks and lipliners that I have ever set eyes on.
Christian Louboutin is known to be a designer and creator of unique objects of desire and these lip products are certainly no exception. The packaging is so ostentatious and so mesmerisingly beautiful that any girl would be crazy not to lust after at least one of these. 
Lets start off by talking about the lipstick line. 
First of all, I want to say that these really are a work of art. Louboutin got his inspiration for the product from Middle Eastern Antiquities and The Art Deco Movement, the idea of the complete look is that the solid metal body is reminiscent of a precious veil. The turret-like crown cap that is lined in red has to be one of my favourite features - it is almost like crowning these beauties royalty of the lipstick community. Each crown cap comes topped with a small ring threaded with a silk ribbon, meaning that this is not just a lipstick, but it can also be transformed into a necklace charme. So now rather than being tucked away in your bag between your purse and your nail file and being forgotten about, you can show case this treasured jewel to the world. 
The varied detailing and styling of the bullets to differentiate between their formulas is one factor that makes this new range very distinctive. The designs are bold and quirky, yet feminine, they truly are one of a kind. Is it a vial of poison or a lions tooth? A weapon or a magic wand? Whatever your initial interpretation, every detail is captivating. 
Altogether, the line features 38 lust-worthy shades with a selection of three different formulas, all inspired and named after iconic shoes and shades which Christian Louboutin has previously created. 
Take your pick from delicate nudes, bold pinks, rich wine burgundies and of course that showstopper signature red. The team at Louboutin have managed to cater to every person and every skin tone by creating multiple shades in the same collections - it is very diverse and very impressive for a first launch.
Start your red sole journey now by picking up your new Louboutin lip colour. 
Within the entire range of 38 lip colours, there are three different collections and the lipsticks are categorised into these collections depending on their formula. Each separate collection includes a variety of different shades, with the exception of The Rouge Louboutin - This is the only one which is in fact available in all three formulas. To make these particular ones stand out and make them that bit more special, they also come packaged slightly differently from the rest. Unlike the other lipsticks golden casing, these signature red shades are housed in black bullets with a silver crown cap.

The Velvet Matte Collection
The Velvet Matte Collection has a variety of 9 shades available which all offer a soft matte finish. To correspond with the formulation of the lipsticks inside the bullet, the exterior tube also has a flat, dull, matte finish to match. 

The Sheer Voile Collection
The Sheer Voile Collection is also made up 9 different shades, and these ones offer a sheer finish, so they give a veil of colour to the lips with luminous shine. The packaging of this collection is definitely my favourite out of the three as the bullet almost has the effect of scales all of it - it reminds me a bit of a mermaids tail, and it is just so stunning. 

The Silky Satin Collection
The Silky Satin Collection is the largest one of all 3 as it is available in a whopping 20 shades. This formula offers the classic satin finish with just a hint of shine, which feels very hydrating on the lips. The outer packaging of these lipsticks is similar to the matte ones, so the bullet is completely plain but it has a shiny, glossy finish, keeping it in theme with the finish of the lipstick inside the tube. 

The Louboutin Charme Lipsticks are available to purchase now at most major retailers. Each lip colour is £60 ($90), so they are an expensive indulgence, but they are undoubtably the must have beauty product of 2015. 

Just after the anouncement that a range of lipsticks was being released by Christian Louboutin, word soon spread that lip liners were to be expected as well. This was just too much excitement to handle in one day and I knew my bank balance was in trouble! 
The design and the styling of the lip definers is just as breathtaking as that of the lipsticks. They are aesthetically inspired by Middle Eastern Antiquities and The Art Deco Movement also, so they do have a similar concept behind the look of them as the lipsticks do. The body of the lip definer is tall and slender, rooted in calligraphy for an extraordinary artistic experience. 
They look so bold and fierce, yet so sleek and elegant at the same time that they really are such an intriguing item to see.
These lip definers will beautify the lips perfectly and offer the illusion of a natural fuller-looking pout. The expert, self-sharpening tool assists in perfecting the lip make-up by defining and highlighting the wearer's natural lip contour. 

There is a total of just 5 shades available in the lip definers and they are all quite neutral nude colours. With the 'perfect nude lip' being all of the rage right now these are the ideal selection of colours for a new collection of lip liners. 
Again the team of creators have managed to cater for every person as the selection of shades ranges from light to dark, with a variety of undertones including a more pinky toned nude, an orange toned nude and then true brown nudes as well. Each shade has been designed to be worn with any lip colour without competing with it, or they can dress up the lips all by themselves. 
 This lip definer is in the shade 'Leanue' and it is the more pink toned nude from the line. 
The lip definers are also available to purchase now from most major retailers and they are retailing at £27 ($40) each. Sadly, these ones cannot be worn as a piece of jewellery like the label's lipsticks. 

There is no denying that these lip products are expensive in comparison to others on the market, but they are collectable pieces and if you are an aspiring make-up artist or if you are just make-up obsessed I truly believe these are worth the splurge. 
Even if you are not interested in the product inside, just think how pretty these are going to look displayed on your desk - Curse you incredible packaging design geniuses and brilliant branding people!
I hope you all enjoyed this post and hopefully it has been interesting or helpful for some of you. Let me know which your favourite items and shades are out of the collection and if you are going to be treating yourself to one of these lavish lip products. 
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