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Recently I have celebrated my 22nd Birthday and there was one present in particular that I received which I could not wait to share with you guys on my blog..This is the 'Happy Bathday' gift box from Lush Cosmetics!
It is no secret that I love hot bubble baths. But what do I love more than a hot bubble bath?..A LUSH bubble bath! 

If you are not aware what 'Lush Cosmetics' is (which I am sure most of you are), it is basically an incredible brand that specialises in Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, which are completely animal cruelty free. They offer a huge range of products that includes anything from hair care, skin care, bath and shower products, make-up, perfumes etc...honestly you name a beauty product, and they probably have it! 
I am such a huge fan of Lush..for bath products in particular they have certainly become a go-to brand of mine. Everything they sell just smells amazing, looks amazing and leaves you feeling amazing! 
When I have had a long day and I just want to unwind from everything, I will run myself a hot bath, grab my favourite bath bomb to pop in it, watch it explode into an array of spectacular colours (this is one of my favourite things about these bath bombs - it's like watching a little firework display in your bath!), and I will lay there and relax. In my opinion, there is nothing more soothing than a 'Lush' bath. 
My lovely boyfriend bought me this gift set for my Birthday and I was so excited when I saw it..I think I sat there for about 30 minutes just smelling everything inside the tin! 
Included in the set is a variety of 6 different bathing beauties, to create half a dozen unique baths. Have your choice from three bath bombs, two bubble bars and one product from their 'fun' range, to create your perfect bath time.

'When dropped into a warm bath, your bomb will fizz away releasing its colour and beneficial oils. Lie back, relax and enjoy'. 

Dragons Egg
Dragons egg fizzes and crackles and changes the colour of your water to a gorgeous citrusy gold. It's scent is reminiscent of lemon sherbet, with a hint of jasmine and the fragrance of citrus will leave you feeling transformed and invigorated.

Fizz Banger
A Catherine wheel of a bath bomb. As it fizzes it changes colour, crackling with popping candy as it goes. At first it releases a citrusy apple scent, and then a cinnamon apple pie scent, with a hint of ylang ylang. Petitgrain is used in aromatherapy to calm the breathing, slow the heartbeat and reduce feeling of anxiety. Ylang ylang produces a feeling of joy, and the cinnamon leaf oil helps you to 'let go'.

Granny Takes A Dip
When you need a break from the real world, hide away in your tub with this 1960's inspired psychedelic fizzer. Lie back and watch as its mesmerising colourful swirls radiate around you, filling the air with the groovy multilayered scent of uplifting lemon oil, spicy black pepper and fresh ginger oil. Let your mind wander as the colours dance and swirl creating a hypnotising spectacle, that eventually blend together to turn the water a deep comforting purple.
Ready to make your triumphant return to reality? Emerge from the tub with softened, light perfumed skin and a clear mind. 

Bubble Bars
'Crumble under running warm water to create mounds of luxurious, indulgent film star bubbles. Some are even big enough for two baths, so why not share?'

When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle! Hop in the bath with one of these uplifting bubble bars. The Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine essential oils will help you to look on the bright side of life! It's jazzy bright colours will create magnificent orange bath water, and the sunny citrus fragrance is sure to leave you jolly and refreshed.

Pop In The Bath
When you need a pick me up, crumble one of these supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bubble bars under the running water and inhale that bright, zesty fragrance. There are two bright colour combinations to discover. Each will transport your senses to a citrus grove, thanks to a blend of bergamot, lemon and refreshing mandarin oils. Every bath you undertake will become a piece of cake, with this lemon drizzle scented piece of bathing confectionary.

'Versatile and mouldable, Fun can be soap, shampoo, bubble bath or whatever else you want it to be - the only limit is your imagination'.

Red Fun
Ideal for people of all ages, red fun can be anything you want it to be. A 4-in-1 item, this gentle product can be used as a solid shampoo, bubble bar, soap or even just to play with. One out of five colours in the range, this is perfect for brightening up your day. First, enjoy making models and shapes out of it, and then either break off a small piece to use as either a soap or a shampoo, or crumble under running water for bubble bath. It contains orange oil and mandarin oil to add sunshine to your mood!
Link to buy || Lush Cosmetics 

From the descriptions of each product you can definitely notice a pattern in the scents they have chosen for this gift set..It is very uplifting and refreshing with the combination of citrusy orange, mandarin and lemon zesty aromas. I wish you could smell the incredible fragrances through your screens right now because I cannot tell you enough how unbelievable it really does smell! 

I hope that you have all enjoyed this post, it was something a little different for me and something that I have never done on my blog before. Let me know in the comments below if you use any Lush products and what your favourites are..I would love to know, as I am planning another Lush post in the next few weeks and I need ideas on what I should get to include..Christmas is fast approaching and we all love the sound of a Christmas Lush Haul, right?!..Any excuse to buy some new treats. 
Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon. 

Lots of Love, 
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