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If you have been here with me from the very beginning of starting my blog, then you will know that I used to be a Visual Merchandiser for Topshop and that I in fact initially started out as a fashion blogger.

I have always had a love for fashion, I believe that you can really showcase your personality through the clothes you wear and it is something that you can be extremely creative and unique with. Even though I have always loved and enjoyed fashion and styling outfits together, my one true passion has always been make-up and after finishing my job at Topshop, I decided I wanted to pursue that passion and see where I could get to in the make-up artist industry. With that in mind, fashion took a bit of a back seat priority for me and all of my time and most of my money was devoted to make-up and building up my collection. 
It was only a few weeks ago that I woke up one morning, looked in my wardrobe to pick an outfit for the day and I had the sudden realisation that I had ZERO cute clothes to wear, because all of my spare money had been spent on make-up - I NEEDED to go shopping for nice new season clothes. 
Over the past couple of months, I have pulled myself away from the make-up as much as I possibly could, and I have been on a mission to re-vamp my wardrobe ready for Autumn and Winter. This is definitely my favourite time of the year for fashion because it is all about layering items of clothing and I think you can have a lot of fun experimenting and styling different pieces together. 
As a way of going back to my roots and incorporating a bit of fashion back onto my blog again, I have chosen to do a 'Fall Fashion Haul' for you today to share what I have purchased recently. I am going to be showing you quite a lot of clothes in this post, but please remember I have been accumulating all of these items over the past two months - I did not go and buy all of this in one go because that would be a little extreme, and to be honest I really do not have the money to be going around doing that kind of thing! 
This is also just purely going to be a haul and not a 'try on' haul, however if you head over to my Instagram (@aliciaamyjones), I am sure you will be seeing each of the items featured on there very soon, as I do enjoy the occasional 'outfit of the day' picture! Alternatively, if you see anything on here today that you would really love to see on, let me know in the comments and I will try my best to sort out some outfit posts for you on here as well.
Petite Striped Funnel Neck Top || Topshop
The first item I picked up is probably one of my most favourites and it is just this basic striped t-shirt from Topshop. I got this one from the petite range because it was the only one they had available in my local store, but I do believe they stock it in the standard sizes also. I just absolutely love this top, it is great for day to day wear or it can be dressed up for an evening out. It is a high neck top, which I really like - throughout this time of year you will notice that I am always wearing high necked or turtle necked tops, because I just find them to be super warm and cosy when the weather gets a bit cooler. The main thing which really screamed out to me in this piece though was the colours, I love the mixture of camel, navy and white, I think those three shades compliment each other so well and are just so perfect for Fall!

High Neck Ribbed Funnel Neck Top || Topshop
As I had just paid for all of my purchases and I was about to walk out of the store, this little top caught my eye and I had to go back to get it. Why does that always happen?! You think your finished spending money and then BAM, something just pops up out of nowhere like 'Hi, you forgot me!'..annoying, right?!
 For a top from the basic jersey style range, I just think this looks so lovely. I really like tops like this for every day wear, when you are not really doing much but you don't want to be wandering around in loungewear, it is perfect. These are the types of tops you can just throw on with a pair of jeans and a jacket and be good to go! Again this is another high necked top, it comes up higher than the previous top I showed you, but I would not go as far to say it is a turtle neck - I believe it is called a 'funnel' neck and it is very flattering on. This top is available in a variety of different colours, but as you will soon start to see in this haul, Camel coloured pieces are my thing right now, it is the ultimate fall colour, so I just had to get this one. I do plan on purchasing this in a few other colours though because they are such a bargain for the quality, and I think they are just a staple must-have item for your wardrobe. 

Printed Cold Shoulder Top (Similar Here) || Asos : River Island
This next top I picked up is one I got from River Island and it is an off the shoulder style blouse, with open side sleeves. When I first saw this, I was not completely sold on the style of it, but the pattern and the colours used were so pretty that I had to get it anyway! Since having the top I have worn it twice already and I am starting to really like the style of it now. I was not keen at first because it sits slightly off the shoulder and that is something I find not to be very flattering on myself personally, but with a little jacket over the top to cover up the exposed areas a little bit, it actually looks really nice. 

Petite Crinkle V-Neck Cami || Topshop
Another basic top I bought whilst in Topshop, is this crinkled effect camisole, with a V-neck and a racer style back. These were originally released in the spring time in a selection of pastel colours and I loved them, but I did not think I would get the wear out of the colours they stocked, so I am so happy that they have bought out some darker colours for Fall, because I just love this style. The top is really flattering on and I like the thin spaghetti straps - the only downside is that you cannot wear a bra with tops like this, or you would need a stick on bra at least so the straps are not visible. One of my biggest fashion pet peeves is seeing bra straps with little cami tops like this, it just ruins the effect of the item of clothing I feel. Other than that though, this is a great piece to add to your wardrobe, again it is very versatile as it can be worn with jeans for a casual day look or it can be dressed up for the evening. This top is also available in black, but I went for this taupe brownish, grey colour because it really stood out to me in the store. 

Faux Suede Cami || River Island
Next up is another basic top, this one is from River Island and it is just a faux suede camisole. I think I got this one on a bit of a whim because it is so soft and I just really liked the feel of the material. None the less it is a lovely little top, it is flattering on but it is quite straight and boxy, so it does not show any curves, it more so covers them up. The style of this is actually very similar to the crinkle came I bought from Topshop, as it is also a V-neck with a racer back, so the same issue applies with the bra straps, however if you have a jacket on over the top for extra warmth, you can sort of disguise any unwanted straps you may be able to see. The colour of this top is what really stood out to me, because it is a sort of dark brown with a hint of dark khaki in it, so it is different to anything else I own and I really like that.

Shirt With Zip Front || Zara
Are we starting to notice a running theme here yet with these 'basic' tops? 
Zara is a shop that all of my friends absolutely love and seem to be able to buy so many lovely pieces from, however for me, I find it very hit and miss for clothes. I either go in there and want everything or I dislike everything and leave feeling disappointed. Over the last couple of weeks I have picked up a few items from Zara, but not a lot has caught my eye in there recently to be honest. 
The first thing I got was this cute little shirt with an exposed silver zip up the front. It comes up slightly cropped which normally I do not like, but it is nothing too drastic, so I can see past that. What I like most about this one is just the over all detailing on the front, the zip makes it a bit more quirky and I love the collar effect details as well. This is just a very cute top and I love it for everyday wear.

Brown Slouchy V-Neck Asymmetric Knitted Top || River Island
This top I have had my eye on for quite a while now and I am so happy that I finally decided to buy it. I really love this whole Asymmetric style and how it is short on the one side and then gradually gets longer and hangs down low on the opposite side - it really stands out! The sleeves are almost like batwing sleeves, which I think compliments the over all style of this top very well. This is a very flattering piece on and it looks great paired with black high waisted jeans and black heeled ankle boots. 

Red Roll Neck Knitted Top (Similar) || River Island
We are nearly at the end of all these plain tops guys, I promise! It will come as no surprise to you that I have an obsession with turtle necked tops, they are super cosy, super flattering and I just cannot get enough of them. However, all of the ones I had previously in my wardrobe were sleeveless and I thought in preparation for the colder weather I should invest in some long sleeved ones to keep me fully covered up. This one is from River Island and it is a deep burgundy colour with this lovely ribbed effect all over it. I had to get this one purely for the colour - it is a Fall must-have!

Black Lightweight Roll Neck Knitted Top || River Island
Woohoo, the last basic top and it is exactly the same as the one before, just in a different colour! You can never have too many black tops, right? This is a winter wardrobe essential for me and I know I will get so much wear out of plain pieces like this. 

Dark Red Pocket Check Shirt || River Island
On my Birthday, I walked past River Island and I literally had 2 minutes to go in and have a browse to see if there was anything I could treat myself to quickly. As soon as I walked through the door, I looked to the left and I saw this shirt hanging up, I walked over, grabbed one in my size and headed straight to the till..I did not have to think twice about this purchase at all! I normally never shop in a rush, because I get home and decide I hate what I bought and then sit there regretting it for about 2 hours but I knew I would have NO regrets with this beauty..If something draws my attention as soon as I walk in a store, I know I love it!
Would you believe me if I said, I have never had a flannel shirt before? Crazy, I know, but I haven't. I have always wanted one but I am so fussy with them that I always manage to find something that puts me off buying one when I see them..I either don't like the colours, don't like the pattern, don't like the fit and sometimes it will come down to not even liking the colour of the buttons used! I know they are such a basic, casual clothing item to buy and it should be easy, but I find it harder than shopping for jeans. This is probably the purchase which I am most excited about, because I now have my perfect flannel shirt..FINALLY. 

MOTO Denim Oversized Shirt (Similar) || Topshop
I love really oversized denim shirts in the Fall time, especially if they are like this one and they are long enough so that they can be worn as a dress. I haven't had a denim dress in so many years now and when I saw this one in Topshop I thought it would be a great addition to my new wardrobe. I have worn this once already and I paired it with some thick knitted black tights and my heeled ankle boots, and it looks so chic - I love it! I also want to get a pair of leather trousers to wear this with, to layer with a leather jacket, to create a bit of a 'rock' vibe outfit - one of my favourite winter styles, believe it or not! 
A denim shirt is definitely a key piece to have for this time of year, they are perfect for layering and they give off a casual, yet stylish look to any outfit. 

Funnel Neck Longline Jumper (SOLD OUT) || Topshop
Now, lets move on to favourite things about Fall fashion! I love being cosy and so having bit knitted jumpers to wrap myself up in when the cold weather hits is a necessity for me. 
This first one I got is from Topshop and I absolutely love it. I saw this on another Bloggers Instagram page and I headed straight to my local Topshop to see if they had it in stock. Like I said, I love cosy jumpers, but I also like jumpers to look nice on and to be figure flattering, which sometimes is a hard balance to find, but this one is great! It looks a bit boxy on the picture, but when it is on it looks really lovely and it adds a lot of style to an outfit, making it look as if you have still made an effort. I really like the dark camel colour and I like how it has the black contrast edges around the neckline, cuffs and rim - this is a great finishing touch to make it stand out slightly from anything else. 

Oatmeal Beige Asymmetric Knitted Jumper || River Island
This next jumper was a Birthday present off my lovely Mum and it is a roll necked style jumper. What I love about this particular piece is the colour, it is so different to anything else I own. On the front of the jumper it has this sort of overlaying asymmetric panel that lays diagonally across, which makes this really unique. I also love the detailing that has gone into the over all look - there are certain sections which has the ribbed effect on it, like the arms, the neck and the rim, so it is not the same all over and it has a bit of texture.  

Faux Fur Gilet || Matalan
If there is one thing I love about winter fashion, it is faux fur. Everyone needs a faux fur jacket in their life to snuggle up in. For the Fall time, when it is not quite cold enough to pull out the huge fur jacket, I love these fur gilets as an alternative! They look so nice on and they are perfect for layering! Over the past couple of years I have purchased a couple of these from Topshop in different colours..I always wanted the baby pink one from there, but it was constantly sold out! So, you can imagine my excitement when I went into my local Matalan store and spotted this gorgeous little number in their 'New in' section. Matalan of all places! This is one shop I never think to go to look for clothes, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started browsing through. You can pick up some lovely items from there, which are great quality and incredible prices. This gilet was such a steal at just £20! I paid £65 each for my Topshop ones and there really is no difference..I compared them when I got home and this Matalan one looks just as good and feels just as soft as the others, for a fraction of the price..It certainly pays to shop around!

Grey Patchwork Sleeveless Waterfall Cape || River Island
Last Fall capes were everywhere I looked, and I feel like this year it is not going to be any different. I never really got on the bandwagon with it last year, but this year I decided I am going to change that! When I walked in to River Island and saw the way that this one was styled up on the mannequin, I instantly fell in love. It had been paired with black skinny jeans, a black roll neck top, a fur collar and it had a black belt tied around it to pull it in at the waist, and it just looked incredible. The reason I never really got into this trend last year was because I thought they were quite unflattering on me, but I had never thought of the idea of putting a belt around the cape. This really helps to pull the fabric in, so it does not just hang down and hide all of your feminine curves - instead it enhances them and I love that! Plus by doing this, you can make the over all finished look of your outfit look much more chic and put together.

Sleeveless Trench Jacket (SOLD OUT) || River Island
Lets all just take a minute to admire this beautiful sleeveless trench jacket..
 If you remember last year, I had an unhealthy obsession with duster jackets and longline jackets like this one..Well, a year later and apparently that obsession still has not gone anywhere! I just LOVE them. You could be wearing the most basic outfit ever, a pair of ripped jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt, but pop on one of these jackets and you will be looking like a million dollars. I was drawn to this one from River Island because of the rustic orange colour, it is so beautiful for this time of year. The fit of this jacket is slightly oversized, I got it in a size 6 and I still feel it is a smidgen too big, which it great for layering jumpers underneath, but I would not be able to do up the buttons without it looking like a sack, unfortunately. The length of this duster jacket is very long, I would say it comes down just a few inches above my ankles and it is super thick and heavy material, I feel that this jacket is much more suited to an evening out, or for a special occasion, more so than for everyday use. There are two large pockets either side which gives this piece added bonus points for me - I need deep set pockets to keep my hands toasty! I actually think that this may be my new favourite Fall jacket..River Island get it right every time!

Long Waistcoat (SOLD OUT) || Zara 
Okay, a second duster style jacket which I picked up recently that I love, and this one is from Zara. This jacket is shorter and a lot more lightweight than the previous one I showed you, which makes it much more practical for everyday wear. It is a deep khaki green colour, so it is perfect for Fall and Winter. Again, this one has two large pockets either side as well, and it also has a tie around the waist rather than buttons for if you would like to have it 'done up', giving it more of a robe jacket effect. I really love the waterfall style collar of this one, it makes it feel much more casual yet it still has that bit of edginess to it at the same time. I think this jacket would be great for layering up on those warmer winter days when you'll be too hot in a coat, but you need that little something extra over a top.

Long Waistcoat || Zara
Oh, what a surprise..ANOTHER duster jacket. I NEED HELP. I know this is getting fairly out of hand now, but layering is what I love about Fall fashion and that means I seem to get a growing collection of these sorts of jackets, because they are perfect for it.
This longline jacket is also from Zara and it is very different to any others I have because it is pretty much floor length, which I was not too keen on at first, but now I have grown to love it! In comparison to the khaki one it seems to have a couple of similarities..the tie up waist and the waterfall collar, but this one has a little bit more to it because up either side it has a slit. I really like this added touch, when walking along it looks so lovely because the bottom half of the jacket just flows elegantly in the wind. 

70's Belted Duster Coat || Topshop
Onto a piece which I have wanted for many, many years now and that is a camel coloured trench coat. Every year I say I am going to buy one and then I never do, so this year I put it on my 'to-do' list, and made sure I purchased one! Trench coats are a staple item in anybody's Fall wardrobe and I am so happy I finally have one. This one is from Topshop and I am so in love with it. It is extremely lightweight material, it comes with a tie belt and storm flap detailing. This jacket is tailored with a double-breasted, button front which gives it a very flattering shape when worn. I absolutely love this new trench coat, and right now I do not know how I ever managed without one before. They make an outfit look so classy and elegant with minimal effort. 

Double Sided Scarf || A&M Collections (In-Store Only)
A scarf is one of those accessories which you can never have too many of, in my opinion. They have the ability to change the overall look of an outfit so can literally go from looking 'drab to fab' in a matter of seconds by wrapping a cosy winter scarf around you. They are my favourite accessory piece of all time! 
I got this one from a little boutique store in my local town and it reminds me a lot of one that Primark had out last year. It has the tartan print on one side and the houndstooth print on the other side, so it screams Fall with a mixture of these patterns together. I love how well the clash of patterns actually compliment each other and look so good paired with one another.  

Ankle Boots With Gold Detailing (SOLD OUT) || Zara
It is like tradition now that every time the Fall line hits down in Zara, I need to buy a new pair of heeled ankle boots from there..I just cannot help myself. Zara shoes are my absolute favourites, they get it right every single time and their selection of ankle boots are always close to perfection. 
A few weeks ago I was having a little browse online and I spotted these beauties, within 3 minutes, they were in my basket and I was paying for them. It was a purchase that I did not have to even second guess, I knew these were THE ones I needed. Just look at how beautiful they really are. They are a semi shiny finish, with a sharp pointed toe, they have a zip up the back and the detailing of gold on the back of the heel is just magic. I have worn these boots a couple of times already because I could not wait to get them on and show them off to the world, and they are super comfy to walk in surprising, I could literally walk around in them all day without moaning (much!). These are without a doubt my most favourite boots that I own and I never want to take them off!

I have only just realised that I have no bottoms in this whole haul, it is all just tops. Oh dear, that means another shopping trip is in order I think to stock up on jeans and skirts..ooopsie!
I know I have bought a lot of 'basic' items to share with you all, but that was in fact my intention..I wanted pieces which I deem suitable for everyday wear, for if I am just popping to the shops or for when I just have a few errands to run and I don't want to be in anything fancy. I used to have a really bad habit of buying dressed up, going out kind of clothes and then when it came to having a dinner date with friends I would find myself struggling to know what to wear, so I wanted to steer myself away from that direction and get some practical clothing.
How did I do? What are your favourite pieces?

I hope you guys all enjoyed this blog post - let  me know in the comments below if you like me including fashion posts on my page and I will continue to do that more in the future for you!
Thank you all so much reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon.

Lots of Love,
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