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It is officially one of those times of the year when LUSH Cosmetics gets that little bit more special. Wether it is Christmas, Halloween or Easter you can always rely on LUSH to release an incredible array of limited edition seasonal products, that everybody is excited to try. 

Every single year around this time, I get sucked in by all of the amazing products that LUSH comes out with, and I find myself in the store for hours just lusting over everything in sight. Even though I treat myself to bits and pieces from their Christmas collection most years, I have never done a post about it on my page, and this year I decided that had to here it is, my first of many Christmas LUSH haul!

The first item that caught my eye immediately was 'The Magic Of Christmas' reusable bubble bar, and this is possibly my favourite piece out of the whole collection this year. It is so creatively designed with using a cinnamon stick as the wand, it is really sparkly with lots of gold glitter and it also has a gorgeous spicy, cinnamon scent..perfect for this time of the year! It just smells like Christmas and I will definitely be saving this one for my Christmas Eve bath to make it extra special.

The first bath bomb which I picked up is a LUSH Christmas favourite and it is the 'Golden Wonder'. This one has a very zesty, refreshing, almost fruity like scent to it and it is just incredible. I can imagine it giving it off a really calming aroma in the bath, so it would be perfect if you are trying to relax and unwind after a long day. It is presented absolutely beautifully, it looks like a large gold present with a little bow on the top..very cute! When I pick this bath bomb up my hands are left covered in gold glitter, so I pressume your bath tub will turn very sparkly and festive looking when you pop this in the water, and you may get out looking a bit like a gold disco ball. We're not complaining though, right? It is Christmas after all..the more glitter, the better! 

Next up we have another Christmas favourite, a lot of people buy this one at Christmas time and it is 'Cinders'. This is a very typical Christmas cinnemon scent and I just love it. These kind of spicy, warming scents are definitely my favourites for this time of year because it screams Christmas to me! What makes this bath bomb different from any others is that is has popping candy on the top, I really like this as a finishing touch because it adds an element of fun to the bath bomb. 
Side note, if you paired this one with the Magic of Christmas bubble bar in your bath, you would have the perfect Christmassy bath cocktail.

Of course I had to get one of the Santa bath bombs, because what would a LUSH Christmas haul be without one?! I believe their are 3 different products in the form of Santa to choose from in the collection and I opted for this 'Father Christmas' one as I thought it was rather cute and the scent is one of my favourites. The reason I love this one so much is because it has such a sweet, candy floss like scent. I know that is not typically a Christmas smell, but reguardless I really enjoy it in my bath at this time of year. 
If you are like me and you're a lover of the 'Snow Fairy' scent from LUSH, I have a feeling you will like this one. It is very similar but this one is a bit more subtle. 

The last bath bomb I bought this year is the 'Butter Bear', it is just so freaking cute that I could not leave it behind. This one carries on with the sweet scented theme as it has a strong aroma of Vanilla, which personally I really like because it is very soothing. The main reason I wanted to try this bath bomb is because rather than just adding lots of crazy colours and glitter to your bath water, it actually has ingredients in it that are really beneficial to the skin. My skin can get very dry in the Winter (particularly on my legs) and this bath bomb is full of Cocoa Butter, so when you get out of the bath after using this product, your skin will be left feeling nice and soft and moisturised. I am super excited to try this one out! 

Since I had got some bath bombs and bubble bars to try out I decided I wanted to try one of the Bath melts as well as I have not had one before. I chose to pick up 'Snow Angel' because this is one which I have heard so much about, and it is so overly sparkly that it drew me in straight away. It is covered in white and gold glitter which gets absolutely everywhere, so it may get quite messy, but I love it anyway. This one is Marzipan scented, which normally I would not like but it is not too overpowering at all and it is also mixed with Rose scents which makes it smell a bit more fruity and comforting - it's a nice mix. Similarly to the Butter Bear, this one contains Cocoa Butter as well, so again it is going to leave your skin feeling super soft! 
I can just imagine the mixture of white and gold glitter leaving your bath water looking like the perfect match of Christmas colours, although with this amount of glitter, be prepared to scrub your bath tub afterwards. 

There were so many other products which I wanted to try as well, I literally could of gone on a rampage spending spree and bought everything, but I somehow managed to keep myself under control and not go too crazy..which I now kind of regret because I did not get as much as I wish I did. Is that an excuse to take another trip there? Maybe so! 

I hope you guys all enjoyed my first Christmas LUSH haul, I have really enjoyed doing this post and I cannot wait to make this a yearly reoccurance on my page! 
What products do you want to get your hands on from the LUSH Christmas collection? Which are your favourite pieces? I would love to know in the comments below..don't go tempting me to spend too much money on more items though, okay? 
Also, a quick tip for anybody who is struggling on Christmas present ideas this year..these kinds of products make great little stocking fillers. They are all under £6 each, they look amazing, they smell amazing and honestly I do not know anybody that would be disappointed to wake up to a LUSH bath bomb on Christmas morning. 

Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon. 

Lots of Love,
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