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When New Years Eve comes around there are three main things I think about first and those are, how I am going to be celebrating it, what make-up look I want to go for and which party outfit I should choose!
New Years Eve is the most perfect excuse to get yourself completely glammed amount of make-up is too much and no amount of sparkles on your dress is too over the top. That is why I love this time of the year so much! 
Obviously on New Years Eve your want to be feeling and looking your best. To help achieve this, every year I plan out a little routine for when I am getting ready, which always includes a list of the exact make-up and beauty products which I want to use for the big night. Of course I always choose my most trusted products that I know will not let me down throughout the night. These few products are what I would class as my 'essentials' for a night out on New Years Eve. I will use these every year to achieve the desired party look that I am after.

Make-up Forever HD Foundation
For New Years one of my main aims is to get my skin looking as flawless as possible. To achieve this I like to use a full coverage foundation that still looks as natural as possible. A great foundation for a big night out is the Make-up Forever HD foundation. As well as offering a great medium-full coverage, it will also last all night long. Also, this one does not contain SPF so you can enjoy taking pictures without the fear of getting any white flashback. I cannot recommend this foundation enough for a night out, it is always my go-to along with Estee Lauder Double Wear!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus
Another step which I always take in my make-up routine to achieve a flawless base is setting my entire face with MAC studio fix powder. Being a foundation powder this adds a slight bit more coverage on top of the liquid foundation and it will keep your make-up in place all night long. Once I finish putting all my make-up on I will then pop this powder compact into my clutch bag, so I have it on me all night incase I need to touch up if my face goes a little shiny! If I leave the house without this little guy then I feel as if my right arm is missing. 

Becca X Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector
Your highlight on New Years Eve should be as poppin' as the fireworks and I cannot think of a better highlighter than Champagne Pop to get that glowing look! Highlighting is one of my favourite parts of doing my make-up. It gives the illusion of bigger eyes, killer cheekbones, plumper lips, it instantly lifts your eyebrows and it leaves your skin simply glowing. For a night out I like to have a fairly intense highlight because I like my complexion to appear bright and fresh. Champagne pop is a beautiful peachy highlighter and it will honestly make you feel like the disco ball in the middle of the dance floor!

Red Cherry False Eyelashes
More often than not a couple of coats of mascara just does not cut it. For a full on flutter, all you need to select your favourite pair of false lashes. I have chosen these ones from Red Cherry in the number 107. These lashes are high quality, lightweight, easy to apply, reusable and they actually look fairly natural when on. I love the #107 eyelashes because they are super long and fluttery which makes them perfect for a night out because they will really make your eyes appear larger and make them stand out. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick
Over the last few months I have completely fallen in love with liquid lipsticks and for a long-wearing make-up look, they are definitely the perfect option to go for. I have selected one from Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shade 'Lovely' which is a gorgeous nude-pink shade. As I said before I like my eyes to stand out and be a main feature of my make-up, which means I normally opt for a neutral lip colour so it is not too over powering and this one is perfect! Who doesn't love a nude lip?! The liquid lipsticks range from Anastasia Beverly Hills are also some of my favourites, I love the formula, the texture and just the over all way that they look on the lips. Also, if you are in for a cheeky kiss on NYE then this lipstick will not transfer..result!

MAC Fix +
Of course when getting ready for a night out you end up putting a lot of different products on your face and sometimes they can go to look a bit heavy on the skin. To avoid this and stop from your make-up looking 'cakey' simply spritz MAC fix + all over your face and it will absorb any excess product sitting onto of the skin. This is an absolute miracle product and it is definitely an essential for me whenever I am going to be wearing a lot of make-up. 

Cocoa Brown Self-Tan
Everything is better when you have a tan, right? It has the power to give you an instant confidence boost as it covers imperfections and gives the illusion of a more slender, toned physique. I have used Cocoa Brown products for so long now and they have never failed to achieve a flawless, airbrushed finish, which is why I love using this self-tanner for special occasions and nights out. You can simply apply it all over your body before doing your make-up and by the time you are finished getting ready, you will have a gorgeous golden, natural looking, sun kissed glow. 

Elie Saab Perfume
Perfume is always an essential for me. No matter where I am going or what I am doing, I always like to be smelling my best. Elie Saab perfume is a new addition in my perfume collection, but it has definitely become a quick favourite that I would happily drench myself in for New Years. It is a floral scented perfume that is very feminine and elegant and it just smells absolutely divine! 

All of these products are my must-haves for New Years Eve because they will never let me down and I know they help keep me looking as flawless as possible whist I dance the night away! What make-up and beauty products have you reached for this New Years Eve? Do you share any of the same essentials as me? Let me know in the comments below!
However you are spending your New Years Eve I hope you have an incredible night and enjoy welcoming in the New Year. Bring on 2016! 

Lots of Love,
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