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Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue, I can sing a Rainbow..Whenever I look at this Kat Von D Holiday Palette, I get the sudden urge to just break into song! 
This is the limited edition,'Mi Vida Loca' remix eyeshadow palette which was released by Kat Von D for the Holidays this year, and if you are crazy for colour, then this is the palette for you!

This palette has been designed so creatively, and it is literally like a work of art - Not that I would expect anything less from Kat Von D! Every inch of it can capture your attention and draw you in. 
On the front of the packaging there is a very artistic drawing of Kat Von D herself in a metallic glow, and in large lettering above the portrait is the name of the palette, 'Mi Vida Loca' in a metallic silver, arty font, which has been embossed into the cardboard sleeve. Also on the box you can see a few pops of metallic colour, which really brings the packaging to life and gives you a sneaky idea of what is inside! It is definitely very unique, and very eye-catching.
To help get you started, Kat Von D included an insert in with the palette, which shares three different make-up looks that have been created using this eyeshadow palette (pictures and step-by-step read through tutorial included). This is a great little extra because it makes the palette much more user-friendly, meaning even if you are new to make-up or do not have much experience with using colour, then you have some inspirational guides to follow to help create your first few looks - the hard work has been done for you!

One thing to note about the Mi Vida Loca palette is that unlike your typical eyeshadow palettes, this one does not have a snap up casing. Instead, it has more of a vinyl record inspired packaging. The outer box is made of a strong and sturdy cardboard and then to reveal what is inside, the palette pulls out like an old record to unveil a spectrum wheel of eyeshadows. 
I personally love the idea behind the packaging of this palette, it is very innovative and one of a kind, however there are a couple of negatives to it. The first being that it is very big and quite bulky, meaning it is definitely not fit for travelling purposes and it takes a lot of room to store away. Also, because there is nothing to hold the palette in place securely inside the box, it has a tendency to fall out easily when you pick it up - the biggest issue with this would be if it dropped out on the floor and caused any of the eyeshadow pans to smash. We all know what it feels like to loose a powder this way and it is such a devastating feeling!
Other than those couple of down sides, I really like the packaging and the attention to detail that has obviously gone in to creating it is absolutely insane! 

The majority of the eyeshadows in the palette are all striking, bright, fun colours that could be used to create a magnitude range of eye make-up looks.
If you have been reading my blog for a while now you may be thinking that this is something very different for me. And truthfully, you would be right..I am not normally one for using colourful eyeshadows at all. I like my eye make-up to be very neutral and subtle no matter what the occasion is, and it is extremely rare that I will ever step out of my comfort zone and put colour on my eyelids. However, once I set eyes on the Mi Vida Loca palette, it was like love at first sight. Admittedly, I did hold off getting it for a few weeks and I tried convincing myself that I did not need it because I wouldn't get the use out of it, but it was one of those things that was constantly in the back of mind, and I am a strong believer in the fact that if you cannot stop thinking about something, then you should get it..especially if it is Limited Edition! So that is exactly what I did and I am so happy I chose to. I am excited to get stuck into this palette now and finally push myself to experiment with lots of different, vibrant colours. Hopefully I do not end up resembling a clown - pray for me! 

Included in the Mi Vida Loca palette is 24 full-sized, new, high-pigmented eyeshadows in an assortment of rainbow hues, plus seven neutral-hued shades. With this striking combination of technicolored brights and everyday neutrals, this palette proves that there is no shade too bold or combination too daring. 

Not only is there a great shade variety in the Mi Vida Loca palette, but there is also a great variety in finishes, including mattes, shimmers and satins. I find that too many eyeshadow palettes these days have too many of one finish and not enough of the other, so overall this is a very well-rounded palette which has the perfect array of eyeshadows. 

Taking a closer look at the inner wheel which consists of the seven neutral shades, you can see that there is a good assortment of creams, taupes and a black with a mixture of mattes and shimmers. My camera has not picked it up the best, but both 'lyric' and 'skulls' are shimmery shades which would work well to subtly highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.
  1. The Neutral Shades || 'Vox' which is a dark chocolate brown matte, 'Strutter' which is a taupe matte, 'Lyric' which is a light white-beige pearl, 'Black Metal' which is a black matte, 'Skulls' which is a white iridescent pearl, 'Noble' which is a nude milky brown matte and last of all 'Moulder' which is a light satin yellow beige. 
Each one of these shades swatch really well and feel very buttery and soft, however I would say that every one of these seven shades has a very light colour pay off. I would 100 percent say that the colours are buildable for a more intense look, but I feel these would be best suited for someone with a light to medium skin tone. Personally I would use these as my transition shades or as eyeshadow bases.

Moving onto the main attraction of the palette..the outer wheel which is made up of a whooping seventeen vivid brights.
The shades are all placed strategically in colour categories and I feel as if I am back in my art class at school looking at the colour wheel (But a make-up version of it, which in my opinion is much more interesting)!
This outer circle of this palette could be broken down into five different colour sections;
  1. The Purple Shades || 'Love' which is a light rose shimmer, 'Anthem' which is a red-toned magenta purple satin-matte, 'Muse' which is a semi-sheer light lilac purple satin and lastly 'Echo' which is a deep blue-toned purple matte with purple glitter
  2. The Blue Shades || 'Darkwave' which is a deep navy blue matte, 'Synth' which is a vivid electric blue matte and 'Hyperballad' which is a deep teal green matte.
  3. The Green shades || 'Lemmy' which is a dark grass green shimmer, 'Misfit' which is a bright satin green and 'Vinyl' which is a bright neon chartreuse green satin.
  4. The Yellow-Orange Shades || 'Legend' which is a light metallic yellow gold, 'Fran' which is an orange-toned mustard yellow satin, 'Analogue' which is a rich deep burnt orange satin-matte and finally 'Harpsichord' which is metallic orange with copper tones.
  5. The Red Shades || 'Rewind' which is brown-toned burgundy satin, 'Destroyer' which is a warm bright strawberry red satin-matte and last of all 'Swoon' which is a hot pink fuchsia satin-matte. 
All of these colourful shades swatched really well and none of them seemed to lack pigmentation - however I do find that they worked better when a primer is used! I will admit that some of the shades did have better pay off than others and mostly I was impressed by the pigmentation of the blues and the greens in this palette.
 All of the eyeshadows included have a lovely creamy texture that is easy to blend out. A couple of the shades seemed to be a little dusty and I imagine could have a small amount of fall out when being applied, but nothing too drastic. 
All in all I think this is a wonderful palette to have in your make-up collection and I am so glad I decided to pick one up!

I hope that you have all enjoyed getting more of an insight into the Kat Von D 'Mi Vida Loca' Remix eyeshadow palette. This is probably one of my most favourite pieces that I have purchased out of all of the Holiday Collections released this year - I absolutely love its vintage vibe and originality! 
This is my first time ever trying Kat Von D eyeshadows and I have to say that I am mighty impressed with how creamy, pigmented and blendable they seem to be when I swatch them.
It is always a struggle when buying limited edition holiday palettes, because I find that the quality never seems to be up to scratch with that of the permanent product line, but I honestly cannot fault the quality of these shadows - they are impeccable!
Although it might take some time and some getting used to, I am looking forward to creating some bold, colourful make-up looks from now on. 

Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you tomorrow with the final instalment of my 'Collections for the Holidays' edit!

Lots of Love,
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