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And the award for most adorable packaging goes to....TOO FACED! Just when you thought they couldn't get any cuter, they strike out with their beautiful array of products for the Holidays 2015 and prove you wrong!
 I really cannot get over how much thought and attention to detail has gone into each and every product they have released in their Holidays collection range this year, it is absolutely incredible. The theme which they went for was, 'Christmas in Paris' and I could not think of anything more perfect! 

Out of the whole collection, this was the piece that really caught my eye..I think that was mainly down to its creativity and originality. I mean, have you even seen make-up packaged so beautifully?! 
This set is called 'Le Grand Chateau', which roughly translates to mean 'The Great Castle' and with a name like that, it certainly reflects in the packaging! If you have ever walked the streets of Paris, then you will be able to see where Too Faced got their inspiration from, as you may notice the resemblance of the amazing Parisian buildings in this work of art.
When you lift the lid off the top of this little house and open up the magnetic doors to reveal the inside, it just seems to get better again! The artistic way in which the 'interior' has been decorated reminds me of what a lady's dressing room in an old French Manor would actually look like inside..expensive ornaments and wall hangings, a gown on display and a chaise long placed underneath a floor length window looking over the city and the Eiffel Tower..Can I move in yet?
I also love that they have added a little 'Too Faced' shopping bag next to the chaise long, which has some of the cult classic Too Faced products in. Little extras like that make you realise how much thought has gone into creating a piece like this..they really have thought everything through so thoroughly. 
I have fallen head over heels in love with the packaging so much that this little house is now sitting on my shelf next to my vanity for everyone to see and is far too adorable to be hidden in a draw somewhere!

Le Grand Chateau box set features three separate palettes and a deluxe-sized version of Too Faced's best-selling mascara, 'Better Than Sex'. Each of the palettes contains six eyeshadows and either a blush or a bronzer, with shades perfect for creating a multitude of gorgeous looks, fit for any special occasion. 
All of the powder eye and cheek products you receive in this set, I believe are in fact full sized, so you sure are getting a bang for your buck!

To match the overall theme of the collection and the packaging, each of the three palettes are also Parisienne themed. They are aptly named 'Paris In Love', 'Paris Au Naturale' and 'Paris After Dark' and they are all very different to one another - matching their names nicely. There is something for every party, mood or taste. 
Altogether you get a wonderful assortment of eighteen eyeshadows (mattes and shimmers), two blushes and one bronzer, that would be ideal for any Mademoiselle. 
Each individual palette has a 'To' and 'From' section on the back which you are able to write on to send out as gifts. I love this idea because it means that by purchasing this one set, you can actually gift three different people and they will still each receive one beautiful palette with lovely products inside to use to create a make-up look (and you can also save a bit of money this way as well). Of course you do not have to gift it this way though..if you are treating someone special who you know would really love this entire gift set, then you can keep all of the items together, boxed up inside the little house to make a beautiful present. 
And obviously, you do not have to be gifting this as a present at can be like me and just treat yourself to it, because we all deserve to do that every once in a while! If you are looking at this set as a little present for yourself then these work so nicely for mini 'on-the-go' palettes, as they are small enough to take out individually and pop into your bag to use for touch ups during the day and night. 

The first palette comes in a pale pink casing and it is named 'Paris In Love'. Inside this one you will find a mixture of six eyeshadows and a bronzer. 
With a name like this you would expect it to be very girly, pretty shades and that is exactly what it is..extremely feminine. 
  • Amour || Matte, off white, well pigmented and silky smooth.
  • Fleur || Duo-chrome rose gold, greta pigmentation, smooth texture.
  • Je t'aime || Pale pink with a pearl finish, well pigmented and buttery soft.
  • Moi || Taupe bronze with a shimmery finish, lovely pigmentation and formula.
  • Cherie || Grey-ish taupe, good pigmentation and very smooth.
  • Tout Suite || Shimmery bronze, great pigmentation and texture.
  • Jolie || Medium warm toned bronzer with a slight sheen that gives a gorgeous sun-kissed glow.
You could create some stunning subtle eye make-up looks with the selection of shades in this palette, perfect for a romantic date night!

Next up is the baby blue palette which is called 'Paris Au Naturale' and as you could guess from a name like that, this palette contains the most natural and neutral shades out of the three. 
  • Pot Du Creme || Light beige with a matte finish, very well pigmented and buttery soft.
  • Fifi || Medium brown with a matte finish, good pigmentation and silky soft.
  • La Femme || Deep brown with a matte finish, greatly pigmented, very soft and blendable.
  • Bonjour || Gold with a metallic finish, fantastic pigmentation and formula. 
  • Merci || Shimmery bronze with a great pigmentation and texture. 
  • Qui || Matte black with golden sparkles, well pigmented but a little bit crumbly and does have some fall out due to the sparkles. 
  • Mademoiselle || Peachy coral blusher, good pigmentation, very soft, blends nicely and offers a semi-matte finish. 
With the variety of eyeshadows you get in this palette you could create a huge amount of looks suitable for everyday wear, and because you have the gorgeous metallic gold shade included, you could also use this palette to create some night time looks as well! Out of all three, this one is definitely my favourite and I can see myself grabbing for it a lot because of it versatility. 

Last but not least is the 'Paris After Dark' palette, which is appropriately packaged in a black casing. In this palette you will find the much darker and bolder shades that will work wonders in creating a more intense eye make-up look, perfect for a night out with the girls!
  • Le Marais || Duo-chrome white with a soft pink shift, good pigmentation and formula.
  • Rendezvous || Grey-ish mauve, matte finish, good pigmentation and soft texture.
  • Provence || Purple with blue micro sparkles, Good pigmentation but needs to be built up to achieve and opaque finish, smooth texture.
  • Parfait || Shimmery pink champagne, great pigmentation and buttery soft. 
  • Tres Chic || Matte black with purple micro glitter, another shade that is a bit crumbly and has a bit of fall out. 
  • Noir || Matte black, goof pigmentation and smooth texture. 
  • Tres Fab || Medium pink blush with a satin finish, well pigmented and super soft.
Out of the three this is the palette which I would probably not get as much use out of, just because I always try to keep my eye make-up looking subtle, and the shades included in this one may be a little too dramatic and a bit out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, the colours are all beautiful and you could create some fantastic looks with them if you prefer a more extreme eye look.

I did mention this mascara on my blog not too long ago as I got another travel sized one with my Too Faced Stardust palette also. This is the best-selling 'Better Than Sex' mascara and it has quickly become a favourite amongst the blogging community. 
Too Faced claim that with just one coat of this mascara, your lashes will be full, defined and stretched to unbelievable lengths. Sounds good, right? 
The tube that comes included in the Le Grand Chateau set is not full-sized, it is a deluxe travel sized tube that contains 0.17 oz of product. 
Before buying these sets, I had never tried this mascara before even after hearing tons of raving reviews, I just never took the plunge..Mainly because mascara is one make-up piece that I am super fussy with, so when I find one I like, I stick to it and it takes a lot for me to switch it up! So, having these travel sized ones as part of the sets is a great opportunity to test out the mascara, to see what you think of it before deciding on wether you want to purchase the full sized one or not. 
With a name like this one, I think we all have very high hopes for it!

We all know that holiday make-up sets can be quite hit and miss, but I am pleased to say that the quality of this one is outstanding and it is definitely up there with Too Faced's permanent product range. 
Initially it was the packaging that caught my eye on the Le Grand Chateau set, that is no secret..I basically wanted it before I even looked at what was inside. However, after seeing the palettes and trying out some of the shadows I have realised that this is such a well-rounded product that is great value for money and it would make the perfect gift for any beauty newbies or beauty junkies to expand their collection or even just as a lovely little treat for yourself!

I hope that you have all enjoyed taking a look around my Grand Chateau - If only we could have a real Castle in the Heart of France filled with make-up, wouldn't that be the dream?! 
As far as packaging and uniqueness goes, I would say Too Faced have stole the show of Holiday Collections this year and you 100 percent need to check them out if you have not done so already! 

Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you tomorrow, when I have another Limited Edition Holiday Collection product to share with you!

Lots of Love,
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