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When I heard about Hourglass releasing a palette for the Holidays again this year, I knew we were in for a treat!

For the holidays in 2013 Hourglass came out with the 'Ambient Lighting Palette' which included a trio of their ambient lighting powders. Last year they released the 'Ambient Lighting Blush Palette' which consisted of three of their ambient lighting blushes. This year, Hourglass have really outdone themselves..they have gone bigger and better as they have combined the idea of these two past palettes together to create the beautiful 'Ambient Lighting Edit' palette, which is made up of six of their incredible powders. 
The palette is described as a 'luxury, limited edition wardrobe of handmade powders, blushes, bronzer, and the debut of the new Ambient Strobe Lighting powder - an illuminating powder to create the perfect highlight'. This curated collection of Ambient Lighting Products has been designed to give the skin a flawless, bright finished complexion with a multidimensional luminescence .

Of the six products in the palette there are two Ambient Lighting Powders, one Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder, two Ambient Lighting Blushes and one Ambient Lighting Bronzer. Five out of the six shades are all re-promotes, so if you are an avid user of Hourglass Ambient Lighting products, then you may have come across some of these ones before. 

The shades included in the Ambient Lighting Edit are;
  • Dim Light || A neutral pink beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights the complexion.
  • Iridescent Strobe Light (New) || A rose pearl powder that gives a refined glow to the complexion.
  • Diffused Light || A soft, warm, pale yellow powder that conceals redness and gives skin clarity. 
  • Mood Exposure || A soft plum blush fused with 'Mood Light' to brighten the complexion.
  • Luminous Flush || A champagne rose blush fused with 'Luminous Light' to evoke a candlelit glimmer.
  • Liminous Bronze Light || A medium tan shade fused with 'Luminous Light' for a softer candlelit warmth. 

Both the blushes and the bronzer are fused with their corresponding Ambient Lighting powder to create a unique, hybrid product. By mixing the ambient lighting powders with the spectrum of modern hues, you still achieve that stunning, customised lighting effect even when just using the cheek products, so your skin looks naturally radiant!

Often the Ambient Lighting Powders are mistaken for highlighting and strobing powders, when they are in fact designed to be used as finishing powders, to complete your overall make-up look. They deliver a finished look to your make-up which offers that 'Perfect Lighting' effect, to make it appear as if you are glowing from within!
How this palette is meant to work is that you have the two shades 'Dim Light' and 'Diffused Light' to use all over your face as finishing powders. Then you have the Ambient Strobe Lighting powder 'Iridescent Strobe Light' to apply to the high points of your face to create a more intense highlight. To bring some warmth back to your face and add a bit of dimension, you can then use the Ambient Lighting Bronzer 'Luminous Bronze Light' to contour the hallows of your cheeks and your forehead. And lastly to give your cheeks some colour, choose from the two Ambient Lighting Blushes 'Luminous Flush' or 'Mood Exposure', and apply one of these to the apples of your cheeks.
Inside the Ambient Lighting Edit palette you honestly have everything that you need to finish, brighten, contour and highlight your skin and it is all cased in a single, small sized compact that is fit for any occasion. Could you really ask for anything else?

The powders all come housed in this stunning, reflective, golden plastic case - It is very sleek, very simple and very hard to take good pictures of! (I tried on three separate occasions to take pictures of the palette for this blog post and I gave up in the end, admitted defeat and just had to make do with what I had). When you open up the lid of the casing you are faced with a gigantic mirror inside, which I think is the finishing touch which was needed to make this the perfect travel-friendly palette!
The only characteristic of this palette which I have seen cause some controversy, is the size of the pans and the amount of product you receive overall in comparison to the price. A lot of people have been questioning wether is it really worth it or not. Yes, each of the pans are smaller than the pans in previous Hourglass Lighting Palettes, but because you get a variety of more powders and more shades included, I think this is kind of expected. For £65 you are receiving a mixture of six travel sized powders, which puts each pan at roughly £11 for 1.4g of powder. In all honesty, I would happily pay that price separately for this sized pan of Hourglass powders, and this 6-in-1 is the perfect way to try the different shades and lighting effects. Also, considering how long it takes to make a dent in one of these powders, the palette should last a super long time! 
Hourglass is a very luxurious brand which offers outstanding pieces with great quality products, the palette has a very deluxe design and it is a perfect travel make-up accessory - In my opinion, the Ambient Lighting Palette is definitely worth every penny! 

I hope you have all enjoyed todays 'Collections For The Holidays', featuring Hourglass cosmetics. Did any of you make the splurge and treat yourselves to the Ambient Lighting Edit palette? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Is it worth the money? I have used their Ambient Lighting blush powders previous to this palette, and it is no secret that I instantly fell in love with them, so I am really excited to play around with the Ambient Lighting face powders to see how I get on! 

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Lots of Love,
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