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If it was acceptable to watch Christmas movies all year around, I totally would! But, since a lot of people would find me incredibly weird if I did that, I manage to control myself and keep them off until December! 

In my opinion you cannot get in the proper Christmas spirit without watching a few different Christmas films, and there are so many amazing ones out there that I am obsessed with. So, today I thought I would share my Top 10 Christmas movies with you all. These are the movies that every year when Christmas time rolls around, I want to watch at least one a day.  

Christmas Films

I am going to start off with one of the most obvious Christmas movies of all that would most likely be on everybody's 'top 10' list and that is ELF. Every year this is the first Christmas film I sit down and watch, and I am one of those annoying people that will watch it on repeat for a whole day and then spend the rest of December saying quotes from it.."Hello Buddy the Elf, Whats your favourite colour?!" If anybody tells me they have never watched this film, I may just go into shock..You are seriously missing out! In my opinion, it is not Christmas until you have watched Elf. If you are after a film that is going to give you a good chuckle, then this is one for you! It is the story of Buddy the Elf, who realises that he is not an actual Elf and he goes on a search for his real family in New York City. It is a brilliant film that I 100% recommend! 

The Holiday
If you like a bit of a Rom-Com then you will love The Holiday, which stars Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black..an amazing handful of actors and actresses in this one! If you enjoy the film Love Actually then I have a feeling you will really enjoy this film. It is the story of 2 women who lead very different lives, both suck at relationships and both feel like they need a vacation, so they decide to switch houses for two weeks for the Holiday season, and things begin to look up for the both of them. I think that a lot of young women could possibly relate to some of the events that happen in this film and it is just a great, feel-good film to watch. Also, Jude Law is an absolute Rocket in this film..Even if you are not too bothered in the storyline, it is worth a watch just to look at him for 2 hours! 

Love Actually
I am a bit of a sucker for Rom-Coms and another amazing Christmas one that everybody has probably seen and loved is Love Actually. It stars many of my favourite Actors and Actresses that I am sure many of you also love or recognise. The film includes a lot of different individual stories about couples and how they each find or feel love differently and I think that a lot of people could relate to at least one story that happens in the film. It is such a festive film and is definitely worth a watch..I always look forward to seeing this pop up on my TV guide near Christmas! 

The Grinch
Similarly to Elf, The Grinch is another film that is probably on most peoples 'top 10' list. This one is the perfect family film that has a really lovely message behind it and it is just amazing. Jim Carrey stars in the film, so as you can guess it has a lot of funny moments and he honestly captures the role of The Grinch so well. It is a great feel-good, festive film and I cannot have Christmas go by without watching this one!

Jingle All The Way
Jingle all the way is probably one of the first Christmas films I ever watched with my brother and I feel like we were addicted to this when we were younger! Arnold Schwarzenegger takes the main role as the dad in this film and it is about his son who really wants the 'must-have' most wanted toy for Christmas and even though it is pretty much impossible to get a hold of, he promises his son that he will get it, and you kind of follow him along his struggling journey on trying to find 'Turbo-Man'. It is full of fun and festivities that will keep you giggling the whole way through. I watch this film every year and it instantly puts me in the Christmas spirit!

Home Alone

Next up is the absolute classic..Home Alone! Again, this is a film that I have been watching for years and years but it never gets old and I honestly don't think it ever will. This airs on TV every single year and you know Christmas is near when you see this come on. It is the story of a young boy who accidentally gets left behind when his entire family go on family vacation, leaving him home alone. Once you start watching this film you just get so engrossed into the storyline that will not want to stop watching. It really is an amazing christmas movie, full of adventure that will keep you chuckling throughout. I highly recommend this film!

Look Who's Talking Now
This is probably a Christmas film that not a lot of people are familiar with, but I am going to put it out there and say, this one could possibly be my most favourite out of them all! The film is actually the third in a sequel, but I feel like you can just watch this one on its own and understand it all..you do not need to watch the others to know the storyline. It is all about a lovely family of 4 and their 2 'talking' dogs, who go through a lot of struggles in work life and in family life and they do not know if they are going to get to spend Christmas altogether. If you get the chance to watch this one I definitely recommend checking it out..Its a bit of an older film, but I reckon it is one that the whole family will enjoy. 

Arthur Christmas
Onto a film that is much more recent for me and that is Arthur Christmas. I had heard a lot about this film in the past and this year I decided to finally sit down and watch it! When Santa forgets to deliver presents to just one little boy on Christmas Eve, Santa's son Arthur makes it his mission to save the day and deliver the presents himself before Christmas morning dawns! This is a much more modern film compared to the others on my list, and it puts a little twist on how Father Christmas could potentially deliver gifts all over the world on Christmas Eve and it has the ability to make you believe in all the 'magic' of Christmas. Arthur Christmas is another incredible family film, that will definitely get you feeling festive!

The Santa Clause

Along with Jingle All The Way, this is another Christmas film that me and my brother watched religiously throughout December when we were younger! The Santa Clause is such a great film, full of ups and downs and it makes for an incredible watch! It is the story of a divorced father who accidentally kills a man in a santa suit on Christmas Eve and he then takes on the role of the new Santa Claus. He and his son are both magically transported to the North Pole where they are to take on the responsibilities of Santa. It is an absolute magical film to watch at Christmas and is a great one for the whole family to enjoy!

Let It Snow
This is a Christmas movie which I came across just last year in the 'Christmas Movies' section on Sky and it quickly become one of my top 3 favourite Christmas movies! I honestly watched it at least 20 times last year and I never got bored of it. It is a bit of a cheesy, love storyline and it's such a great, feel-good film to watch. I have tried to pick Let It Snow up on DVD this year, however when I searched for it online I found out it was made as a TV film, meaning it is extremely hard to find anywhere on DVD unfortunately. If you have Sky movies and love a romantic Christmas film, then definitely watch this one when you get the chance..You will not be disappointed!

I know I have probably missed off loads of other amazing Christmas films..It was very hard to narrow my list down to just 10 favourites as there are so many incredible ones around! 
What are your favourite Christmas films that you just have to watch every year? Which ones get you feeling the most festive and excited for Christmas? I would love to know your recommendations incase there are any that I have not seen!

Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon.

Lots of Love,
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