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That time of year has come around again where Christmas is just around the corner and we all realise that we still have so much left to do, so many more presents left to buy and so little time left to get everything sorted. 
To try and help you in the run up to Christmas I have put together a last minute Gift Guide full of incredible little present ideas that would make the perfect Christmas stocking fillers! From experience I always find that it is these sorts of 'little' gifts which are the hardest to buy at Christmas and I always get stuck for ideas, which results in me feeling unbelievably stressed - That is where these Gift Guides come in super handy, because they do the hard thinking work for you! 
I have tried to include a variety of different items, meaning you have more options to choose from, so hopefully you find something which would be suitable for the type of person you are wanting to buy for. 

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I just could not resist these when I came across them on the John Lewis website. How cute are they?! Molton Brown have released an entire range of these limited edition festive Chritmas Baubles this year, and each one is filled inside with a different one of the Molton Brown signature fragrant shower gel scents. They are really inexpensive, will look adorable hanging on the tree and I am sure anybody would be over the moon to open one of these on Christmas morning!

Ohh Deer is a brand which I heard about recently that I have quickly become obsessed with. They offer a huge variety of quirky illustrated gifts, that are really affordable and would make for great gift giving ideas. Out of all the items they sell, I have to say my most favourite pieces come from the stationary section, and in particular it is the notebooks which got my attention first. I am a bit of a notebook junkie, I have to have them lying around everywhere incase I get an idea and I need to write it down straight away before I forget it - Unfortunately, I have a memory like Dory, so little notepads or sticky notes are classed as my everyday essentials. On the website there are so many lovely designs to choose from, including patterns, quotes and illustrations, meaning there is something for everyone! Two of my personal favourites are the white marble patterned one and this one that has a beautiful picture of a waterfall on the front with the caption 'Go Explore' - Love them! 

I find it crazy that you can now get colouring books for adults, but I absolutely love it - genius idea! Something like this I find to be so relaxing to do in your spare time when you just want to unwind from a long day. Adult colouring books have become so popular now and you can get so many different ones to fit for each persons preferences. You can get Animal ones, Tropical ones, Harry Potter ones, Alice in Wonderland ones, Doctor Who ones and even Christmas themed ones - take your pick, you really are spoiled for choice. Two of my personal favourite illustrators and creators of Adult colouring books are Johanna Basford and Millie Marotta - Their designs are just absolutely beautiful and suitable for everybody, so I would highly recommend checking both of them out. If you know someone that likes to doodle a lot, then this would be a perfect stocking filler for them - Colouring books are not just for kids anymore!

Staedtler Triplus Fibre-Tip Fine Pens
If you are planing on getting someone a colouring book, then something to go along side that would be a set of really nice colouring pens or pencils. It is such a lovely idea to give them together as a pair, so then the person receiving this wonderful gift is literally ready to go and start colouring in. 

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Cracker
We all love to receive some chocolate in our stockings, there is definitely no denying that and what better way to present it, than in a Christmas cracker? This one is by the brand 'Charbonnel et Walker', and it is packed full of their incredible Pink Marc de Champagne truffles. Do crackers get any better than that?! 

Lush Cosmetics Festive Friends Giftbox
What would a gift guide be, if it did not include something from Lush?! As you are probably all aware, Lush bath bombs are my all time favourites and at Christmas time, they always feel that extra bit special. If you are wanting to treat someone to some lovely bath products, but you do not want to go and select individual items, then Lush also do some really amazing Christmas gift boxes, which include a couple of the festive pieces from their range - And bonus, you do not even have to wrap it because they already come packaged so beautifully! This one that I have picked is the 'Festive Friends' set and it comes with the butter bear bath bomb, the snow angel bath melt, the peeping santa bubble bar and the father christmas bath bomb, so there really is a great variety of items for a great affordable price. Lush literally do all the hard work for you with these gift sets, they choose the products and they wrap them all up, so all you have to do is walk in a pick which one appeals to you the most. They have a massive range of different Christmas box sets this year, all in different price ranges, and these smaller ones just make for a lovely stocking filler gift. I know I would be extremely happy to open one of these on Christmas day. 

Kate Spade 2016 Diary
I feel like everyone appreciates a pretty new diary at Christmas time ready for the New Year about to start. This one is from Kate Spade, so it is a little more on the pricey side but honestly any kind of diary would make for an excellent stocking filler gift - especially a cute pocket sized diary that you can just keep in your handbag with you. Having a Diary is such an ideal way to help you keep organised, so you can keep track of everything you have planned and everything that you need to get done. This is a perfect gift for the person who has a busy schedule!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Ornament
Next up is a deluxe-sized version of Too Faced's cult classic and most peoples favourite mascara, 'Better than sex'. This is such an incredible product, and anybody who is into make-up would really love to find this in their Christmas stocking. To make this a little more festive for this time of year, you can get it packaged as a little gift which hangs on the tree as an ornament - super cute! 

Jo Malone Christmas Ornament
Christmas tree ornaments have become such a big thing this year with all different brands releasing them, but without a doubt my most favourite one comes from Jo Malone. When you spot a Jo Malone box by the tree, you know that it is going to be a great present! This festive Christmas set includes a travel sized 'English Pear & Freesia' cologne and a miniature sized 'Nectarine Blossom Honey' body creme, all boxed up ready to hang and to be this years most desired Christmas decoration. 

Skinny-dip London Phone Case
Skinny dip London is an amazing brand for phone cases. They have so many to choose from which all have such unique, quirky designs that people will notice from miles off. I am sure anybody would be over the moon to receive a new phone case from this brand in their stocking!

Amelia Jane London Pom Pom Keyring
I treated myself to one of these fluffy pom pom keyrings last year and it is honestly one of the best thing I have ever bought - mainly because I never loose my keys anymore! I used to just throw my keys in my handbag and then spend about 10 minutes rooting around for them when I needed to get in my house, but you cannot miss this keyring in your bag, so I do not have that problem anymore, thank the lord! When people see me holding my keys, they always notice this keyring and I get SO many compliments on it - anybody would be lucky to receive one of these in their stocking. You can pick some similar ones up in River Island and New Look I believe that are slightly more affordable, however I love the Amelia Jane London ones because the quality is outstanding..They do not shed at all which is perfect if you do not want to end up with fluff over everything in your bag!

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms
Once again, another gift that proves 'gorgeous things come in small packages'! Returning from last years Christmas range is the Mini Lipsticks trio from Charlotte Tilbury. If you are wanting to treat someone to a special gift, that has a bit more of a luxurious feel to it, then this would be perfect. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are some of my personal favourites and these miniature versions of them are just so darn sweet! In the set you get a variety of three different shades which are 'Penelope Pink''Bitch Perfect' and 'So Marilyn', and these are all apart of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick formula range. Out of everything I have picked today, this is probably my favourite!

Cath Kidston Cosmetic Bag
One of the items I seem to have a growing collection of in my room is Cosmetic bags and wash bags - They come in so handy to pack items together for travelling purposes, or just to keep in your room with specific make-up or skincare items in so you know where everything is. This one is a super cute, really girly one from Cath kidston - A brand that everyone loves and I had to include in this gift guide because I do not know anyone who would not love to receive a gift from there! 

Lipsy Snowflake Slipper Socks
River Island Fluffy Pom Pom Boot Slippers
Would it really be Christmas if you did not get the generic fluffy socks and slippers in your stocking? I don't think so! If I am honest, this is one of the things I look forward to most on Christmas morning because I always have really cold feet, so it is such an amazing treat getting some new cosy fluffy socks and slippers! There is nothing better than sitting by the tree on Christmas morning with either Christmas music on or Christmas films on, opening your pressies in your cosy sleepwear and warm, cosy slippers are the perfect finishing touch!

Mason Cash Vintage Measuring Spoons
For the person who loves to bake, I could not think of a better stocking filler than these adorable mini measuring spoons. They would be such a handy little tool to have lying around the kitchen ready for when you want to start baking up some festive treats for your family and friends! 

The Body Shop Spa Of The World Japanese Camellia Cream
Whenever you are on the look out for some lovely new body creams, The Body Shop is definitely the place to go! Of course these are great for all year around but at Christmas time the wether is getting colder and skin is getting dryer, so these creams really come in handy to help hydrate the skin again and leave it feeling soft and smooth. You can choose from a huge variety of different scents to suit anyones preferences and every scent is beautiful if I do say so myself! I know that smellies and body products seem like such a generic present to get for someone, but honestly I think everyone loves to receive them for Christmas. For my gift guide I chose a product from The Body Shops more recent range 'Spa of the World', just because I have heard so many incredible reviews about these items, and I would love to try them out for myself, but I use body butters from their original line religiously and I cannot say a bad word about them!

Neom Christmas Wish Candle
And last but certainly not least, a special Christmas candle. This one is from the brand 'Neom', which is a brand that I do not know too much about myself but I have heard a bit about it in the blogging community, and when I saw their limited edition Christmas candle I thought it would make a great stocking present! It is infused with '13 pure essential oils that have been blended together to lift your mood and revive your senses whilst instilling a sense of calm'. To match the scent of Christmas, the outer glass has been sprinkled with gold flecks for a more festive feel. Who would not love to wake up to this candle on Christmas morning?!

I hope you have all enjoyed this little last minute stocking filler gift guide, and hopefully it has given you some inspiration and some ideas on what presents you can treat your friends and family to this Christmas. What are your favourite gifts to receive in your Stockings on Christmas morning? I would love to know in the comments below and maybe you can give me some more inspiration as well! These little gifts may be the most difficult to choose to buy, but in my opinion they are what makes Christmas that extra bit special.

Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon.

Lots of Love,
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