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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I loved every minute of it, although I can't quite believe that it has already been and gone again for another year. There is always such a build up to that one day and then it is over in what feels like the blink of an eye. I always get really sad when Christmas is all over as it is definitely my favourite time of the year! 
Over the past couple of days, whilst I have been lounging around on the sofa recovering from eating my own body weight in food, something that I have really enjoyed doing is reading everyones 'What I got for Christmas' posts. I understand that not everybody likes these kinds of posts but for me personally, I love being nosy and seeing what lovely gifts other people received - It gives me ideas for things that I can hunt out in the January sales for myself! 
I did do one of these posts last year and it seemed to be really popular, so I thought I would keep up with it and do another one this year. As always, I just want to say that I am by no means trying to 'brag' by writing this post and I am extremely grateful for all of the incredible gifts I was lucky enough to receive.  

Macbook Pro With Retina Display
I Know, what a generous gift! Since I started blogging a year ago I have always wanted to get my very own Macbook. Never having a laptop used to make blogging so much harder for me because I used to always have to rely on borrowing other peoples laptops or computers to get posts done, and when I was trying to stick to a time schedule this was very difficult. Being a person that is SO bad at saving money, I knew there was no way I would be able to get myself one of these laptops any time soon, so this is the present I actually asked everyone to put money into this year. Normally I would never even dream of asking anybody to buy such an extravagant present for me, but blogging is something that I have began to love doing and I was desperate for a good laptop so that in the New Year I can start to produce more and better content for you all! Back in October it was my 22nd birthday and I said to my boyfriend and all of my family, I don't want any presents just put the money you would spend on me aside and I can put it towards a Macbook, and that is exactly what they did (so this is also my Birthday present as well). At Christmas time I said the same again and told them that if they did not reach the full price together, then I would put the rest towards it. But they figured out a way to do it without me, everyone pulled their money together and I was lucky enough to open this beautiful present on Christmas morning. This is going to make blogging ten times easier now and I have no excuse to be slacking on posts anymore! I am so grateful to everyone who put money into this for me and I cannot thank them all enough. 

Pandora Silver Snowflake Charm
Every year for Christmas my mum buys me a charm for either my Pandora bracelet or my Links of London has become a bit of a tradition now. This year I unwrapped this gorgeous little snowflake charm and I am absolutely in love with it, I cannot wait to add it on to my bracelet with the rest!

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Eye And Cheek Palette
Being a beauty blogger and a make-up enthusiast you can imagine my excitement when ever I unwrap make-up gifts! My amazing boyfriend treated me this year to the Tarte 'Rainforest After Dark' palette and I am obsessed - Boy did good! I tried out some Tarte Cosmetics products for the first in November (you can read my blog post about it here) and I am very excited to have more to add to me collection. This palette includes a variety of six eyeshadows and three cheek products that can all be used to create sultry, sophisticated looks suitable for day time and night time. All of the shades are fairly neutral which is why I love this palette so much - it has been inspired by the deep orchid hues of the Rainforest at dusk. If you are interested in this palette then keep your eyes peeled..I am sure it will be making another appearance on my blog soon in a make-up 'get the look' post or maybe even a review!

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms
Have you ever seen a lipstick so darn cute before? Last year Charlotte Tilbury released this trio of lipstick charms and they were so popular that she bought them back again this year for us to enjoy all over again. The sensuous threesome features three universal shades, all from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula range..Penelope Pink, Bitch Perfect and So Marilyn. Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite high end, luxurious brands and she just goes above and beyond with everything she releases, from packaging to quality, every detail is incredible! When I first opened this little present I could not stop staring at the lipsticks, they are proof that gorgeous things come in small packages! 

Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise
My boyfriends sister obviously knows me extremely well..I was super excited when I unwrapped my present from her to see this beautiful eye set from Charlotte Tilbury! This duo includes one of the Nocturnal Cat Eyeshadows in the shade 'on the prowl', which is a gorgeous antique, pearl-flecked aubergine, and a mini Rock 'n' Kohl eye pencil in the shade 'Supernova', which is a lovely smoky plum colour (I believe there are a variety of these sets available in different shades as well). I have not tested this out yet but I am so excited to as I have never used Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows before, I think I have tried every product but them actually! If I am impressed I will be sure to report back to you all about it.

Becca X Jaclyn Hill Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector
I think I screamed a little bit with excitement when I opened up this present. I bought Champagne Pop for myself the second that it got released a few months ago..I knew I had to have it the moment I set eyes on it, so I was sat on the Sephora waiting patiently for it to go live because under no circumstances did I want to miss out. Jaclyn Hill is like my Queen and I was so excited to try out her product. As soon as I confirmed my order I instantly regretted only buying one of these and a few days later when I received my parcel in the mail and saw how much more beautiful the highlight was in person, I regretted it even more. It is honestly one of the BEST highlighters I have ever used for my super pale complexion and I was just so overwhelmed by the quality of it (you can read my blogpost all about it here, where I go into much more in-depth detail of the product). Since having Champagne Pop I have tried to use it only on special occasions and I have been very sparing with how much I was using because I never wanted it to run out. I remember the first time I tried this on, I actually face-timed my boyfriend and told him to just look at my highlight and appreciate how incredible it looked! Being the amazing person that he is, he listed to my moaning and I honestly think he got a bit tired of me saying I needed another one so badly, that he went out and got me a back-up of my beloved Champagne Pop! I am so thankful for this present, and it now means I can use this favourite highlighter of mine more now without the fear of it running out too quickly!

Benefit Life Of The Party Gift Set
Benefit is another one of my favourite make-up brands, so I was very happy when I saw this present off my boyfriends parents. The 'Life of the party' set is a full-face make-up kit that includes a variety of some of the brands best-selling products. Inside is the 'POREfessional' face primer, which I have tried before and I love, in fact I am already onto my second tube so it is great to have another backup now! You also get the 'They're Real' lengthening mascara which again is another favourite of mine, I find it very hard to come across a mascara that works well for me but this one is amazing! There are two face powders in the set, one being 'Dandelion' which I have never tried before and the other one is 'Rockateur' which I have in my collection already and I absolutely love! Three long-wear power eyeshadows in the shades 'taupe it off', 'nude swings' and 'call my buff' are all inside, each of these are very neutral shades that would be great for everyday wear for a subtle eyeshadow look. Also there is one of the 'Benetint' lip and cheek stains included, which is rose-tinted. I have never tried one of these products before but I have heard a mixed bag of reviews about them, so I am looking forward to trying this out myself and seeing how I get on with it. Lastly there are two brushes in the set as well, one is a mini face powder brush, I love these little style brushes for contouring and the other one is a double ended sponge applicator which can be used for eyeshadows, in all honesty though I probably won't get much use out of this brush as they never work very well for blending and can create quite harsh looks I find. I absolutely love this set and it made such a great gift! 

Claudia First Base Knockout Lip Balm
This next beauty product is a little stocking filler gift off my mum and it is a lip balm. This is a perfect present for me because I often get such dry lips that tend to crack, (especially in the winter) and it can get quite painful and frustrating sometimes. I never leave the house without a tub of vaseline in my handbag and so I am excited to try out this one from a different brand that I have actually not heard of before. 

Real Techniques Brushes
Believe it or not, I have never actually tried any brushes from the original Real Techniques range. I have used some from the 'Bold Metals' collections that were released this year but never the originals - Shocking, I know! The brushes that I usually use on a day to day basis have got a little bit worse for wear now and it was to the point that my boyfriend even noticed (that is how you know it is time to get some new make-up brushes)! For Christmas he decided to completely kit me out and get me a great selection of some of the Real Techniques brushes and I was so surprised that he even thought about these to be honest! I cannot wait to start using these now, they feel so soft and I have heard nothing but incredible reviews...I can feel a blogpost coming about these very soon! 

Acrylic Make-up Organizers
When I set my vanity up in my room a couple of months ago, I went a bit crazy for Acrylic make-up organizers. I wanted loads of the acrylic draws from Muji to have displayed on top of my desk to keep all of my lip products in so they were easy to see and were easily accessible. I was so happy when I opened these acrylic boxed on Christmas morning because they have now given me so much more space to store new products! 

Lush Cosmetics Intergalactic Bath Bomb
It is no secret that I have a large obsession with bath bombs from Lush Cosmetics. I have wrote numerous blog posts about them in the past and I honestly cannot get enough. I swear one day I will have a whole cupboard in my bathroom dedicated to them! Intergalactic is a more newly released bath bomb that I have seen and heard so much about but have never gone and purchased myself for some unknown reason. When you pop it in the bath it explodes into an array of vibrant, neon multi-colours that make you feel as if you are in your own galaxy. It has quite a strong minty scent that is very refreshing, and it also includes popping candy which adds a great element of fun to this bath bomb. 

Pyjamas, slippers and socks
All of the Christmas essentials, right? I honestly do not think it feels like Christmas if you do not receive new nightwear pieces! One of my favourite things in life is being cosy. Yes, I am a bit of a grandma but I just love snuggling up in a pair of cute pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown! That being said I was over the moon when I received these penguin pyjamas, heated slippers and cosy socks. I am now fully equipped for my snug nights in at home. 

Tartan And Dogtooth Printed Scarf
Referring back to being cosy, whenever I go out in the winter I love to have a big snuggly scarf wrapped around me to keep me warm. I absolutely love this one I got for Christmas, the clashing patterns are beautiful, it is such a soft fabric and I really like the colours of it. I do have one very similar is dark blues and greens which I wear all the time but I am obsessed with the pastel colours in this one. If you know me, you will know that pastel colours are my absolute favourites so I have a feeling I will be wearing this scarf a lot! 

Ghost Perfume Bauble
Another little stocking filler pressie I received from my mum was this miniature Ghost perfume packaged in a silver sparkly bauble. How adorable?! I had never smelt Ghost perfume before trying this one, but I know a lot of people who love it and now I completely understand why, it is honestly beautiful! This one has a fairly strong sweet, floral scent that some people may find quite overpowering but I really like it personally. 

Rangoli Adult Colouring Book and Staedtler Coloured Pencils
If you saw my stocking filler gift guide then you would have already seen me talking about these colouring books that have now been bought out for Adults to enjoy..What an amazing idea! I was so incredibly happy when I opened this present and I cannot wait to start colouring it in. This is going to be great when I get home after a long day at work because hopefully it will help me to unwind and de-stress from the day. 

Candles And Candle Holders
Next Home is one of my favourite shops on earth and when I took my mum there a couple of weeks ago we both went crazy for everything, especially the candles and the scents that they have to offer! I have recently turned into a complete candle addict and this candle is honestly the best thing I have ever smelt, I wish you could smell it through the screen right now..If you are ever near a next home pop in and smell it and I guarantee that you will want it immediately! Also, the casing is copper, could it get any more perfect? The other candle related gift I got is again from Next Home and it is this stunning bubble glass vase (But I will be using it as a candle holder). I love the flecked pattern on this and I think it will look gorgeous on my desk with a small candle burning inside.

Next Home Furry Bear Cushion
One thing I love having placed on my bed is cute cushions, they are such lovely decorative pieces to have in the bedroom. When I saw this one in Next I fell in love with it and my mum said she raced back there the day after to pick it up for me! The fabric of it is SO soft and I could honestly fall asleep cuddling this at night time. 

Google Chromecast
When I first opened this I had no idea what it actually was and my boyfriend had to sit there for about 20 minutes and explain it to me. Now I understand it, this is quite possibly one of the best presents ever for me! A Chromecast is basically a little device that you can plug into the HDMI port of your television and it turns it into a smart TV! So with this you can use your phone, tablet or laptop to broadcast films, television shows, music, games and other media straight to your television using the Wi-Fi connection. The main reason I am excited for this is because it means I can start watching Youtube on my TV instead of my phone or laptop!

Ring Light And Soft Box Lighting
Since starting my blog I have always had to rely on natural daylight to try and achieve good lighting for my blog pictures, but thankfully not anymore! For so long now I have wanted to invest in some good lighting sources but I never knew what the best pieces were to get. I was so overwhelmed when I opened these up on Christmas day and I had them set up almost instantly to start taking pictures to see what it was like! I am so so happy with these and I cannot wait to learn how to use them properly to achieve the best pictures I possibly can to help continue to improve my content on my blog. 

Selfie Stick
Lets be honest, we all love a selfie stick. I had my first selfie stick last year for my Birthday to take to Paris with me and it honestly came in so handy when wanting pictures of Dale and I together by all of the landmarks. That is the main reason I ever wanted to get one, because we all know the struggle of travelling when there is just two of you - You want a picture together, but it is very difficult to try and get anything in the background in shot (I do not like giving my phone or camera to strangers to take pictures, because when travelling you can never be too careful). This is where a selfie stick is great to have because it gives you so much more 'arm length' to get in more of the scenery. When I took my old one to Rome at the beginning of this year it snapped and I was actually devastated. I am very happy to now have a new one to take with me next year if I get the opportunity to go on any more travels. 

Measuring Spoons
Another gift that you may recognise from my stocking filler gift guide is these cute Measuring Spoons. When I saw these in Matalan I made it quite clear to my mum that I just absolutely NEEDED them! I am such a sucker for anything cutesy like this. In the New Year, I would love to start getting in the kitchen more and put my hand at baking. I love eating cakes and sweet treats, so I figured why not give it a go at baking them?! When I decide to finally start this, these will come in super handy to help get the right measurements of some ingredients!

Ceramic Mugs
I am just going to throw it out there and admit that I may have a slight obsession with cups of tea, I honestly have about 6 a day to keep me going. I know that is really bad, (especially considering I take 3 sugars in each) but I am trying my hardest to cut down at the moment and it is not going very well! These two new mugs that my mum got me to help feed my obsession are so adorable, I really love them and it is always nice to have a new cup to drink out of! 

Chocolates And Truffles
If someone ever asks me the best things about Christmas, one of my top three answers will be 'The Food', without a doubt. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure, I try not to eat it too often but at Christmas time I just binge - awful I know! It is the one time of year that I have tons of chocolate lying around my house, but honestly it is never lying around for long! This year my mum filled a little basket with chocolate and sweet treats for me and I felt like I had opened up the wrapping to heaven! Admittedly after I photographed these I did tuck into them and there is probably not very many left at all..ooopsie. the diet starts on the 1st of January! 

I received so many beautiful gifts on Christmas day this year and I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I am so overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone in my life, I really did not expect all of this and I cannot thank them all enough.
Even though I got the most incredible presents I will always remember that this is not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about spending quality time with your family and your loved ones..It is about who is around the tree, not what is under it.
What did you receive for Christmas this year? What were your favourite presents? I would love to know in the comments below!

Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon.

Lots of Love,
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