Thursday, 24 December 2015


It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE Christmas! It is honestly my most favourite time of the year and I really do enjoy every moment of it..Including the run up to Christmas Day when everything is a little bit crazy! Lets be honest, it does not feel like Christmas if your not in a mad rush to get everything done!
With it being Christmas Day tomorrow, (HOW EXCITING) I have decided to do bit of a chatty blog post today talking about the reasons of why I love Christmas and all of the festivities that come with it so much.

Spending Time With Family and Loved Ones
Being such a family orientated person, this is probably my most favourite thing about Christmas! There is nothing nicer than getting everyone together either on Christmas Day or a few days before to have a good old festive knees up! Someone once told me 'It is not about the presents under the Christmas tree, but the people who are around it'. That quote has stuck with me forever and it made me realise the importance of treasuring every single person you have in your life, not just at Christmas, but everyday of the year. Time is sacred and you should always make time for Family and Loved ones. I do not get to see my Family as much as I would like, so for me this aspect of Christmas is very special! 

The Atmosphere
I understand a lot of people handle the stress of Christmas differently - some people let it get to them too much and others just let it go over their heads a bit, but overall I find that the majority of people are so much happier at this time of the year (Except for when they check their bank accounts after the Christmas present shop)! It is such a lovely feeling in the run up to Christmas, seeing other people with smiles on their faces getting ready for the big day. Happy vibes are the best vibes! 

The Decorations
If I had it my way, my decorations would probably go up in November..Once Halloween is over with, we can start to celebrate Christmas I say! However, my family do disagree and I have to hold off until December unfortunately! Each year I try to go all out with my Christmas decorations around the house and then once they are up, I never seem to want to take them back down again because everywhere just looks so bare afterwards! Like many other people, my favourite Christmas 'decoration' of all is my tree. I am very fussy with the style of tree I have and how it is decorated..Honestly picking a tree, putting it up and putting the baubles on can be a whole days job for me! 
I also love it when I am walking around different places and I see other peoples houses completely decked out for Christmas, inside and gives me that warm, festive feeling seeing the little fairy lights and Christmas trees all around me! 

Christmas Movies
In all honesty, I am that person who would watch Christmas movies throughout the whole year if it was acceptable, just because I love them so much! I have been known to watch Elf in August before..maybe I was a little too excited for Christmas that year!
Wether it is a kids Christmas film, a comedy christmas film or a cheesy, rom-com Christmas film, I love sitting down in the evenings, snuggled up in my pyjamas with my duvet over me, a mug of hot chocolate in my hands and putting one of these films on. Christmas movie story lines are always the best and they never fail to get you feeling festive and in the spirit for Christmas! 

Christmas Songs
I am a sucker for Christmas songs, as soon as December 1st rolls around I will have a playlist ready on my phone to sing along to when I am getting ready in the mornings, when I am wrapping presents, when I am in the car, and basically just at any other given moment! I love the old classics like 'Last Christmas', 'Do they know its Christmas time', 'I wish it could be Christmas everyday' and 'Driving home for Christmas', but if anything is sung by Mr Christmas himself, Michael Bublé it will added to his own personal playlist that I have on my phone and all of his Christmas songs will be left on repeat!

The Food
Christmas is the perfect excuse to do one of the things that I love most..EAT EVERYTHING! The diet goes out of the window for a month and we can tell ourselves that it is fine because we can just start off healthy eating again in the New Year, (Does anyone actually stick to that though?!)
Throughout the whole of December is when my house will be fully stocked with chocolate, cookies and all other Christmas treats that are meant for presents, but realistically I end up getting a chocolate craving at least 3 nights a week and find myself tucking into them myself..Oopsie! Obviously the chocolate is incredible, but we cannot forget the most important Christmas food of all..The Christmas Dinner! When I wake up Christmas morning before I even think of presents I actually think of the food..The Turkey, the pigs in blankets, the Yorkshire puds, the parsnips, the stuffing, the gravy..hmmm, my mouth is watering already. Tomorrow lunch time cannot come quick enough!

The Baking
I know this kind of counts as food as well but I figured I would include it separately! Baking your own Christmas treats to share with everyone is such a fun, festive activity to enjoy that you can really get creative with. Personally I like to make my own Christmas cookies and Christmas cupcakes which I love to decorate themed to the time of year..If you are wanting to bake up some of your own Christmas treats then take a look on Pinterest for some great inspiration as there are so many cute ideas to choose from! Once you are done you can plate them up to keep at home or you can wrap them up to give out as presents..either way, your family and friends will love it!

The Presents
As much as I love receiving gifts at Christmas time, my favourite part about the presents is actually gifting them to other people. I love seeing peoples faces when they open up their presents to see what I have got for them and fingers crossed, it is always a good reaction! Not only do I enjoy the gifting of the presents, but I also enjoy the buying as well. It may pain my bank balance and I may sit for hours trying to decide what to buy certain people, but Christmas present shopping is a little guilty pleasure of mine that I look forward to every single year. However, I do normally end up buying more things for myself than other people..there are just too many tempting pieces around at Christmas time! Or, I have been known in the past to buy something for someone and end up keeping it myself, who hasn't done that though?..Be honest!  
Lastly, I also love wrapping all of the presents and seeing them piled up under the tree! There is nothing better than sitting down one evening with either a Christmas movie on or Christmas songs playing in the background, sipping on a glass of mulled wine and wrapping the presents. I find it very therapeutic and seeing everything wrapped and placed under the tree gets me very excited for the big day! I may even sit there for a couple of hours trying to guess what my pressies are!  

The Christmas Markets
If you have never been to a Christmas Market (German Markets) before, then you are seriously missing out and I cannot recommend visiting one enough. Most big Cities tend to hold them every year now throughout December and they are full of food, drink, gifts and fun festive activities for the whole family to enjoy. I try to get to the one in Manchester every year close to Christmas day because they have such a lovely atmosphere, every one is merry and excited for Christmas and it really helps to fully get in the Christmas spirit!

I hope that you have all enjoyed this post and liked finding out the reasons behind why I love Christmas time so much! What are your favourite things about Christmas? Do you have any traditions that you do every year to get in the festive mood? I would love to know in the comments, and maybe you can give me some inspiration for new things to do next year!
I am wishing you all an incredible Christmas day tomorrow, enjoy every second of it! It is the most wonderful day of the year and such a special time to celebrate with Family and loved ones! 

Lots of Love,
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