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Happy New Year my loves! As we approach the end of 2015, I think it is only natural for all of us to go through a period of reflection, whereupon we look back over the last 12 months. During this time we think about all the highs and the lows that we experienced over the past year and we can start preparing for the New Year ahead and think about what we would like to achieve within the next year. 
Even though in logic terms it is just 'another day' and the only thing that changes in reality is the date, a New Year does mark a new beginning and it is an opportunity to put the past behind you and move on from anything that may have been holding you back. I completely understand why a lot of us wait until the New Year to make life changes. However, I honestly feel extremely on the fence this year when it comes to New Years resolutions. On the one hand I think that they can be extremely motivating, and the idea of having a fresh 365 days to improve on yourself is very appealing, but on the other hand I feel that some people put too much pressure on themselves with their resolutions and make unrealistic objectives. To achieve your hopes and goals for the New Year you really need to make sure you are committed 100 percent to what you want to accomplish, and you need to be in a certain mind frame and embrace thinking positively, this will help you out along your journey so much!
I am sure I will not be alone in admitting that a lot of New Years resolutions in the past have not gone totally to plan and after a couple of days, weeks or months they eventually get broken because the levels of motivation that you once had deteriorates. Often I think this is due to the levels of exceptions that we voluntarily put upon ourselves at this time of year and it is not always healthy for our minds or our bodies. However, I am a strong believer in if you are passionate about pursuing something and 100 percent dedicated to achieving a specific goal then you will succeed! 
For my 2016 resolutions I have decided to set myself some small and achievable goals rather than one big challenge, that way I am not setting myself up to fail right from the get go. I have tried to incorporate things that I really want to do and that I know I will look forward to doing. Life is one big curve ball rollercoaster, and I am constantly looking at ways in which I can improve myself to be the possible version of me I can be, but it is always worthwhile to have an end target in sight so you have something to aim towards.

 GOAL #1 || Be healthy and fit by making small changes
Every year I tell myself that I am going to join the gym and every year I fail at it. Last year I spent a week looking around different gyms deciding which was the best for me to join, and then I decided to go home and have a think whilst laying on the sofa eating a tub of Pringles and that was as far as I got! To be honest, I haven't really thought about a gym membership since then! To save the disappointment and to stop from feeling like a failure two years in a row, this year I am making it an aim to get healthier by incorporating small changes in my diet and exercise routine. Everyday I am going to try and find 15 - 30 minutes spare where I can squeeze in a short home work out, I know it is not a lot, but if I do this everyday or at least 4 days a week, I will definitely start to see results over time. In a bid to get healthier my main issues that I need to tackle come from my eating habits. I eat 1 meal a day usually and other than that I will snack on chocolate, crisps and any other sugary sweets to get me through the day..awful, I know. To overcome this I would love to try and sort out a healthy meal plan that I can stick to. Of course I will not be cutting out my chocolate indulgences altogether, but it will definitely be cut down..all in moderation, remember! 

 GOAL #2 || Dedicate one evening a week to have some 'me time' 
One thing I really struggle with is having 'me time', where I just relax and do nothing but pamper myself. I actually cannot remember the last time I did this! If I am not at work, I am at home planning blog posts, writing blog posts, taking pictures for blog posts and honestly it really does have the ability to take over and consume you. I am not saying that is a bad thing, because this is something that I do love doing so much. However, I want to try and give myself an evening off one night a week where I can have a relaxing bubble bath, put a face mask on, fake tan, do my nails and just completely relax and unwind from everything. I honestly believe that this is something everybody needs to find time for in their weekly schedule, because working 24/7 and continuously being on the go will eventually exhaust you and may make you feel run down. I suffered this in 2014 and it is something that I would never want to experience again and that is why this is such an important goal for me to have. Everyone needs time to just focus on themselves for a little bit!

 GOAL #3 || Continue to work hard on my blog in attempt to grow my audience and following
I have been doing my blog for roughly one year now and honestly it is the best thing I ever decided to start! I absolutely love being creative and I love being able to have my own place online where I can write about everything from make-up, to fashion to lifestyle! I do not have the biggest following on my blog, not by a long shot, and this is something that I am desperate to enhance in the New Year. I am not going to set myself a number goal of how many followers I want to get because I think that will make me feel pressured, but even if it goes up by just a small handful I will be so happy. I would love to see that people enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoy writing it. To go along side my blog I would also love to maybe start my own Youtube channel sometime where I can talk about all things beauty! I am not sure if that is on the cards for 2016 but it is definitely a possibility. 

 GOAL #4 || Be more socially active
This one applies to both my human interaction and on all of my social media accounts. If you do not already know, I suffer from anxiety. I have done since about the age of 16 and when I get into social situations where I am around lots of people I tend to get extremely anxious to the point where I need to leave and take myself away from the situation. Suffering from this has always meant that I have not been a very socially active person and I have always enjoyed time on my own more, but in the New Year I would love to try and change this. I do not just want to live with anxiety and let it stop me from doing the things I really want to do, I want to manage it and control it to hopefully put a stop to it, eventually. I feel that my one way of doing this is to almost force myself into surroundings that are out of my comfort-zone and show myself that there is nothing to be afraid of. 
Now on to the social media side of things. There is only really one platform of social media that I focus on and that is Instagram. I am a bit of an addict to this site and it has gotten to the point where the word 'instagrammable' is actually a part of my daily vocabulary now. More recently I have tried to become more active on Twitter as well, and I have come to notice that this is a great way to meet new people and interact with other fellow bloggers. Going into 2016, I want to make it a goal to be on top of all of my social media pages, because each of them is equally important when helping to showcase my blog. 

 GOAL #5 || Sign myself up to my university course to go and study make-up artistry and prosthetics
If you have been with me and my blog since last year then you will know that right now I should actually be on my 3 year university course to get a degree in Adult Nursing. However, before committing to this course in September, I sat down with myself and thought 'Is this really what I want?', and truthfully, the answer was no. It was a very hard, life changing decision for me to drop out but, I was not excited at the thought of starting university and I knew my heart was not 100 percent set on doing that course. Yes Nursing is such an incredible career to pursue but honestly when I really thought about, I could never see myself doing it. My dream since the age of 15 was to become a Make-up artist on film or theatre sets and I have got to stage of my life now where I feel like I really need to pursue that dream. I understand that it is an extremely hard job to get in to and it is a very competitive field, but if I do not try, I will never know if I could have succeeded or not. I would never want to look back on my life and regret not going to do make-up artistry, and I know if I did not at least try to make it, it would be one of my biggest regrets. Recently I have found out that a University fairly local to me actually offers a 3 year degree course in make-up artistry and prosthetics which teaches all of the skills you need to work towards a job working on film or theatre sets. I need to complete my Level 3 in beauty before I can start this course, but just the thought of beginning this soon really excites me and makes me look forward to the future. I am doing this for 15 year old Alicia! 

 GOAL #6 || Spend time learning about photography and improve my skills
Of course a big part of blogging is the photography and this is probably one of the main parts of doing this that I really enjoy. In 2016 I would love to take the time to learn everything about my camera and lighting to figure out how to use all of my equipment in the right way to achieve the best possible results in my pictures. For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a ring light and some soft box lighting and I am hoping this is really going to help me reach this goal. Watch out for new and improved pictures appearing on this page in the New Year (fingers crossed)!

 GOAL #7 || Be happy
My last goal for the New Year is to just simply, be happy. I want to smile everyday, live life to fullest and just enjoy every moment that life has to offer. Yes, there are going to be tough times and low moments, that is inevitable, but it is how you overcome those times that shows the kind of person you are. I want to be as positive as I can be and make 2016 one of the best years yet! Remember, a smile is the best accessory you can wear!

I am so excited to start putting all of these resolutions into practise and hopefully start achieving some of my goals for the New Year ahead! 
What New Years resolutions or goals have you set yourself this year? I would love to know! Whatever your hopes and goals are, just remember to stay positive and look after yourself and the people around you. I wish you all a fantastic New Year and I hope 2016 is full of laughter, fun and happiness for us all! 

Lots of Love,
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