Monday, 25 January 2016


When I heard that Charlotte Tilbury was bringing back her once limited edition 'Bar of Gold' skin gilding highlighter, I knew I had to snap it up immediately. I was so disappointed when I missed out on it last time round and there was no way that I was missing it again!
The Bar of Gold highlighter was first released back in 2013 and it was a limited edition item for The Holidays, which proved very popular as it sold out incredibly quickly. So now by popular demand, it is finally back! 
Not only do I have a huge love for the incredible luxurious brand, Charlotte Tilbury but I also have a slight affection with highlighting products. Some girls love eyeshadows, some love bronzers, but this girl loves highlighters..the make-up kind, not the kind that you keep in your pencil case!  
Priced at £32, this is one expensive little guy, but I decided to splurge because I trust that Charlotte Tilbury never lets me, can you really put a price on having your own bar of gold?!

I remember reading reviews on the Bar of Gold the first time around, and one thing I quickly discovered was that the packaging was not a big hit. This really surprised me for Charlotte Tilbury, as the packaging is normally one of my favourite parts of any product she releases! The complaints towards the packaging were obviously noticed by the Charlotte Tilbury team, because since then it has been fully reformed in hopes to improve it. 
As I did not see the Bar of Gold in person from 2013, I have nothing that I can compare the new packaging to, but to be 100 percent honest with you, if what I have is the improved packaging, I almost dread to think what it was like prior to this one. It kills me inside a little bit to say anything negative about Charlotte Tilbury, because I have never had a bad experience with any of her products before, but genuinely the Bar of Gold does not looks as impressive in person as it does in the pictures. Dare I say, that it actually feels a little bit shoddy and poor quality for such a high-end brand to produce. Did I miss the 'metallic cardboard' memo?!
Online it looks like a bar of gold, but in reality it looks like a bronze cardboard box, which is quite disappointing. 

Even though the packaging left me in a rather tenuous state, the quality of the product itself redeemed my trusted faith in Charlotte Tilbury. 
The Bar of Gold light-reflecting highlighter is a very finely milled, golden toned powder which provides a gorgeous subtle glow to give the illusion that your skin is bathed in candlelight. I apply this highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow and it really helps to lift and boost my lacklustre, dull skin. Highlighters like this, that can transform my dry, dehydrated skin to look glowy and dewy are the answers to my prayers! 

The Bar of Gold is a highly pigmented powder, but when you brush it lightly over your face, it goes on somewhat sheer and reflects the light exactly where it was placed, which is something that I absolutely love about it. 
As you can see, the champagne gold powder contains a fair bit of glitter, making it quite shimmery but due to it being so fine, it does not look too chunky on the skin. Usually I am not one for shimmery highlights but Personally I do not mind it too much with the Bar of Gold, as it is not so overly intense that it makes you look like a disco ball when wearing it (as long as you apply the product sparingly, because a little goes a very long way)!  

If you can see past the abysmal packaging, then the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold is a lovely highlighter which offers an ethereal glow that will enhance all of your facial features. Have you tried out this highlighter before? What are your thoughts on it? 
 As much as I was impressed with the actual powder itself, I would advice that if you are wanting to splurge on a Charlotte Tilbury highlighter, then maybe consider the Filmstar Bronze and Glow first before this one. For just £15 more you are getting two separate products (a highlighter and a contour) that equal up to 16g rather than just one highlighting product that is only 5.5g. In comparison to each other that seems crazy and coming from someone that has tried both, I would recommend the Bronze and Glow compact a lot more than the Bar of Gold

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