Monday, 18 January 2016


It is no secret that I have turned into a bit of a liquid lipstick addict recently. Over the past couple of months my collection has grown massively and they always seem to be my lip product of choice. 
Every time I hear of a brand releasing their own line of liquid lipsticks I get so excited, and I always feel the need to buy them all so I have new shades and new formulas to try out to see which ones I like the most. For me, a good liquid lipstick has great pigmentation, a complete matte finish and super strong staying power that lasts on the lips all day long. It is qualities like these ones that are making liquid lipsticks more and more popular in the beauty community. How did we manage before they existed?!
Even though liquid lipsticks possess these great attributes, there is one main drawback to them which may put a lot of people off using them, and that is the fact that they can be very drying for the lips. No matter what brand you purchase liquid lipsticks from, they are always going to be drying, (some may be less drying than others) it is just in the nature of a liquid lipstick because they are so matte. As a person who often suffers from dry lips, I will admit that this is one factor I do dislike about liquid lipsticks..somedays they are my worst enemy. However, I will not let this stop me from wearing them, instead I will try and combat the issue.
Over the past few months I have tried to find ways in which I can help prepare my lips before application, to help keep them slightly moisturised whilst still rocking a liquid lipstick. I have found a few tricks along the way and these are steps that I now follow every time I wear a liquid lipstick because they do seem to make a difference. If you are like me and you suffer from dry, rough or chapped lips then you may also find some of these steps useful. 

If you have dry lips I cannot recommend the importance of this step enough. Due to the ultra matte finish of a liquid lipstick, the product will sit deep into the lips and make any dryness or cracks appear much more obvious than normal. Also, if you have visibly dry skin that is peeling on your lips, the liquid lipstick will cling onto it and accentuate it a lot more, which is something that you really want to avoid happening if you are after the best possible results from your lipstick. To prepare the lips for a matte liquid lipstick, start off by gently exfoliating them.
If you do not have a lip scrub, an easy way to do this is to wet a toothbrush and use it to lightly buff your lips in small circular motions. You will find that this removes all of the excess dry or dead skin you had on your lips, and they will be left feeling silky smooth.

When your skin feels dry you moisturise it, right? Well the same should apply for your lips. After you have gotten rid of all of the dead skin, apply a generous amount of lip balm, moisturiser or chapstick all over the lips and leave it on for as long as possible to give it time to really settle in. Just before you apply the liquid lipstick, make sure you wipe your lips clean of any excess lip balm. This step helps to plump out any fine lines in your lips, it makes for a smoother application and it will also add a little bit of moisture to the lips before applying the matte lipstick.

There are two main reasons behind why I fill in my lips with lipliner before I apply a liquid lipstick..Number one is that it makes it so much easier to get a precise application, and number two is that the liner will cover the lips and act as a barrier between the lipstick and your lips. This means that rather than clinging onto your lips, the liquid lipstick holds onto the liner instead and it makes it ever so slightly less drying on your lips. Honestly, it does not make a huge difference to the dryness factor as lip pencils do tend to be matte as well, but I do feel it helps a little bit. 
Lip liner will also prevent the lipstick from moving or bleeding beyond your natural lip line, it will add time to the length that the lipstick wears and it will also give the overall finished lip colour veracious depth..never underestimate the power of filling your lips in with lip liner!

Another step which you could take is to apply a lip balm or a lip gloss over the top of the liquid lipstick once it has completely dried. On one hand, this will help to keep your lips feel soft and moisturised throughout the day, but on the other hand it will also take away the matte finish of the liquid lipstick (which in essence is it's purpose). However, if you are not too fussy about the overall finish that the liquid lipstick offers, then this may be a great trick for you to try. Personally I love a matte lip, so I never take this extra step, but it is a great option to have for days when your lips are feeling uber dry.

Since I have started following all of these steps before I apply liquid lipsticks I have noticed such a good difference to the final results of my application and to the feel of my lips as well. My lips do not suffer half as much as they normally would do, they feel much softer and the overall finished lipstick result looks smooth and just the best it could possibly look. I am so happy I have come across these tricks and now I do not have to sacrifice using my liquid lipsticks! Do you have any other tips on how to prep your lips for a matte lipstick? 

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