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When your alarm goes off in the morning, do you ever just lay there and think about wether you should get up and get ready, or wether you should have an extra 10 minutes in bed and make less effort with your appearance..procrastinating at its finest.
 As a girl that has the endless love affair with her bed, I do this all of the time and more often than not, the choice to stay in bed wins! Over the years, I have learnt many different tips and tricks along the way that have helped me out massively. I still get my extra 10 minutes in bed, but I do not have to sacrifice my make-up for it is a win win situation!

Face Hacks
 Is your favourite foundation too heavy and full coverage for everyday wear? Then add in a few drops of moisturiser and this will help to sheer out the coverage slightly.
 Moisturiser is also a good product to mix in if you pick up a foundation that is a tad bit too dark for your skin tone, because it will make your foundation ever so slightly lighter. 
 If you suffer from dry skin, then a facial oil can be your best friend. Take a couple of drops, add it into your foundation and you will get instant moisturised, glowing skin that looks very natural when you apply it. 
 Always remember when you are applying your concealer to brighten up your under-eye area, apply the product in fairly large upside-down triangle shapes. If you apply it in a half moon shape just over the dark circles, then you will actually enhance the problem area and make 'bags' appear more noticeable. 
 If your contour or bronzer is too intense, simply take a lighter cream or powder (which ever you have used) that you would typically use to set your face or to highlight your under-eyes, and apply this over the defined areas to really balance out those darker shades and help soften it up. This will make everything look much more blended and appear more natural. 
 It is always a stressful time when you accidentally apply too much blusher to your cheeks because it is just impossible to get off, no matter how much you try to rub it off or blend it out, it is still going to be there. However, if you take some foundation powder on a large fluffy brush and really buff this in over the top of the blush, then you can really tone the product down or try and illuminate it completely. A foundation powder will work best for this as it will offer extra coverage.

Lip Hacks
 Having dry lips is a terrible ordeal for any girl that loves to wear lipstick. If you suffer from dry or chapped lips then all you need to do is take a toothbrush, dampen it with some water and using circular motions, massage the brush all over your lips. This acts as an exfoliant and it will get rid of any dry skin, leaving your lips looking and feeling soft and smooth.
 To get an even smoother application after exfoliating, you need to apply chapstick or lip balm over your lips just before putting on your lipstick. Doing this will make it easier for you to apply your lipstick and it will offer a better overall finish.
 If you struggle when it comes to creating the perfect cupids bow, then try using a lipliner pencil first to create a visible 'X' shape in the centre of your upper lip. Start at the highest point of your lips and draw a diagonal line downwards (repeat on both sides), and then fill in the rest of your lips. This will create the illusion of a strong cupids bow.
 We have all heard of contouring your face, but now contouring your lips is a thing as well! You achieve this by using a light shade lipliner with a darker shade lipliner you can define the contours of your lips. It is fairly long to explain, so I could do a separate blog post on it with a step-by-step tutorial if anybody would like to see in depth how to do this.
 If your lipstick goes on uneven during application, simply take some tinted moisturiser on a small concealer brush, and go around the edges of your mouth with it to really clean up and sharpen your lip line. Using a small brush means you can be really precise and by using a tinted moisturiser rather than a concealer, product will not look as heavy or dry around the mouth area. 
 The trick to keeping your lipstick in place all day long is so simple! Apply a layer of lipstick all over your lips, take some tissue and blot off the excess and then you just need to hold that tissue over your lips and take some translucent powder and lightly dust it over the top of the tissue on the area of your lips. When you go ahead and remove the tissue, your lipstick will be set in place. No matter how much you eat, talk or drink, it won't be going anywhere! This will also turn any lipstick into a matte finish.
 To make you lips appear fuller, all you need to do is take either some concealer or highlighting powder and apply a small amount to the centre of your lips. This will really enhance the centre portion of your lips and you will be left with a perfect feminine pout!
 Have you ever wanted plumper lips but do not want to go to the extremes of surgery? Look no further. All you need to do is get some peppermint oil and add a couple of drops of it into your tube of lipgloss. Once it is mixed together, go ahead and apply your lip gloss as may feel a slight tingling sensation on your lips, but it will give you an instant plumping boost.
 Is there anything worse than getting lipstick on your teeth? I don't think so either! To stop this from happening, once you have finished putting on your lipstick, simply take your index finger, place it in your mouth and make sure your lips are wrapped around it (almost as if you have a lollypop in your mouth), pull your finger out of your mouth and you will be able to see the excess lipstick on your finger rather than your teeth. You're welcome!

Eye Hacks
 Using a piece of card you can easily create the perfectly straight winged eyeliner that every girl dreams of! Simply take the card and using one hand, line it up from the outer corner of your eye to the edge of your eyebrow tail and then with the other hand take your eyeliner and draw a line on the skin using the card as a guideline, and voila! A lot of people also achieve this by using the sellotape method which works just as well, but always make sure to stick the tape on your hand and peel it off a few times first before putting it on your face. This will just get rid of the sticky residue and it will be less damaging to the fragile skin around your eyes.
 If you wake up one morning and you have ran out of eyeliner or your eyeliner has dried out, do not panic, just use your mascara instead! Using a liner brush, take some product off the mascara wand and line your eyes - it works just as well!
 To make your eyes appear bigger than they actually are, take a white or a cream coloured eyeliner pencil and place this on your lower waterline. 
 If you suffer from watery eyes then you will know what it is like to apply eyeliner to your waterline, for it to disappear within a matter of minutes. To stop this from happening, take an eyeshadow that matches the shade of eyeliner you are using and on a small pencil brush, take the shadow along the waterline over the top of the eyeliner. This will help to set the liner in place and hopefully make it last much longer!
 By using a match or a lighter, you can actually change the formulation of your eyeliner from a pencil to a gel. Just hold the pencil underneath the flame for a second, leave it to cool down and see the consistency alter.
 For those days when your eyeshadow just does not want to blend out, take a loose, skin coloured powder on your blending brush and use this to help blend out the shadow. Using a skin tone powder will really help to diffuse the shadow into the rest of the skin nicely.
 Sometimes even when using the blackest of black eyeliners, it will just not show up on your waterline as dark as you would like it to be. To help over come this, simply take your pencil and apply some product onto the back of your hand to warm it up a little before applying it onto the waterline. Doing this will allow the product to glide onto the waterline a lot easier and a lot darker.
 One of my biggest pet peeves is when you spend ages getting your eyeshadow perfect, to then go and get mascara on your eyelids when applying it to your lashes. This is so annoying when it happens, however it is a very simple to correct! Mascara does not like to cling to powder, so all you need to do is leave it for a few seconds to dry, and then take a clean blending brush and blend this over the area where the mascara is, and it will flake right off. If for some reason this does not work and the mascara is setting up camp on your eyelid, then take a clean spoolie brush and use that instead to get the mascara off. You may need to go in with some eyeshadow again to build up the intensity you are after. 
 A way to avoid your mascara transferring onto your lid altogether is to take a piece of card and lightly hold it over your eyelid. Then with the other hand, you can apply your mascara, brushing your lashes up against the card and any product will hit the card rather than your eyelid.
 For extra Va-Va-Voom in your eyelashes, be sure to coat both sides with mascara to achieve extra length. 
 Has your favourite mascara ran out, but you are just too attached to it to let it go? To prolong the life of the mascara and make it last just a couple more uses, take some contact lens solution and add a couple of drops of this into the mascara tube, to moisten it up again. Of course this is only a short term fix and you should probably go and get a new mascara as soon as possible to avoid infections.
 If you have found a mascara wand that you love but you are not crazy for the mascara itself, simply keep the wand and pair it with a mascara that you like the formula of. Do not just throw it away, customise something with it that will use! 
 If you suffer from straight eyelashes that will not hold a curl, no matter what you use on them, then try heating up your eyelash curlers ever so slightly with your hairdryer and then curl your lashes before applying mascara. This should work a treat for you!
 If you are a fake eyelash fanatic but have trouble keeping them on and perfectly in place all day long, try applying eyelash glue very carefully along your lash line as well as on the band of the false eyelashes. Double the glue, means double the strength and they should not budge until you pull them off!

Brow Hacks
 To keep your eyebrow hairs in place all day, spray some hairspray on a spoolie brush and use this to comb through your eyebrow hairs.
 Using some concealer on a small brush, you can clean up your eyebrows after filling them in to get them looking extra sharp.
 To achieve a gradient brow to make your eyebrows appear more natural, use two different shades of product..a lighter shade for the front and a darker shade transitioning in the centre through to the tail. 
 Highlight underneath your brow bone to make your arch appear more lifted.

If you incorporate some of these tricks into your every day routines, you should never be late need to thank me! What are some of your favourite beauty or make-up hacks that you have discovered? I would love to know if you have any more for me to try!

Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon.

Lots of Love,
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