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Whenever I hear news that Urban Decay are releasing a new palette I always get really excited, and as soon as I heard that one of their latest palettes being released was a collaboration with Gwen Stefani my excitement went through the roof!
Immediately I knew that these two being partnered together would be a great match.
 I love Urban Decay eyeshadows, they are staple pieces that every girl needs in her collection, as they offer a great range of colours that are strongly pigmented, they wear well and they blend like a dream. As well as being a big fan of Urban Decay, I have also been a long time fan of Gwen Stefani..I remember back in the good old days listening to her songs on repeat in the car, singing at the top of my voice as if I was in a music video..anyone else?! 
Both known for their edgy style, they came together and created this 15 shade eyeshadow palette to house all of Gwen's favourite and must have shades in one single palette. These are all of the kinds of shades Gwen claims she always wished she had in her make-up collection. Twelve of the shades are new, whilst three are from the Urban Decay collection. With all of these shades in your line-up, you'll have everything you need to recreate Gwen's signature, iconic make-up looks for yourself. 

Gwen oversaw the design of every detail of this palette, from the eyeshadows to the packaging. The case that holds the eyeshadows was inspired by her love of black-and-white graphic prints and antique gold accents. 
I personally love the packaging for this palette, it is very creative, very unique and it definitely stands out from any other Urban Decay palettes. The packaging also feels really sturdy and very good quality. 

Before I saw pictures of the palette I was not too sure what to expect from it, but knowing that Gwen Stefani had created it, I anticipated a lot of vibrant, bold and adventurous colours, which to be honest I probably would not have gone too crazy for. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw inside the palette and it unveiled a gorgeous array of nudes, golds and taupes with only two slightly more colourful options. As I do not like to wear too much colour on my eyelids, I instantly fell in love with what faced me in this palette. I love very basic eye make-up looks for day-to-day wear, so this palette is right up my street and I think I am going to thoroughly enjoy using it!
Even though I personally love the fact that there is an insane variety of neutrals and just a couple of jewel-toned shade, I feel a lot of people were actually expecting much more from this palette and this collaboration. I will admit that about 60% of the eyeshadows are all very light and similar to one another, so I can understand people not being blown away with it, but it really depends on the kind of shades you like, as to wether you will like the palette or not. If you are wanting something that is going to offer you dark colours for an intense smoky eye, or bright colours that you can use to create eccentric looks with, then unfortunately this is not the guy for you. However, if you are like me and you are looking for a great everyday palette to create glowy, barely-there make-up looks with, then you will love this one! 

Out of all fifteen of the eyeshadows just five of the shades are matte, while the other 10 are a mixture of satins, metallics and shimmers, so you do get a good variety of finishes included in the palette to create a selection of different looks with. The eyeshadows can be used dry or wet depending on how intense you want the pigment to be.

 Blonde ~ Pale beige with pink iridescent shift
 Bathwater ~ Pale beige with gold pearl
 Skimp ~ Pale nude satin
 Steady ~ Medium rose with metallic gold shift
 Punk ~ Reddish brown matte
 Baby ~ Cool metallic rose 
 Anaheim ~ Light taupe-brown matte 
 Stark ~ Nude-pink matte
 Zone ~ Medium brown matte
 Serious ~ Smoky grey with iridescent floating pearl
 Pop ~ Pale coral with iridescent sparkle
 Harajuku ~ Metallic blue-pink with iridescent micro-shimmer
 Danger ~ Deep metallic royal blue with blue micro-sparkle
 1987 ~ Bright metallic yellow-gold
 Blackout ~ Blackest black matte

All of these shade descriptions have come from the Urban Decay website and I would agree that they are all pretty spot on. Gwen picked the majority of the shade names in the palette and they were mainly inspired by her songs! 

Urban Decay never fail to amaze me with their eyeshadows and this palette is certainly no exception. There is no denying that the quality of each shadow is absolutely incredible. The shades are so buttery in texture and velvety smooth to apply, they are richly pigmented, they have serious lasting power and they are all easily blendable..would you expect anything else from Urban Decay?! 
I do find that some of the matte shades are a little harder to work with and they do need to be built up a little bit to really show off their full glory, whereas the shimmery shades really do pack a punch in their pigmentation..I always find Urban Decay shine through with their shimmers. The shades that contain the most glitter, like 'Pop' and 'Bathwater', can get a little bit chunky or powdery, but if you use some Fix + or a setting spray on your brush with them, it makes them much easier to work with..this will also prevent fall out. The eyeshadows in the Gwen Stefani palette are prone to fallout, so I would recommend either using an eyeshadow primer or doing your eye make-up before your face make-up to avoid getting your foundation ruined by your eyeshadow. 

All in all, I am very impressed with the quality of the majority of the shadows in this palette, Urban Decay and Gwen nailed it! 

It is easy to see that a lot of thought went into every detail of this palette, and Gwen really put her spin on it with the shadow names and the packaging. 
One of my favourite features about the palette is that it has full-sized mirror on the inside of the lid, which makes it the perfect palette for travelling or for doing your make-up on the go. I also love the quote that has been printed in the bottom corner of the mirror..'Magics in the make-up', which is the name of one of Gwen's songs ironically.

I can already tell that I am going to get so much use out of this palette and it is going to go straight into my everyday make-up bag! While the pink and blue probably won't get much wear from me, the neutral shades are exactly what I am looking for. 
Have any of you picked up this palette for yourselves? What are your thoughts on it?

The rest of the Gwen Stefani collection for Urban Decay releases in the UK on January 21st, (already released in America) and I am so excited to get my hands on the blush palette and maybe a lipstick or two as well! 

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