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When you hear people talking about 'Vaseline' you may think that it only has a few minor uses, but by thinking this you could be missing out on one of the cheapest beauty remedies around.
Vaseline was discovered about 140 years ago and at first it started out as a go-to healer for cuts and burns, however over time it's list of uses has grown exceptionally. 
It may not be the first product you think of when considering your make-up bag essentials, but once you find out that it is arguably one of beauty's most overachieving multi taskers, you may want to re-evalaute that. Even though it is not one of those luxurious products that you reach for in your daily routine, I am sure you have a tub of it lying about somewhere in your house (possibly collecting dust). Well if that is the case, it is time to bring it out and dust it off because from taming brows to preventing streaky fake tan, Vaseline is about to become your best friend as it can be used to overcome virtually any beauty problem you face.

 Turn your favourite coloured loose pigments or crumbled eyeshadows into custom made lip tints by mixing them with a smidgen of Vaseline. To create a more opaque finish, use a greater pigment-to-vaseline ratio. 
 Create your own DIY lip scrub by mixing some sea salt in with a little vaseline. You can then apply this all over your lips to exfoliate them and within a couple of minutes all of the dead skin will have been removed. You can then rinse this off your lips and go in with a thin layer of vaseline to help keep them moisturised - smooth, soft lips in an instant!
 If you rub a small amount of Vaseline onto your teeth before applying your lipstick, you will never have to fear lipstick transferring onto your teeth. This is a technique that is often used by beauty pageant contestants. It will keep your teeth free of lipstick, but I cannot guarantee it will taste all that good!
 Transform your matte eyeshadows and give them a more glossy-sheen finish by priming your eyelids first with Vaseline. 
 If you have trouble removing your stubborn false eyelashes at the end of the day, you can simply take a pea sized amount of Vaseline on a cotton bud and carefully rub it along your lash line. This will help them to come off much easier without pulling harshly on your natural eyelashes. 
 If you are running low on mascara but still want to define your lashes, Vaseline is an easy alternative. Coat a small amount of the jelly through your eyelashes and they will be left looking glossy and feeling conditioned. It is rumoured that this is also meant to help eyelashes grow, but honestly I think that is just an old wives tale! 
 For those waterproof eyeliners or mascara that just won't budge, take some Vaseline on a cotton round and gently massage this over the eye area to erase them with ease.
 If your eyebrows are a bit unruly but you have no brow gel handy to set them in place for the day, simply smooth some vaseline over your brows to tame them. This will keep the hairs placed how you want them for the whole day without moving. 
 While it is not as cosmetically elegant as your usual face creams, vaseline actually works great as a heavy duty moisturiser. It is a misconception that Vaseline clogs pores, (it is in face noncomedogenic)  so smear it all over your face and neck for softer feeling skin. It works wonders for dry skin in the winter time!
 There are so many highlighters and illuminators available now to give your skin that candlelit, glowing from within look, but for a super easy and affordable way to achieve a highlighted complexion, apply some Vaseline to the high-points of your face for a natural glow. 
 Create your own cream blusher by melting your favourite lipstick shade (just for a few seconds with a hairdryer) and mix it with some Vaseline. Or just mix some vaseline to your favourite blush - it works great both ways!
 Create your own moisturiser body luminizer by mixing some Vaseline in with some liquid highlight. Apply this along your collarbones, on your shoulders and down your shins to add a sun-kissed glow to your body. 
 When doing your own manicure at home, use a cotton bud to place some Vaseline on the skin around the edges of your nails and this will prevent any nail polish getting on the skin. The colour will stay precisely where you want it and you will have the perfect at home mani! 
 If you do not want to try Vaseline as an all over body moisturiser, then you could just use it to save your cuticles. Just dab some on your cuticles each night and it will save from developing cracked, dry fingertips. 
 Your nail polish bottles will never dry shut again if you simply spread some Vaseline around the neck of the bottle before tightening the lid back on. You will be able to open the most stubborn bottles with ease by doing this!
 If you colour your hair at home regularly but end up with most of the dye down your forehead and on your skin, all you need to do is place some vaseline on your skin, around the hairline and it will prevent the dye from staining your skin because it will stain the jelly instead. 
 Hide split ends and tame your fly-aways by smoothing some Vaseline over them, just be careful not to go to crazy otherwise it will make your hair look greasy, quickly! 
 To prevent streaks when you are getting prepared to be spray tanned, rub some Vaseline on the back of your ankles, knees, elbows and hands to stop those dreaded tan lines! 
 Maintain the scent of your perfume and keep it from fading by rubbing a little Vaseline onto the skin everywhere you are going to spray your perfume (wrists, neck, behind ears) and it will help the fragrance last so much longer!
 Sooth your dry feet cracked heels by applying a coat of Vaseline all over your feet before bed and putting on your fluffiest socks. This will help to lock in moisture and you will wake up with super soft feet!
 If you accidentally burn yourself with your curling iron, try applying a thin layer of Vaseline over the wound. This will help to lock in moisture to the dried-out skin and it will minimise future scarring. 

After finding out everything that Vaseline can be used for, it is now becoming one of my beauty must-haves. My advise is to always have a tub of vaseline laying around your house, because honestly the possibilities of what you can use it for are endless! Vaseline are really extending their product range now and it is available in so many different creams and lotions that have been created to aid specific needs. I 100 percent recommend checking them out if you have not done so already! Do you use Vaseline for any of these reasons? Let me know in the comments what your favourite 'Vaseline use' is. I'd have to say mine is definitely to prevent streaks from fake tan!

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