Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Recently I have turned into a little bit of a candle fanatic. I enjoy having candles everywhere around my home, and it has now got to the point where my house just does not feel homely unless I have at least one candle burning, filling the room with it's gorgeous aroma. 
Over the past couple of months, my candle collection has grown massively as I have been discovering lots of new candle brands and a variety of different scents. 
One candle brand in particular that I have loved from the beginning and will continue to love forever more is none other than, Yankee Candle. Everybody loves Yankee Candle though, right? The are just the ultimate candle brand..The selection of scents they offer is endless (there is at least one scent for everybody and for every occasion), the range of different products they have is incredible and they never fail to look super cute displayed around the house!
When I realised just how many scents I loved from there, I thought what better way to collect them than investing in a burner and getting the small tart wax melts to burn. At only about £2 each, this certainly worked out the being the most affordable way to get all of the ones I wanted. I now have an entire jar filled to the top with these wax melts placed on my desk, and I am not lying when I say it is the best thing I have smelt! I have a mixture of sweet scents, spicy scents and floral scents because I love having a mixture to choose from, and which one I decide to burn depends on the occasion or on how I am feeling that day. 

 Black Cherry || The delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries. 

 Cranberry Ice || A cool, stimulating rush of frosty red fruits bursting with a tangy sweetness.

 Mandarin Cranberry || Bursting with the vibrant, fruity sensation of sweet, sunny oranges and crisp, tangy cranberries.

 Sugared Apple || A perfect recipe of juicy apples sprinkled with sugar and vanilla.

 Apple and Pine Needle || Popular pine gets a fruity twist as crisp apple notes are combined with pine needle, cypress and cedarwood.

 Cinnamon Stick || A fragrant mystery of imported cinnamon bundled with cloves.

 Salted Caramel || Sweet surrender is yours with our luscious gourmand confection of burnt sugar, sea salt and smooth vanilla caramel.

 Fireside Treats || The joys of camp..mesmerised by the fire, singing and laughing while toasting marshmallows to rich, gooey perfection.

 Black Plum Blossom || A delicious enticing nectar of beautiful black plum blossoms with hints of white musk and vanilla.

 Snowflake Cookie || Perfectly pretty holiday cookies, deliciously decorated with sugary pink icing. 

 Midnight Jasmine || A seductively lush perfume of water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli, and mandarin blossom.

 Clean Cotton || Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers and a hint of lemon.

 Season Of Peace || Reflect on the silently peaceful solitude of winter's snowfall, captured in this cool, enchanting white musk blend. 

 Angel Wings || Beautiful aroma of joyful sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals divinely smooth vanilla.

 Christmas Rose || Holiday memories bloom in the authentic perfume of delicate rose petals, with a hint of pine.

 Black Coconut || Rich coconut, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility.

 Midsummers Night || An intoxicating and masculine blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany cologne. 

I love every scent that I have here, but I do enjoy some more than others. A few of my personal favourites are; salted caramel, sugared apple, fireside treats and black cherry..all four of these smell absolutely divine! What are your favourite scents from Yankee Candle? Have you tried any of these ones before?
Also, If you have never experimented with the tart wax melts in the past, I highly recommend giving them a go. They are extremely affordable, which means you can build up quite a vast collection (if you love candles as much as I do) and they each offer up to 8 hours of fragrance, which I think is really great for the price. Honestly, I do not tend to purchase jars from Yankee Candle anymore, I just stick to these wax melts because I absolutely love them.

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Lots of Love,
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