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When Premium brands start releasing their new, seasonal collections of make-up products ready for Spring / Summer, Burberry is a dangerous, but wonderful place to be!
As a beauty enthusiast who has a fond affection towards the more luxurious, high-end labels, these limited edition make-up releases are my weakness, and when I saw previews of what Burberry had in stall for the occasion, I knew it would be something special. 
The chosen beauty look for Spring / Summer 2016 features satin skin, with natural contouring and a bold lip. To accomplish this kind of make-up look, for their new and exclusive SS16 Runway collection this year, Burberry have released two cream eyeshadows, two powders eyeshadows, two illuminators, two lipsticks, three nail polishes, a complexion-enhancing fluid base and three contouring pens..They really have gone above and beyond and there is a great range of items to choose from. Across the entire collection there is a very noticeable theme of nude shades and deep red tones with a couple of charcoal and black shades in the mix as is lovely combination of colours! I also notice that they have introduced a variety of highlighting products which can be used to help achieve a naturally radiant luminosity to the skin, as if you are glowing from within..perfect for the summer months, right?

Before I actually get on to the product itself, of course I would like to take a quick moment to just show my appreciation of the incredible packaging. Now, if you have bought anything from Burberry yourself, you may not be as in awe with this as much as I am, but for me, this is my first ever Burberry purchase and as soon as I saw this beautiful box arrive at my door, I was slightly overwhelmed! I almost didn't want to open the package because it was just too pretty and I did not want to ruin it, however I knew that I was going to be faced with something even prettier inside. 

This Limited Edition make-up collection has been inspired by the 2016 Burberry Runway. It is based around radiant and illuminating lace-inspired palettes, dark and impactful Oxblood matte lips and metallic accents, all of which have been influenced by the hand-embroidered gold work in the Function Regalia Womenswear Show. 

Usually, for Limited Edition make-up pieces, I am used to seeing extravagant and out-of-the-ordinary packaging to house the products in, so that way they really stand out and people recognise exactly what collection they have come from. However, for the limited edition items from the SS16 collection, Burberry have chosen to keep to their 'standard' packaging..They have used the same colours and the same prints as what you will find on any other make-up product that is from their permanent range. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, because lets be honest, Burberry packaging is incredible anyway, I just assumed that it may have been switched up a little bit for the occasion, to give the items that extra 'special' touch. Honestly, whenever brands release new Limited Edition items for Seasons or for the Holidays, it is always the packaging that I get excited to see first because I love seeing how creative the brand can get and realistically, it is the first thing you see when you look at a product, so it has the ability to catch your attention. On the other hand, the product inside this compact is so incredible, it really does not need any fancy packaging to draw you does that all on it's own!

The Burberry SS16 Runway Highlighting Palette was released in two different shades for the collection, and they are definitely the stars of the show..they are what everyone has gone crazy over..including me! The two shades available were 'No.01 White' and 'No.02 Nude Gold' and they are both insanely beautiful. At first, I was torn between the two and I was not too sure which one to go for, (I would of liked both but I could not justify £90 for two highlighters). Everyone seemed to be more infatuated with the Golden toned one which made me sway more towards that one, but then after much deliberation I decided to go for the White one instead. I come to this decision because I have got SO many Champagne Gold toned highlighters, that I really do not need another one in my collection, and I thought it would be good to invest in something a little different and go for the Frosted White shade..Hopefully it will compliment my pale complexion really well. 

When I lifted the lid on the compact and was faced with the intricate lace detailing, I could not take my eyes off of can a piece of make-up be this stunning, seriously? Everything about the Runway Palette is simply exquisite, and the fine attention to detail is extremely impressive.  
After searching through the clothing collections from the Runway online, I have found that the exact lace pattern you see embossed in this highlighter, has actually been take from the Men's Italian Lace Caban and that is how this beauty was created. I really love that Burberry have taken their inspiration for their SS16 make-up range, from their SS16 clothing is a great way to tie everything in together for the seasonal pieces!

I am so impressed with the Burberry collection for Spring and Summer 2016, what they are currently bringing to the beauty and fashion arena is impeccable beyond belief. I definitely have my eyes on a couple of other pieces that they have available, which I would love to get my hands on soon! If like me, you love the Iconic make-up look that you see on the Burberry Runway, you need to check out this collection..You will be able to achieve that distinctive Burberry Glow in no time!
  Have you seen the new Burberry collections yet? What are your thoughts on them? 

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