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To be completely honest, I am not someone who gets very excited at the prospect of Valentines Day. Yes, I am a romantic but I strongly believe in that if you love someone, you should show them everyday of the year and not just make an effort on one particular day because it is given a 'title'.
I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend now for three years nearly, and rather than spending obscene amounts of money on unnecessary gifts for a pretty random occasion, we would much prefer to put our money to one side and save it up to put towards a holiday or a weekend away somewhere later on in the year. 
Do not get me wrong though, just because I do not celebrate the 'holiday' and go all out for it, I am not saying that Valentines Day does not have it's good points. I mean, it is a great excuse for a date night with your partner, or if you are single, take the opportunity to have a girly night with your friends..either way it is the chance to spend some quality time with the people you love! My boyfriend and I tend to stay in on Valentines Day and have a cosy night together, where we a curl up on the sofa (with the dog of course), watch a film and we enjoy a nice meal and a bottle of wine..I am an old lady at heart so this is honestly my idea of a perfect night (22 going on 82)! Even though I will spending my Valentines cooped away in my living room, I still plan on getting totally glammed up and looking my finest. If Valentines is not a good enough reason to get glammed up and feel sexy, when is? Whether it is treating yourself to some nice new underwear, a new dress or wearing your favourite fragrance or red lipstick, Valentines is also about showing yourself some love as well as expressing your love for those who are special to you.

To make myself feel extra special on Valentines Day I have three essential items that never do me wrong..A sensual underwear set, a bold red lipstick and a musky scented perfume. These are three items which will definitely get you feeling your sexiest! 
I have decided to share my must-have Valentines Day items with you today just in case you also feel like treating yourself.

First up is this beautiful limited edition underwear set from Victoria Secret. This particular set was released last year as a part of the Ice Angels collection for the 2015 Victoria Secret Fashion Show..does underwear get much more special than that? I love the lace detailing of the cups along with the delicate beading and embellishment, all of these finishing touches make the set look and feel so elegant and somewhat seductive. I do recognise that this is not the cheapest underwear around, but it is simply stunning and I can guarantee I will feel extra special when wearing it. I don't know about you, but there is something about wearing pretty underwear that makes you feel as if you are ready to take on the world, even though nobody else sees it..I think it is just a bit of a confidence booster. 

Next up is the red lipstick. Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than her favourite red lipstick, and after all, red is the shade of love, so why not treat yourself to a new one to wear for your date night on Valentines. You will instantly feel seductive and your lips will be looking extra kissable! 
Chanel has to be up there with one of my most favourite luxurious brands for lipsticks, and this one from the Rouge Allure range in the shade 'Coromandel' is just beyond beautiful. It is a gorgeous fiery red shade with orange undertones and I love the way it compliments and boosts my pale complexion. When I wear this red lippie, I know I will be feeling sexy, sophisticated and is the perfect Valentines date night beauty companion! 
You can read my full review on this particular lipstick here. 

Finally, I will be making sure that I have my favourite, most sexy perfume to spritz myself with, and that is that Jo Malone Cologne in the scent 'Pomegranate Noir'. Because this is such a mature fragrance, it makes me feel so much more womanly, and it is definitely my first choice for special occasions. Being such a small bottle also makes this one great for a Valentines date night, as it is the perfect size to pop into my clutch bag for top ups throughout the night. 
You can read my full review on this Cologne here.

Every girl wants to feel sexy on Valentines Day, and these three items will certainly help to get you feeling that way.
What are your essential items for Valentines Day?
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Lots of Love
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