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Whenever I see a Jo Malone parcel arrive on my doorstep, I instantly know that I am going to be faced with an incredible smelling product inside. Wether it be a candle, a cologne, a body creme or a bath oil, it is always a special treat that is going to get my smelling senses tingling. 
Jo Malone is known for it's unique portfolio of fragrances and luxury products for the bath, body and home. They offer such a wide variety of scents which are all grouped into 'collections', and you will find anything from floral and fruity to citrus and spicy..Honestly, the spectrum of scents is breathtakingly beautiful. Something that makes Jo Malone different from any other fragrance brand around is that they do not follow the written rules of perfumery, and they actually mix together unexpected combinations of ingredients to create distinctive scents and concepts. 
I was only introduced to Jo Malone last year when I started getting into this whirlwind world of blogging and I suddenly started to see the brand everywhere I looked, with everyone complimenting the products and saying how amazing they really are. I decided to explore the brand a little more myself and I quickly come to realise why everyone had such amazing things to say about the products..they really are incredible. Ever since then Jo Malone has swiftly become one of my favourite fragrance brands. Everything from the packaging to the products themselves is spectacular and they just feel like such a precious product to have to use.

Out of all of the different products that Jo Malone has to offer, the ones in particular that call out to me are the Colognes. They are exquisitely simple and refined fragrances that always have a hint of the unexpected. In total there are seven different 'collections' of scent families to choose from and they are; 

 LIGHT FLORAL || Delicate and diaphanous. Classic florals, reinterpreted with a contemporary edge.
 FLORAL || Exotic and intoxicating. Rich, full-bodied florals are provocative and persuasive.
 FRUITY || Luscious and enticing. Fruity fragrances burst with mouth-watering juiciness. 
 CITRUS || Refreshing and energising. Each vibrant cologne is utterly tantalising and enlivening. 
 SPICY || Warm and passionate. These intense spicy fragrances are rich and enigmatic.
 WOODY || Earthy and aromatic. The rich woody fragrance family is grounding, refined and timeless.
  COLOGNE INTENSE || Inspired by ritual, cologne intense is rich with precious ingredients, for deeply sensual scents. 

Altogether there are 27 fragrances available and with this variety of scents, they really do cater for everybody's individual preferences, so you definitely should not struggle to find one that you fall head-over-heels for. In fact, you will probably struggle more to find one that you do not fall head-over-heels for! However, if on the off chance one singular scent does not jump out at you straight away, do not think that the brand does not have a fragrance suitable for you, because you can in fact customise your own scent by 'Fragrance Combining'. You can find out more about this process here on the Jo Malone website, but it is basically where you can pick out your favourite cologne scent and then you can select options like 'make it warmer' or 'make it fresher', and Jo Malone will choose a second fragrance that will compliment your wishes and you can then layer the two together to create your own unique blend of fragrance. This means that you can completely tailor your scent to you and it is such a great service which Jo Malone offer, because it means you can create something a little more personal for yourself that may end up being your unique signature scent!

After much deliberation and changing my mind about 25 times, I finally decided to purchase the scent 'Pomegranate Noir', from the fruity collection. 
The top notes of this one include an accord of juicy red fruits, reminiscent of will find combination of Raspberry, Plum, Rhubarb, Pomegranate and Watermelon, all of which offer the top notes a lusciously refreshing quality. 
The middle notes (also known as the heart notes) consist of a floral blend of Jasmine, Rose, Pink Pepper, Clove and Olibanum that conjures the heady, spicy character of Casablanca Lily. 
Lastly is the base notes which contain a mixture of spicy woods like Virginia Cedar, Patchouli, Amber and Guaiac Wood which weave through the fragrance and create an aura of sensuality.   
The blend of the floral, fruity and spicy ingredients make this an extremely unique fragrance that will definitely make a bold statement every time you wear it. Jo Malone describe this particular cologne as 'The sensuality of a daring red dress', which could not be more accurate for a sexy, seductive fragrance like Pomegranate Noir.

Out of all of the scents to choose from I am so happy I opted for this one because I just love how different it is from anything else I have in my perfume collection. Usually I steer towards the really feminine, overly floral scents and I am excited to have something that is that little bit more mature and sensual to wear for date nights and evenings out. 

After trying out this cologne I am now eager to treat myself to some of the other products that Jo Malone has to offer. Other products that they sell include shampoos and conditioners, shower oils, bath oils, body cremes and body lotions, hand wash and hand lotions, soaps, candles, reed diffusers and even room sprays - the list is endless! Whichever scent you find to be your favourite will also be available to buy in all of these different forms of fragrance. Soon enough my house, my hair and myself will all be smelling of Pomegranate Noir, I am sure of it!

Have you tried any products from Jo Malone? What are your favourites and what scent do you like best? I would love to know some recommendations for future purchases!

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