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With Valentines Day being just around the corner, you have probably already decided what you are doing for it, but if you haven't yet, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to be spending your day.
Will you be having a nice romantic day with your other half, having a girly day with your friends, or just showing yourself some love with a good old pamper session? Whatever you decide to spend your day doing, there is always time to fit a LUSH bath into your routine before the day is out! 
LUSH have recently released their limited edition Valentines Day collection especially for the occasion, and the new and exclusive items which have been introduced this year are honestly all so beautiful. Much like Christmas or Birthdays, Valentine's Day is just another excuse to treat yourself, and what better way is there to do that than indulging in some incredible bath products from LUSH

Out of the entire Valentines range this year, the 'Lover Lamp' bath bomb was the first product that caught my eye, and it is quite possibly my favourite piece from the whole 2016 collection. Normally bath bombs suck me in with their bright, fun colours but with this one I just loved the cuteness and simplicity of it. When Lover Lamp is placed in the bath it will turn the water a milky white shade and the three red confetti hearts will linger in the bath for a little while before slowly melting away. Ingredients that have been used in the creation of this bath bomb include Vanilla Bean and Brazilian Orange, which mixed together give it a very sweet, comforting Vanilla scent with a refreshing Citrus vibe. The red hearts are made of Cocoa Butter which will help to moisture and leave your skin feeling super soft. 

Okay, so this next bath bomb I picked up is called 'Tisty Tosty' and I have cheated a little bit with this one because it is actually a part of the permanent range at LUSH..It is available all year round and it has not been launched as a limited edition product specifically for the Valentines Day collection. However, even though it is not part of the Valentines Day range, how perfect is it for the occasion? So I decided I would include it anyway! Each Tisty Tosty bath bomb is studded with seven real rosebuds, and it has a captivating combination of Floral Orris Root Powder, Rose and Lemon. As it dissolves in the bath water you will be able to smell the scents of Rose, Geranium and Jasmine, so this is definitely one for you if you enjoy floral fragrances. While the bath bomb is fizzing away, you will see the seven rosebuds emerge from the swirling potion and once it has completely broke down, you will be left with the rose buds floating around in the water with you.

The last bath bomb that I picked up is another one that is not a part of the seasonal Valentines collection, but of course it is very appropriate for the time of year! We all need some sensual healing from time to time, and if you are feeling that way then 'Sex Bomb' is the one for you! The fragrant blend of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage offers a relaxing, sweet, floral scent which will help to ease and clear the mind, leaving you to feel stress free and soothed. When you place Sex Bomb into the water, your bath will turn Pink and the little rose in the centre releases out into rose petals which will float on top of the water. 

 A product that was once a LUSH favourite has made a return from last years Valentines Day collection, and it is the 'Unicorn Horn' bubble bar. It is back in all of it's shimmery, pastel, rainbow glory..however it does look slightly different to the previous years. They have given it a bit of a revamp this time around and they have strayed away from the twist of lilac and the cute little stars..I cannot help but feel like it has had a make-under as opposed to a make-over. With a mixture of Lavender oil, Neroli oil, and Ylang Ylang oil, this bubble bar will make you feel calm and relaxed whilst it also brightens your mood and leaves you feeling cheery. 

A macaroon for the bath tub..What girl could possibly resist the beautiful 'Bubbleroon' bubble bars? This one is 'Rose Jam' and it just screams Valentines Day with its bright pink colour and all of its sparkles. As you can probably guess from the name, this one has a gorgeous floral, Rose scent - It actually contains Rose oil and Rose, to give it double the rosiness and it will leave you thinking you've got a bunch of flowers in the room with you! The bubbleroons also contain a helping of Cocoa and Shea Butter to make sure that your skin is left feeling soft and moisturised after your soothing bubble bath. 

Massage Bars are something that I have never tried from LUSH before but as soon as I set eyes on the two exclusive ones in the Valentines Day collection, I could not resist them. This first one I got is called 'Love Potion' and honestly, I just love how aesthetically pleasing it is! It is in the shape of a little potion bottle and it has a red heart on the front..I mean, does it get any cuter than that? Simply smooth this massage bar over your entire body and allow the hydrating Cocoa and Shea Butters to melt - You will be left with soft and moisturised skin that you just want to stroke. Love Potion contains dashings of Bergamot Oil and Jasmine Absolute, which is what gives it a sweet and uplifting scent, whilst the Apple Blossom gives it a hint of spice.

The second massage bar that I picked up is called 'Love Spell', and again I gravitated towards this one mainly because it looked so cute emblazoned with all the little hearts! Of course this one works in the exact same way as Love Potion, and the Cocoa and Shea Butters will give you sumptuously soft skin..The only difference between these two massage bars is the scents. Love Spell include extracts of organic Rose hip, so it is a more floral, Rose fragrant. 
These massage bars are great if you suffer from dry skin because they will leave your skin feeling nourished and silky smooth.

I will be the first to admit that soaps are one product in particular that I do not think about when I go into LUSH, however when I came across this stunning Rose shaped soap I thought it was too pretty to not purchase it, and honestly it is one of the best smelling soaps that I have ever owned! 'Roses all the way' is infused with Rose oil and Rose syrup, giving it a very calming and romantic scent that will leave you smelling like a dozen red Roses.  

Another irresistible soap that I came across is 'Love Birds', and with a name like that and its cute design, I thought it was very fitting for Valentines Day! Made from a blend of Vanilla absolute and Lemongrass oil this one has a very sweet, but subtle scent to it. Also added into the mix, Love Birds contains Ylang Ylang oil and Jasmine absolute, to give an uplifting yet relaxing aroma to the fragrant.

As a girl who enjoys showers just as much as she enjoys baths, I also get very excited when I see new launches of shower products at LUSH. As part of the Valentines Day collection, the 'Prince Charming' shower cream has been re-released and of course I had to get my hands on it! The scent of Pomegranate juice and Grapefruit oil will leave you feeling fresh and uplifted, while the soothing Marshmallow root and Vanilla Pod infusion will make you smell sweeter than ever. To finish off this ever so Charming mix of ingredients, the shower cream also contains Cocoa Butter, to help soften the skin and leave you feeling moisturised. Shower creams from LUSH are my all time favourites because they always smell incredible, and the scent actually lasts on your body for quite a long time after you have used them as well. So, when I saw they had bought this limited edition beauty back, it was a no brainer for me. 

My Boyfriend and I have decided to have a quiet night in for Valentines this year, and truthfully the part of the night that I am looking forward to most is when I get a little bit of spare time to myself to just relax in the bath and have a pamper with some of these lovely LUSH treats - I will definitely be smelling sweet for my cosy date night in! 
How are you planning on spending your Valentines Day this year? Will you be bathing yourself with any of these limited edition Valentines Day products from LUSH?

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Lots of Love,
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