Friday, 5 February 2016


When it comes to make-up, I have a strong fondness towards the more luxury high-end brands and Chanel is definitely up there as one of the most luxurious of the bunch! 

I only own a couple of products from the Chanel make-up range, (that I am obsessed with may I add) one of them being this lipstick, but I am always hearing incredible reviews about their other make-up and skincare products that they have to offer. It is definitely a brand that I want to explore more of and try some other items from, despite the high price tag. The most recent purchase I have made to add to my teeny Chanel collection is the Rouge Allure Lipstick in shade 98 'Coromandel', a gorgeous fiery, orange toned red. 

This is the first Chanel lipstick that I have ever owned and I absolutely love it! Everything about it is perfect and I cannot believe I have waited this long to try one for myself. 
Firstly, the packaging is pure head-to-toe luxury. I love the simplicity of the sleek black lacquered metal exterior case with 'Chanel' spelt out along the bottom edge in white lettering, and the famous gold entwining double CC symbol on the top. The combination of black, white and gold is just so classic and elegant. I also love how the lipstick opens - you push the gold section in like a button and the gold interior tube then pops out to release the lipstick. It is so unique and like nothing I have ever seen before. The little features like this on a make-up product is what defines high-end for me - Those finer details really showcase the attention that has gone into the design and it makes using a product feel so much more special. 

As I mentioned previously, Coromandel is fiery orange toned red, and it is such a beautiful colour. It's depth and richness from the red tinge keep it from looking neon, but it is still bright enough that it instantly boosts my complexion!

As well as the incredible packaging and the amazing colour, the formula and the pigmentation of this lipstick are also spot on. The formula has concentrated, ultra thin pigments, which provides an opaque, full colour coverage - Coromandel is honestly so pigmented, one swipe all over the lips is all you need! Surprising, the formula of this lipstick is not very creamy, however it still applies evenly with minimal effort, and the colour glides on easily as well. The colour also sits comfortably on the lips without feeling or looking heavy. The finish of this particular lipstick is what I would describe as a natural, satin sheen as it is not glossy but it is not matte either - it is somewhere in-between, which is one of my favourite kinds of finishes because it feels lightly hydrating on the lips. 
As well as all of these impeccable characteristics, Coromandel also has amazing staying powder. It lasts for a good six hours on the lips and I mainly put this longevity down to the formula - Due to it not being overly glossy, the lipstick colour does not move around and slide off the lips. Saying that, even if the wear time was not as good as it is, I would have no problem pulling this beauty out of my handbag every so often to do little touch ups, just to show it off to the world! 

Overall, I am so happy that I chose this shade to be my first Chanel lipstick purchase, as it is the perfect red. Coromandel is 100 percent going to be my lipstick of choice for Valentine's Day next week, because nothing says Valentines better than a red lip - It is glamorous and sexy, yet still very classy at the same time.

What is your favourite red lipstick? Have you tried any from the Chanel Rouge Allure range?

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