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Tom Ford is the creator of many beautiful things..Couture Fashion? Check. Shoes? Check. Handbags? Check. Jewellery? Check. Cosmetics? Check. The list could go on and on. 
My particular favourites of Tom Ford come from the cosmetics range, and earlier this year I decided that I wanted to expand my interest in the brand and explore their world of fragrances. 
In 2006, Tom Ford released his first ever perfume 'Black Orchid' and this scent gave out a strong message that he was not approaching the fragrance world in a typical 'dipping his toe in the water' kind of way..He showed that he was going to be creating perfumes that make their presence known, and that is what this genius man has been doing ever since. Tom Ford's signature fragrance collection now houses a vast array of bold but wearable scents..They certainly are statement pieces which ooze richness, to keep in line with the brand's luxurious and contemporary classic aesthetic.  

'Velvet Orchid' was introduced to the Tom Ford range back in 2014, and it is known to be the sister fragrance to the label's iconic 'Black Orchid'..To me it resembles a bit of Yin and Yang creation. They may be housed in identical bottles (just different colours), but where Black Orchid is very strong and daring, Velvet Orchid is more feminine and floral scented. It is as though the two Orchid fragrances have been created for different people or different occasions. As Tom Ford is a designer, maybe the best way to describe this duo is in fashion terms..Think of Black Orchid as being a bold, low-cut, black dress that would be worn over some racy underwear and finished off with those sky-high Louboutins ready for a smoking hot date. In contrast to that, Velvet Orchid would be a a cute little sundress that you would pair with some heeled scrappy sandals for a prosecco filled lunch date with your girlfriends!..It it literally like Day versus Night, with very different vibes.   

Velvet Orchid is seen as an evolution, however it does still retain the instantly recognisable elements of Black Orchid..A fresh, lush petal facet. 

 Top Notes || Bergamot, Mandarin, Succan Absolute and Honey.

 Heart Notes || Jasmine, Turkish Rose, Moroccan Rose, Magnolia, Hyacinth, Orange Blossom, Narcissus, Heliotrope, Cattleva Leopoldii Orchid and Black Orchid.

 Base Notes || Labdanum, Sandalwood, Peru Balsam, Myrrh, Suede and Comoro Island Vanilla. 

"Lavished with cool freshness, dramatic petals and honey and rum, Tom Ford's Velvet Orchid is an oriental floral fragrance that teases and caresses with enveloping warmth".

Velvet Orchid is definitely one of my new favourite fragrances out of my whole perfume collection. I love that it is very floral and feminine, yet it still has a sense of boldness to it. It is an easy to wear perfume, which makes it very versatile - I would wear this throughout the day for a girly lunch date or I would spritz myself with it for a romantic date night as well..It just has the perfect variance of softness, whilst still offering a very distinctive scent that is not at all overpowering. 
If you are looking around for a new perfume to try, and you like warm, oriental floral scents then I could not recommend this one enough! 

Since trying Velvet Orchid, my love for the Tom Ford fragrance family has been affirmed, and I cannot wait to try out more from their range..'Noir' is next on my hit list! 
Have you tried any of the Tom Ford perfumes? Which is your favourite?

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