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For me, foundation is one of the most important parts of my entire make-up routine. It is something that I always wear, and it is definitely something I am willing to spend a little more money on because it has the ability to make me feel so much more confident in myself. 
With that being said, it will come as no surprise when I tell you I have tried out A LOT of different foundations over the years in attempt to find the perfect one for me and my skin. Where products like mascara or blusher tend to be pretty standard across most brands, foundation can be very hit or miss, and honestly I have come across many foundations that have unfortunately disappointed me. Wether they are too cakey, too sheer, too heavy, too matte, too dewy or too drying, there is always a small flaw and it is proving very difficult for me to find a foundation that ticks all of the boxes. 
A few months ago I heard about one of my favourite make-up brands, Too Faced releasing a new foundation into their range and I knew instantly that I had to try it out..Too Faced products are always incredible and I have never owned something from the brand that I did not like, so I had high hopes for the 'Born This Way' foundation. 
Whenever I want to try a newly released high-end foundation, I tend to leave it about two weeks after the launch date until I actually purchase it myself. The reason being is that I like to give it a small amount of time just so I can get some honest reviews from fellow bloggers first, because of course these products are not cheap and I like to have an idea of what the majority of peoples thoughts are before I make the splurge. I quickly started to notice that nearly everybody that tried this foundation, fell in love with it and there was not many complaints to be let me tell you, that is something that does not happen very often at all!

Of course when the foundation arrived on my doorstep and I opened it up the first thing I took notice of was the packaging..No one does packaging quite like Too Faced does. 
The bottle comes presented in this lovely light pink box with black and gold detailing. Much to Too Faced's style, it is very pretty and girly, which I personally love! The bottle is frosted glass which I feel gives a very deluxe vibe to the foundation, and on the bottle itself there is some simple gold branding. 'Born This Way' has been printed in shiny, gold lettering across the centre of the bottle, to highlight the name of the foundation and really make it stand out. 'Too Faced' has then been embossed on a gold band around the top edge of the bottle. It is finished off with a black cap which features the initials 'TF' entwined together in gold embossed on the top. I love the whole black and gold theme that Too Faced have gone with for this one, it is very bold and it definitely makes a statement!
It is obvious to see that simplicity has been key in the designing of this foundation, as everything has been kept fairly minimalistic..It is sleek and sophisticated, and I just love everything about it! Also, a great feature that deserves massive bonus points, is that a pump is included..THANK YOU TOO FACED! I really appreciate it when I see that a brand has put a pump in with the foundation because it is more hygienic, it makes the product easier to use and it stops from wasting too much foundation. 

As I mentioned earlier, I normally wait around two weeks after a foundation has been released until I buy it myself, but for this one in particular I actually had to wait a couple of months until I could purchase it. This was because only 12 shades were released to begin with and much to my disappointment, none of them seemed to look right for my super pale complexion..oh the struggles of being practically see-through! 
A few weeks later, Too Faced announced the arrival of six new shades and as soon as I saw one was called 'Snow' I knew it would work for me..and I told myself that if it turned out to be too dark, I was changing my name to Caspar (the ghost)! This shade is described as 'very fair with neutral to pink undertones' and as soon as it was available on the Too Faced website, it went straight in my basket! Usually I would stick to the shades that have more of a yellow undertone to them, as I find that they tend to even out redness a little better, but I am really happy I tried something different this time because the colour match is pretty perfect..I don't think I have ever had a foundation that matches my natural skin tone this well! 

The 'Born This Way' foundation has been infused with Coconut Water to help replenish the moisture levels of the skin, it includes Alpine Rose which brightens the skin's appearance, and it also has Hyaluronic acid in, to smooth out the skin for a more youthful appearance. With all of these added skin benefits, what is there possibly not to like?!
Since I got this foundation a couple of months back I have used it quite a lot and honestly, I absolutely love it! The consistency of the foundation I would consider as being fairly thick - not so thick that it will cause 'cake face', but it is not at all watery or is the perfect in-between! I would say that the coverage of this foundation is Medium, but it could definitely be built up if you are after a full-coverage finish. Myself, I prefer a full coverage foundation and I use roughly three pumps of this product to achieve my desired coverage. Depending on the coverage you want will determine how many pumps of product you will need to use. After using three pumps of the foundation and blending it in with my beauty blender, my skin still feels like it can breathe and it does not look like it is covered in make-up - It offers a very natural finish still and it feels extremely lightweight, which is what I really love about 'Born This Way', because there is nothing worse than a foundation that leaves a heavy and clogged up feeling on your skin all day. As well as feeling feather light on the skin, it also looks as if I have hardly anything on either. Even though it gives me a great full coverage, it still looks 'barely there', to the naked eye! The foundation even blurs out imperfections so well alone that you don't even feel the need to go in with a concealer afterwards because the foundation will have already covered blemishes or redness for you. This makes it a great choice for mornings where you have snoozed your alarm, you're in a rush to get ready and you need to miss out some steps in your make-up routine..No one would ever guess you slept in! Once the foundation has completely dried into the skin, it offers a gorgeous, demi-matte finish, meaning it is neither looks oily nor matte, but it just gives a slight bit of glow to the skin. This is my favourite kind of finish in a foundation because it gives a natural radiant look as if you are glowing from within..It does not make you look 'greasy' but it also doesn't leave your face looking flat and two demential - it is a perfect balance. Finally, I love that my skin does not feel dried out after I have worn this for a few hours. I suffer from dehydrated skin and it is so hard to find a long wearing, full coverage foundation that does not feel drying and make my skin feel tight throughout the day. If anything I would say my skin feels hydrated after wearing this foundation..that may be to do with the Coconut Water infusion!

Overall, I love how this foundation has the ability to transform your skin and make it look skin is no where near flawless, but every time I wear the Born This Way foundation I could fool anybody that it is! 

I think that I may have found a new Holy Grail foundation with this one..Too Faced have done so well with the creation of 'Born This Way' and along with so many other people, I am obsessed with it! It is everything I could ever wish for in a foundation, and more. Honestly, I do not have one bad word to say about it so far!
Have you tried the 'Born This Way' foundation yet? What are your thoughts on it? 

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