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Buying people gifts can either be a stressful experience, or it can be an enjoyable experience. Personally I really enjoy it, and I thrive off that feeling of knowing I have found someone the most perfect gift for them.
However, from experience, I know that it is not always an easy job to find someone the perfect gift..More often than not it is actually a bit of a challenge. 
With Valentines Day fast approaching, I figured that there are probably a lot of confused people (men!) out there getting stressed to the high hills because they do not know what special gift to treat their loved one to. But do not fear..I have you covered! I have put my bad shopping addiction habits to good use, and I have created a little gift guide full of great Valentines gift ideas for the ladies who deserve to be spoiled! 

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne || In my opinion, you just cannot go wrong with a bottle of Jo Malone cologne - I do not think any girl would be disappointed to receive one of these on Valentines Day, so I am pretty positive that this is a guaranteed safe choice, that would make your partner extremely happy! There are 27 fragrances to choose from altogether, ranging from floral scents to spicy scents, so you should have no trouble finding a suitable one. Out of the whole Jo Malone Cologne collection, Pomegranate Noir is definitely one of my favourites, and it will always be my fragrance of choice for a romantic date night. It is a very mature, musky and sexy scent which is what makes it the perfect option for Valentines Day. 
You can read my full post here all about this Cologne.

LUSH Bath Products || Most of us ladies love to have a relaxing pamper night, but no pamper night is complete without taking a hot bubble bath using our favourite LUSH products. LUSH always do the cutest limited edition pieces and gift sets specifically for these kinds of special occasions, and their seasonal Valentines Day collection this year just oozes cuteness. Their exclusive products include lots of pink and red shades, heart shapes and sweet scents - it all just screams love and romance! I know for sure that I will be having a pamper with some of these products before my Valentines Day date night. Also, if you choose to purchase one of the gift sets from LUSH, they already come wrapped up so beautifully, so you have no need to worry if you are not the best gift wrapper in the world, because the hard work has been done for you!

Pretty Lingerie || Beautiful underwear and Valentines Day certainly are the perfect combination, so what better gift for your partner to buy you than some really pretty underwear which you can wear on your date night? Valentines Day is definitely one of those occasions that us ladies go the extra mile to look our best for an evening of romance, so pretty underwear will ensure you that you feel your best, and you will have a sudden boost of confidence on your date! This bra is from Ann Summers and it is absolutely perfect for Valentines..You can never go wrong with black lace underwear, can you? I also love how this bra can be worn under a black body and it gives the illusion that it is part of the outfit..It brings back the 'underwear as outerwear' trend which is quite sultry, and perfect for Valentines.  

Pandora Jewellery || You cannot beat a gorgeous piece of jewellery as a special Valentines gift, especially if it comes gorgeously packaged and does not break the bank. For high quality, stunning and reasonably priced jewellery pieces, Pandora will never do you wrong. The offer such a wide selection of products from rings, to necklaces, to charms and they start from as little as £25! I don't know of any girl who wouldn't appreciate a nice piece of jewellery for Valentines Day. Also, similarly to LUSH, Pandora gift wrap your package up beautifully when you buy in store, so don't worry over the thought of wrapping!

Tom Ford Lipstick || If your loved one is a bit of a make-up enthusiast, then one thing that you cannot go wrong with is a lipstick..A Tom Ford lipstick in particular! They just look and feel so luxurious, and receiving one as a gift will make your girl feel so special. It is also something that she could wear on your Valentines date night!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette || Another one for the make-up lover, (because can a girl really have too much make-up?!) is a nice palette. You can take your pick from eyeshadow palettes, face palettes or even lip palettes to choose something that would be most suited to what your partner likes best. Personally, I do not wear a lot of eyeshadow, so for me, I love a good face palette and this one from Hourglass Cosmetics is probably one of the prettiest I have ever come across. It is not the cheapest palette around, but it includes six lust-worthy lighting powders from the Hourglass collection that are all incredible, so it is definitely worth its price tag! 
If your girl is more into eyeshadows, then you cannot go wrong with any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes or the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes - They are all incredible and I guarantee she will think you are the best person on earth if she receives these as a Valentines gift! 

Thornton's Chocolates || A very generic present that of course goes hand-in-hand with those beautiful dozen red roses you have already got on order, (hint hint, boys!) is a box of Thornton's chocolates. Every girl loves to indulge herself in chocolate on Valentines Day - Similarly to Christmas and Easter, it is one day of the year that you can fill your face with fatty treats and feel no guilt what so ever. This year Thornton's have got such a huge range of Valentines Day gifts that would be perfect for any chocolate lover, and they also offer a service where you can get the chocolates personalised at no extra cost to make it that extra bit special. What girl doesn't want to receive a big box of chocolate with her name on?! 

February the 14th will soon be here, and I really hope that this has given you some ideas and helped you out for what you could potentially treat your someone special to. I am positive that any girl would be more than happy to wake up to any of these lovely goodies on Valentines Day! 
Do you celebrate Valentines Day? How will you be spending it this year?

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