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 Before I started blogging, I had never heard of the brand Dose of Colors, however roughly one year on and it is a brand that I see absolutely everywhere on Social Media..Wether it is Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Youtube, there is always someone talking about Dose of Colors products, and sharing their own opinions on them.
Dose of Colors is a cruelty free brand from America, who offer a wide range of lipsticks, lip glosses, highlighters, eyelashes and as of very recently, eyeshadows! In particular it is their lip products that I hear so much about, and so it was these that I was intrigued by, and eager to try out for myself. However, one of the struggles I continuously face is that due to the popularity of the brand, the shades that I lust after from the collection always seem to be sold out. I check the website most days, and all of Dose of Colors Social Media pages to see if there is any word of re-stocks, but a couple of weeks ago I decided that I just could not wait around and put it off any longer (I am the most inpatient person ever), and so I chose to make a very small online order of the few shades that I was able to get my hands on. Where make-up is concerned, there is not much that I love more than liquid lipstick, and so obviously that is what I mainly had my sights set on from Dose of Colors..Despite wanting many more, I managed to order just two of their matte liquid lipsticks and I also purchased one of their classic lip glosses. Having these few items has now given me the chance to test out some Dose of Colors products and see what I think of them before I splurge and possibly buy even more..when they eventually come back in stock!

Stone || Originally the shade Stone was released as a part of the limited edition Terra Collection trio set, along with sand and brick. However, due to such high demand for all three shades, Dose of Colors decided to re-release them all individually and make them a part of their permanent range. Stone is a gorgeous rose, mauve-toned nude, with cool, grey undertones. On some skin tones it can almost be seen with a slight lavender tint to it, which makes this one a very unique shade. Stone just one of those versatile shades, which I believe everyone needs in their liquid lipstick collection!

Truffle || Out of every nude lipstick that I own, Dose of Colors' Truffle has quickly become one of my favourites..It is just the perfect nude, in my opinion. Truffle has more of a warm undertone to it compared to Stone, and it is more of a peachy-nude rather than pink, which personally I love against my skin tone. It is quite comparable to Velvet Teddy by MAC, but Truffle comes off ever so slightly darker. 

Rosé || As someone who does not wear lip gloss very often, I thought I would go for one of the most natural and wearable shades that Dose of Colors have in their range..Rosé. This one is a beautiful rosy, mauve-toned pink and it is basically the lip gloss version of Stone liquid lipstick, so they are perfect to pair together! I really love this shade for every day wear because it is so neutral and so versatile that you just cannot got wrong with it. 

Matte Liquid Lipsticks || When I first tried these liquid lipsticks, I could not believe just how pigmented they really are. All you need is one swipe all over the lips and you can achieve an opaque coverage of colour, which is not patchy or streaky, that matches the exact shade shown in the tube. I really like the fact that these transfer onto the lips in the shade colour as shown in the tube, and they do not alter at all. Both Dose of Colors Stone and Truffle have a lovely formula that glides onto the lips so beautifully. At first the product feels very creamy to apply, and within a short period of time it will dry down to a complete matte finish. Even though they do dry pretty fast, you still have enough time to apply the lipstick properly without it drying up on you. Being matte liquid lipsticks, these are of course going to feel quite drying on the lips..No matter what brand you purchase them from, all liquid lipsticks will have the same effect..that is just the typical nature of a liquid lipstick. However, because these Dose of Colors ones have a more creamier consistency than most, they do not feel as drying on the lips, as some other liquid lipsticks that I have tried out in the past, and they honestly feel so comfortable to wear. Admittedly, these do have a slight tacky feeling to them when on the lips, so if you press your lips together after the lipstick has dried, your lips do kind of stick together a bit, but it is not uncomfortable or off putting at all. The fact that they are ever so slightly sticky, actually prolongs the wear of these liquid lipsticks, meaning they will not fade as much as some other liquid lipsticks do, even if you are eating and drinking throughout the day. Overall, I am really impressed with the Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipsticks, and I would go as far as saying that they are some of the best I have tried. 

Classic Lipgloss || As I mentioned earlier, I am not a big wearer of lip gloss usually, and this is mainly because I associate it with being overly sticky and uncomfortable on the lips..I think I may have experimented with some when I was younger and had bad experiences, so I have been put off ever since. However, more recently I decided that I wanted to start trying lip glosses out again, as whenever I see other people wearing a nice gloss I can't help but be in awe over how lovely and luscious it looks on their lips. I am so glad that Dose of Colors was one of the first brands that I decided to explore lip glosses from again, because this one is just amazing. It is extremely pigmented for a gloss, it is creamy to apply and it does not leave behind that horrible sticky feeling that I was worried about..honestly, you can barely feel it on the lips. Dose of Colors really have reaffirmed my faith in lip gloss, and I cannot wait to try out more shades from their range now! 

The doe-foot applicator wand that comes with both the matte liquid lipsticks and the classic lip glosses is perfect for getting a precise application. The length of the applicator is shorter than some from other brands, like Kat Von D or Anastasia Beverly Hills, because the tube is shorter, and I find that this gives me much more control when applying the product. One of the toughest struggles I find, with liquid lipsticks in particular, is managing to get an accurate application that does not need to be cleaned up too much, and with the length of the applicator and this shape wand, it really helps to achieve even application with ease. The sponge is also extremely soft, so it does not feel like it is pulling or tugging on the lips much at all, which makes it very comfortable to apply the product. 

With most make-up products, I initially get sucked in by the pretty packaging, and these Dose of Colors lip products are certainly no exception. I just love how Instagrammable (Yes, that is a word in a bloggers dictionary) they are, and there is definitely no denying that they're the most Pinterest worthy lip products that I have in my collection. 
The packaging is very simple and sleek, which is something I absolutely love. Both the matte lipsticks and the lip glosses come housed in the exact same tube, but the lipstick tube is a matte, frosted plastic, whereas the lip gloss tube is more of a shiny plastic. I really like this design of the packaging because it is as if the finish of the bottle represents the type of product that is is very innovative creation. 

Looking at the three lip products I purchased, you may be able to tell that I definitely have a thing for nude shades..I know that all three look pretty similar colours in the tubes, but I assure you they are all very different shades with different tones as well. 
After trying out these few products from Dose of Colors and I am desperate to get my hands on some other items from their range..More shades of the matte lipsticks and the lip glosses are on my wishlist, along with some of their newly released eyedeal duo eyeshadows, which look incredible!
Have you tried any products from Dose of Colors? What are your favourites?

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