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Keeping in line with the whole Contouring trend, Today I am Continuing on from Tuesday's post, and I have some more incredible, drugstore contour products to share with you..This time from none other than, Make-up Geek!
Lets be honest, most of us cannot get enough of trying to achieve that perfectly sculpted look, can we? As soon as pictures were shown online of Kimmy K looking crazy with all of these darker lines drawn over her face, we were hooked. The nation now seems infatuated by how it can completely transform your face, to make you look more slender and make your features more defined! Wether you love contouring or you hate contouring, there is no denying that it is the most talked about beauty trend around at the moment, and it certainly isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Every time I click online, wether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc, I always see something related to Contouring..It is the trend that is one everyone's lips..(Well technically, cheekbones, noses and jawlines, but you get what I mean)!
All different brands are now getting in on the contouring trend after realising just how big it is, and SO many people are starting to release their own lines, full of products based around the art of contouring and sculpting. Recently, the much loved brand Make-up Geek has dived into the world of contouring, and they have created their own range of contour powders..Which we are all very excited about, may I add. Make-up Geek are known for their outstanding quality products, which come at really affordable prices. In particular it is their complete collection of eyeshadows that everybody is obsessed with, with many beauty guru's claiming that they are up there with some of the best around..for roughly £5 a pan thats crazy, right?! With all of the hype that surrounds their make-up products, as soon as I heard that they were available in the UK, I headed straight onto the Beauty Bay website, and I made an order! I am still yet to purchase some of their eyeshadows, (they are in my basket waiting) but for now, I have stocked up on a handful of their new contour powders. At just £8 a pan, they are defiantly some of the most affordable on the market, and I just could not resist! In the new collection there are a total of 8 shades to choose from..four of the shades have warm undertones, while the other four are more cool toned and they range from porcelain to deep. 

In total, I picked up four different shades from the collection, all within the 'fair-to-porcelain' skin tone range, with variations of undertones.

 Starting off from the top left hand side of the palette is the shade 'Infidelity', and this one is said to be suitable for fair skin tones. It has cool undertones, which makes this one perfect for contouring because it leans more on the greyish side, so it will give the illusion of a more natural shadow on the face, rather than looking orange and, dare I say it, muddy!
 Underneath that one is the shade 'Break Up'. Again, this one has cool undertones to it, so it is perfect for contouring, but this one has been created for porcelain skin tones, meaning it is slightly lighter in colour. If you are a similar skin tone to me, (resemble Caspar the ghost) then this is such a great shade for contouring, because it is not to harsh of a shade in contrast to your natural skin colour. Personally I love this one for everyday, when I don't want anything too heavy and I want my make-up to look as natural as possible.
 Moving across to the top right hand side of the palette, is the shade 'Love Triangle'. Similarly to Break Up, this one is also suited best for porcelain skin tones, however this one has warmer undertones to it..So rather than being a taupe/grey colour pay off, this one is more orange based. For myself, I would not use this one for contouring purposes..I would actually use it for bronzing up the skin, and that is what I bought these warmer shades to do..Hopefully it works how I imagine! Where I like to use cool tones products to contour for creating a shadow, for bronzing I always prefer to use warm toned products because it brings more warmth back into the face, adding more dimension and just all round it makes your skin look healthier (I think so anyway!)
 Last up, in the bottom right we have the shade 'Bad Habit', and agin this is another warm toned powder, this time suitable for more fair skin tones, meaning it is ever so slightly deeper in colour to Love Triangle. In honesty, I am not sure how much use I am going to get out of this shade, but I thought for the summer when (If!) my skin is a bit more tanned, it may work out as a great bronzing shade. For everyday I think this one could be far too harsh for my complexion. 

I am really happy with each of the shades I chose to pick up from the collection, as I feel I should be able to make all of them work for my skin tone, in one way or another.  I love that Make-up Geek have designed two different powders for the four different skin tones (Porcelain, Fair, Medium and Deep), one with warm undertones and one with cool undertones. It means that everybody should be able to find a shade that suits them perfectly! 
I have only tried out these powders a couple of times myself, but I will say that I am very impressed so far. For the price point, the quality is absolutely incredible..there is certainly no denying that! They are smooth and buttery in texture, they are easy to apply, easy to blend, they last a really long time on the skin and they do not go to look heavy or cakey through out wear..what more can you ask for out of a contour powder?! Each powder is packed with pigmented (at first I thought they were a bit too pigmented), so make sure you go in with an extremely light hand, and tap any excess off the brush, otherwise it may be a bit intense. However, even if you do go a little bit over board with the amount of product you put on, it is not a major drama, because the powders are SO easy to blend out! Honestly, so far I do not have a bad word to say about the Make-up Geek contour pans, and if you can get your hands on them I would 100 percent recommend trying them out!

Whilst I was on the Beauty Bay website, I decided to have a look at the Z-palettes that they have available, because I needed something that I could house the contour pans in, just to make sure they are kept safe..Whilst getting lost amongst the pages of products, I actually came across the new Make-up Geek travel vault palette, which the brand have recently released for their pans, and I thought it was perfect to keep these few powders inside. It is very small, compact and lightweight, so it is amazing for both travel and storage purposes. Also, with it having a huge mirror inside, it is going to come in super handy when I am trying to do my make-up on the go! The palette feels really strong and solid, and it closes tightly shut, so the powder pans are definitely going to be safe housed in this beauty. I love that the palette has the Make-up Geek logo embossed in the front as well, as it stands out more and it just seems perfect for keeping Make-up Geek products inside..I will never forget what brand my contour pans have come from! I am really happy I chose to get this palette over a Z-palette because it is so much more convenient.

So yes..They came. They saw. They Contoured! Make-up Geek really have done so incredibly well with this new collection and I cannot fault it at all. These contour powders are definitely some of the best drugstore ones that I have tried, and I am now excited to explore the brand a bit more and try out some of their other products! 
Have you tried anything from Make-up Geek? What are your favourite products from there?

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