Sunday, 13 March 2016


'A tidy desk is a tidy mind'
I believe that there is a lot of truth in this quote, and more recently, I have become pretty obsessed with having the perfect desk..One that is clean and clutter free!
As a blogger I spend A LOT of time sat at my desk, typing away on my laptop, and when my workspace is organised, I instantly feel more motivated to get stuff done, which means that my days seem to be much more productive. 
Over the past couple of months, I have drowned myself in Pinterest inspiration for ideas on how to make my working environment exactly how I want it to be..It turns out that organising the perfect desk, can actually be quite the challenge! I am forever seeing pictures online of other people's work areas and just thinking 'boy, I need one of those areas in my house that is #DeskGoals worthy' (Yes, I went there, and I kinda hate myself for it!). With this in mind, I decided to dedicate a little bit of my spare time in to de-cluttering, and sorting out my desk space. I have pulled together all of my essential items, which I feel like I NEED on a day-to-day basis to be able to work from my desk, and each of these are now kept on the top of my desk, for me to be able to access easily when I need them throughout the day..They also look super cute being on display, (added bonus!).

 Note Books || Although I often use the notes section on my phone or laptop to jot down any thoughts or ideas I get throughout the day, when I am sat at my desk I like to keep it old school, and stick with putting pen to paper! Inside my notebooks you will find any post ideas that I may have, any random thoughts that come to me (at the most random times may I add), mind-maps of blog posts full of information to include, blog plans and layouts, and so on. Honestly I go through notebooks like there is no tomorrow, and I love that I can keep hold of them when they are full, so they are there to look back on in a few years time, to see what I was doing and to maybe get some inspiration. Also, there is something about buying new notebooks that I find quite exciting..anyone else?!? No, just me. Okay, moving on..

 To Do Lists || I have the memory of a gold fish, and if I do not have a list of things wrote down that I need to do everyday, it is inevitable that I will forget everything. Usually I will use the calendar on my phone for putting in reminders of what I need to get done each day in the week, but I do find it easier to have it all wrote down in front of me. Organising myself this way means that once I have completed a task I can just tick it off my list and move on to the next thing on my agenda..that way, nothing gets missed out or over looked. 

 Pens || Of course, if I am going to be writing down to-do lists or jotting down ideas in my notebooks, then I am not going to get very far without having some pens on my desk. Pens are the one piece of stationary that have always been few and far between in my house, but now, I always makes sure I have one on me because I honestly turn into a complete stress-head when I cannot find one. I am not particularly fussy about what pens I have, but I do enjoy having a selection of colours, so I can colour code everything in my notes, to stay that extra bit organised. 

 Blogger Planner || My biggest desk essential for my blogging life, is hands down my Blogger planner. I purchased this last year ready for the start of 2016 and it is seriously one of the best purchases I have ever just keeps me so organised! It has everything inside that I could ever need, including a diary, notes pages, blog content pages and SO much more! I may actually do a separate blog post focused around this planner and go into more depth about what is inside, because they really are incredible to have, and it has really helped to make my blogging much easier to keep on top of. Also, I love that you can customise these planners to have your own quote printed on the cover..I chose to have, 'Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will', because I am always told that I doubt myself too much, so this is a strong and empowering quote for me to see on my desk everyday. 

 Kate Spade Tumbler || An awful habit of mine is that I do not drink enough liquids through the day. I mean, I drink cups of tea like they are going out of style, but in the day I seem to forget about drinking water, which often results in me suffering major headaches in the evenings. To over come this and try and curve my bad habit, I have recently treated myself to this super cute, gold polka dot tumbler from Kate Spade. This is only suitable for cold drinks, and so every morning now, I will fill it up with either water or juice and keep it next to me on my desk to encourage me to drink more. I am really happy I chose to do this because it seems to be making a huge difference and I am no longer making myself dehydrated in the day..All it took was a cute little mug for a big lifestyle change, who knew?!

 Charlotte Tilbury Lip Balm || Okay, so this one is not really an essential, but it is a nice extra to keep with you on your desk. I often suffer from dry lips, so having a good lip balm that really nourishes my lips and keeps them feeling soft is a must for me, as I hate nothing more than that horrible, cracked-lip feeling. On the top of my desk I have a set of Muji drawers, and I have one whole draw specifically for lip balms..yes, excessive I know. The balm that I have been loving lately is from Charlotte Tilbury, and it is the 'Lip Magic, Rejuvenating, Smoothing Propolis' balm. I really enjoy this product because it is made up of a variety of the best ingredients for moisturising, heeling and conditioning the lips, such as Beeswax, Argan Oil and Shea Butter. If you also suffer from dry lips, I cannot recommend this enough..It will soon become one of your essentials as well, I am sure!

 Candles || Like any other 'typical' blogger, I have a huge affection towards candles and I have them placed everywhere around my home. On top of my desk, I like to have a candle with a warm, homely scent to burn whilst I am working, because I find that this sets off such a soothing aroma in the room and just creates a really calming atmosphere to work in. 

 Cacti || Another clich√©, but I do find that having a bit of greenery on your desk also makes for a calm environment. I have always loved Cacti, mainly because they are a plant that are super easy to keep alive, but I also think they make for such nice decor around the home. I got this one from IKEA, and I keep it in a little white pot (also from IKEA) to match my 'theme' that I have going on, and I think it looks so nice as a little something extra..It is also the perfect prop for Blog and Instagram pictures! 

 Lamp || I am definitely one of those people that works best at night time..that is when most of my ideas come to me (I am a bit of a night owl), and because everyone else is sleeping I find that I do not have Twitter and Instagram distracting me from what I should be doing! Obviously at this time there is no natural day light in my room, and I personally hate doing work on a laptop in the dark, because I find that it really strains my eyes, so a lamp is a necessity for me. I only recently bought this one from Next Home and I absolutely love it..It ties in on my vanity so well and I feel like it really finishes off my entire desk area perfectly.

As you can see I do like to keep things quite minimalistic when it comes to my desk. I find that doing this helps me keep everything tidy and in some sort of order, which makes me feel like I am much more organised! The minimalist look might not always be practical for everybody, but by simply keeping books stacked up neatly and displaying a couple of cute ornaments around your work space, it can really help productivity as well as creativity..It is also aesthetically pleasing on the eye, in my opinion!
What do you keep with you on your desk at all times? Which are your essentials? 

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Lots of Love,
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