Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Even though I am a complete make-up addict and I am always testing out new things, one item I never really find myself experimenting with is different make-up brushes..My collection of brushes is actually extremely limited compared to most. 
I think I have always just 'stuck to what I know' regarding brushes and once I found ones that worked well for me, I convinced myself that I did not need any others.."Alicia you only have one face, why do you need three foundation brushes?", is the voice I would hear in my head, but truth be told, I believe I just used to talk myself out of buying new brushes when I had a couple of perfectly good ones already because I would rather spend my money on new make-up products than new make-up brushes..Guilty! However, more recently, I have become a huge believer in the saying 'your make-up is only as good as your tools', and I thought it was about time I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried out something new!
Now, would you believe me if I said, 'I have never tried brushes from the Real Techniques Core Collection'?..No? I thought not. Well, as ashamed as I am to admit it, it is 100 percent true..I know you are probably all screaming at your computer screens right now thinking 'how is that even possible?!', and honestly I have no good answer as for why. I have used some of the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection brushes in the past, (which I absolutely love by the way..some of them are actually my essential everyday brushes) but for some strange reason, I have just never picked up any from the core range..well, that was up until a few months ago! Towards the end of last year, I started to notice how tatty my everyday brushes were starting to get..Obviously they had been shown a lot of love, and they had to be cleaned very regularly with me having limited amounts of brushes to use, which caused them to become quite sparse in bristles and not as soft as I would of liked. After hearing me whinge on about brushes everyday for a few weeks, my lovely boyfriend treated me to some new ones for Christmas, and I was so excited when I opened them to see that they were from the Real Techniques core collection..Boy did good!

I got a total of six of the brushes altogether, and I will use the majority of them on a day-to-day basis in my make-up routine.
From left to right;
 1401 Powder Brush || Starting off with the biggest and fluffiest of them all..the powder brush. Even though I have dry skin, I still use a powder to set my foundation in place with every day, and I love this one because of how big it is..I can literally powder my whole face in about 20 seconds! It is also so soft on the skin and it applies powder flawlessly. 
 1407 Blush Brush || Next up is the blush brush and I was so happy to receive this one because the brush I have been using for blusher, I have had for YEARS and I was definitely in dire need for a new one! This brush is an extremely tampered egg shape, and to be honest, that is not what I am used to with a blush brush..I much prefer using a more rounded, flatter shaped brush (like the powder brush) to apply my blusher with. While I am not completely sold on this one as a blush brush, I have not stricken it off..It works great as another powder brush or even a bronzer brush!
 Buffing Brush || The buffing brush is one from Real Techniques that I hear nothing but good things about. I have wanted to try it out for so long now and I am thrilled that I finally have..I absolutely love it! I have started switching back and forth between this brush and my beauty blender to apply my liquid foundation with, and I am really loving the finish that the buffing brush achieves. I just dot the foundation around my face and using light, circular motions with the brush, I will buff it in to the skin..It really blends the product into the skin seamlessly. Also, because the bristles are quite dense, it helps to achieve a good medium-full coverage, which we all know is something I love! The buffing brush is an absolute winner to me, and I would recommend it to anybody..If you are after a brush that will give you an airbrushed finish, then this is the guy for you!
 Contour Brush || Other than the Real Techniques Bold Metals contour brush, (which I use for cream contouring) I have never tried out another contour brush..I just tend to use the little flat brush that came with my Benefit Hoola as I find it to be a great shape for contouring. This Real Techniques contour brush is more of a small tapered dome shape (similar to the blush brush actually) and I really like it for sculpting and defining because it fits perfectly in the hallows of my cheeks. Personally, I also love this brush for highlighting the high points of my face as well..it is a great allrounder brush!
 Pointed Foundation Brush || From when I first started wearing foundation about 7 years ago, up until roughly 2 years ago, I religiously used one of these flat, pointed foundation brushes everyday to apply my foundation, and in all honesty, I now no longer like them. I find that if I use one of these to apply my foundation, you can almost see the brush strokes on your face and it just does not give a seamless finish like other brushes do..I would much prefer to use a beauty blender or the buffing brush as these do offer a 'stroke-free' flawless finish to the base of your make-up. With that being said, I have not actually tried this brush yet and I am not too sure how much use I will actually get out of it unfortunately..Maybe I will try it out for concealer instead as it is quite a small brush, and the pointed edge may work well for a more precise application around the eyes!
 Detailer Brush || Lastly, I got given the detailer brush and this one is a small, rounded, flat brush, (smaller version of the foundation brush) which works perfectly as either a concealer brush, or as a lip/eye liner brush as it can really target those specific areas. Most of all I like using this as a lip brush as it is a great size to be able to follow the lip line really precisely, to achieve an even application of lipstick. 

Now I have been using these brushes for a couple of months, I honestly cannot believe I did not try out the Real Techniques core collection sooner..feel free to call me crazy, because I now realise what I have been missing out on! Not only do they wash well, but they are great quality for such affordable prices..I have not experienced any shredding or breaking at all. So far I am extremely impressed and do not have a bad word to say. 
I am so happy now with my new day-to-day make-up brush collection and I cannot wait to purchase more of the Real Techniques brushes to add to it. I cannot fault any of the brushes I have from there and if you are a part of the tiny percentage of the beauty community population that has not tried these, then I cannot recommend them enough!
Which is your favourite brush from Real Techniques? Do you recommend any others?

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Lots of Love,
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