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Every time I see a new palette being released by Tarte Cosmetics, I am left in awe of it's beauty, and their Rainforest After Dark palette is certainly no exception of that.

This palette is a Limited Edition piece from Tarte, and it was released as part of their Fall collection back in 2014 - Yes, I really am that late to the party! I was lucky enough to be gifted this beautiful palette for Christmas last year, and as soon as I set eyes on it, I knew instantly that I was going to love it. Being someone who does not tend to wear a lot of bold or colourful eye make-up looks, I am always on the look out for palettes with more subtle shades, and that is where my affection for Tarte comes in..Tarte are renowned for creating eyeshadow palettes that consist of a variety of neutral shades, which are all very wearable, so I never fail to find exactly what I am looking for from them! 

The Tarte Rainforest After Dark Eye & Cheek Palette, was inspired by the deep orchid hues of the Rainforest at dusk, and it contains everything you need to create a variety of looks, from sultry to sophisticated, and everything in between! Included in the palette is a gorgeous selection of six exclusive eyeshadows, one blusher, one bronzer and one highlighter, all of which fall into the neutral shade family.
Each product inside the palette is infused with coloured clay, which naturally colour corrects and supports oil control, for longer wear and serious colour pay off. The coloured clay comes from the mountainous regions of Brazil, and it also brightens, soothes and evens skin, without settling in to fine lines and wrinkles..could you really want anything more from an eye shadow?! If only every make-up item could be infused with coloured clay! 

 Champagne || A light golden-toned highlighter, with an ultra-fine shimmer through it. This is quite an intense highlighter, so it requires a very light hand during application - It will end up looking too heavy on the skin if it over done, and it may emphasise any pores. However, if it is done right, it looks absolutely beautiful placed on the high-points of your face. 

 Park ave Princess || A warm toned, matte bronzer, which adds a natural, golden sun kissed glow to the face, without looking orange or muddy. This is Tarte's iconic, best-selling, Amazonian Clay bronzing powder, and it is a shade that shows up in quite a few of Tarte's palettes. It is a very versatile shade that will work perfect for light-to-medium skin tones, to either lightly contour, or to bronze up the skin to add more colour and dimension.

 Unleashed || A nude, rosey-pink coloured blush, which is great for a subtle pop of colour on the apples of the cheeks. This is the perfect neutral shade blush, and it will look beautiful on light complexions. Being one of Tarte's Amazonian Clay blushes, this is a supremely soft powder, and it is also very long-wearing as well. One thing I do find with this blusher is that I really have to layer it up to get any kind of colour pay off from it, as it not overly pigmented. Personally I love that in a blusher, because it means it is hard to go over the top with it, as you just keep building up, until it is exactly how you want it to be.

 Bare to explore || A matte, beige-toned pink eyeshadow, which would work perfectly as an eye-base to layer other eyeshadows on top of, or even as a blending shade to ensure your eyeshadow looks seamless, with no visible harsh lines.

 Make a mauve || A plum-mauve eyeshadow, with cool, greyish undertones and a satin finish. This shade has a very subtle hint of shimmer running through it - It is so subtle that it is almost undetectable when transferred from the pan to the eyelid.

 Plum away with me || A dark, berry-plum shade, which has a very fine shimmer and a satin finish. Again, the shimmer in this shadow is also extremely subtle, and not at all heavy or chunky.

 Up to no gold || A true Gold, metallic eyeshadow with warm undertones and a very light shimmer. On my pale skin tone, this shade pulls more peachy-orange than gold, but regardless, it is a beautiful all over lid colour for the spring and summer. 

 Tan-gled up in you || A cool-toned, tan brown shade that offers a matte finish. This shade would make a great transition colour for the crease, to add depth to any eye look.

 Don't turn a-brown || A dark chocolate brown eyeshadow, that is neither too warm toned nor too cool toned, so it will match well with many different looks. This one is a complete matte shade, which will work perfectly for deepening the outer V of the eye, for added dimension. Also, it can be used to line your eyes with as well for more definition, as a replacement to black eyeliner which can often look a little too harsh. 

It is noticeable that this palette is definitely more suited towards light-to-medium skin tones, and some of the colours included may not show up as much on deeper complexions. For my super pale skin tone, I honestly cannot fault the shade selection that Tarte have chosen for their Rainforest After Dark palette. Even though it is very neutral with just a small variety of purple and brown shades, it makes for the perfect everyday palette, and I know that I will use every shade out of it. Also, because of the complimentary mixture of cool and warm toned shadows, so many different looks can be created from this palette alone.
  Each and every one of the eyeshadows inside are really well pigmented..A little product does go a long way and they have very little fall out. They are all really buttery and smooth, which makes them easy to apply and blend out as well. The only shade I feel I have to work with a bit more is 'Don't turn a-brown', just because it is quite dark and so matte, I find that it needs that extra bit of blending, otherwise it can appear quite patchy. But overall, I am extremely impressed with the performance of the eyeshadows.
As for the three face powders in the palette, I am also very impressed. All of them are very soft, with an easy to apply and easy to blend out texture. They are all nicely pigmented, without having an 'over the top' colour pay off, which is actually a great factor because lets be honest, we know the struggle of over doing it with our bronzer, blusher or highlighter, right?! 

Already I can tell that I am going to get so much use out of this palette..It has everything I need in one place, including a generous sized mirror, for when I am on the go. The quality of the products is outstanding, not that I would expect anything less from Tarte, and I cannot wait to explore more products from their range. 
What are your favourite Tarte Cosmetics products? Have you tried this palette?  

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