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Highlighting may seem like an 'extra' step in your daily make-up routine, but if you are anything like me, then you will agree that it is also one of the most important steps.
As a girl who suffers from quite dry and dehydrated skin, I always find myself in awe of anybody who has dewy and healthy glowing skin, and I love to try and find products that can help me achieve that desired look..this is where my affection for highlighters comes in. Over the past year or so, (since strobing became a thing!) I have gathered together quite a vast collection of highlighters, including creams, liquids and powders, and looking at my collection, I have come to notice one thing..I may have an addiction problem where champagne-gold toned highlighters are concerned! 

theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer is possibly one of the most coveted powder highlighters within the world of beauty, and it is actually one that I have tried to resist for such a long time..However, a couple of weeks ago, I finally caved in and I have now added it to my highlighter collection. The Mary-Lou Manizer has been recommended to me countless amounts of times now, and I never hear a bad word said about it, so I figured, why wait any longer? It was inevitable that it would end up in my forever growing collection eventually!

 Described by theBalm as being a 'Honey-hued' luminiser, Mary-Lou is a light-to-medium, golden champagne with warm undertones and a soft, pearly sheen which gives a gorgeous luminous glow to the skin. At first I was slightly sceptical on how the golden shade would look on my super pale complexion, (I live in never ending fear that a highlighter will be too intense and unnatural for my skin tone) as I have heard conflicting reviews on how it works on pale skin, but as long as I go in with a light hand, it works just fine! A light hand is definitely key when it comes to the Mary-Lou Manizer, as it is 100 percent not a subtle is packed full of golden shimmer and if you go in to heavy, it is easy to over do it! To achieve the most natural finish from Mary-Lou, I take a small amount of product on my Zoeva fan brush (I tap off all of the excess), and being extremely light handed, I use the side of the brush to sweep the powder cautiously across the tops of my cheekbones, and over all of the other high-points of my face. I find that this technique works best for me to get that desired natural, glowing from within look.

 Not only can the Mary-Lou Manizer be used as a powder highlighter, but you can also double it up as an eyeshadow, or even a shimmer..We all love a multi-purpose product, right? As of now, I have only used it as a highlighter, but in the summer months, I may try it out as an eyeshadow all over the lid and see how it works. 
 Another great feature of the Mary-Lou Manizer is that the powder actually diffuses light, meaning it will make your skin appear softer and imperfections (wrinkles and pores) will be completely blurred out. This is normally quite a hard trait to find in such a shimmery powder, because more often than not shimmer will actually accentuate and emphasise these kinds of problems and not cover them up, so Mary-Lou gets a big high-five for that one!   

 The texture of the powder is soft and smooth making it easy to blend into the skin, and as you can see it really does offer an extremely intense pigmentation..It is certainly not for the faint hearted, but more so for those who love the glow! Just remember one thing..less is more where Mary-Lou is involved!

Of course I cannot finish this post off without mentioning the packaging, because we all know by now just how much I appreciate a good packaged product! All of theBalm's items have extremely cute and kitsch packaging, and the Mary-Lou Manizer is no different to that, with the retro convict illustration on the front. The plastic casing that the powder comes in seems to be strong and sturdy, however because the powder inside is so fine and soft, I am not sure this would make it 100 percent 'shatter-proof', when it is popped in your make-up bag. On the inside of the compact there is also a lovely sized mirror within the lid, which makes this the perfect highlighter for when you need to do your make-up on the go! Overall, I really like the is unique and quirky and everything I would expect from theBalm!

I would say that Mary-Lou has definitely earned 'Cult' status in the beauty community now, as I feel like most make-up enthusiasts own her and love her..and rightly so. I can now see why this highlighter is so highly regarded by make-up lovers, and I cannot believe I resisted temptation for so long! I hate my skin to look flat and dull, and a wash of Mary-Lou sorts that right out for me and helps gives my face a bit of life and dimension..
Mary-Lou is 100 percent for you if you adore the illusion of luminosity and glowing skin.
Have you tried theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer yet?..Or her sister's Cindy and Betty? What are your thoughts on them? 

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