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Since being launched in the UK back in 2015, NYX Cosmetics is a brand that I hear and see everywhere..It is definitely becoming one of the most coveted drugstore brands available.
It was only early last year roughly when I got introduced to the brand NYX Cosmetics myself, and after seeing all of the incredibly rated, high-quality products that they have to offer for such affordable prices, I highly anticipated the release of NYX here in the UK. One product of theirs that I was particularly excited to get my hands on was their innovative Soft Matte Lip Creams..We all know by now that my affection towards matte lip products is a little out of control, and the more I heard about these ones, the more I wanted to try them out for myself. NYX describe their lip creams by saying 'It is not a lipstick, nor is is a lip gloss. It is nothing like you've experienced before. It is a lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte' ..So, they are essentially a matte lipstick in a liquid form, which have a creamy consistency and feel super soft on the lips - Sounds intriguingly good, right?   

 Abu Dhabi || It is no secret that I love nothing more than a nude lip where make-up is concerned, and NYX Cosmetics certainly do not disappoint with their vast spectrum of nude shades. Out of all of the different nudes from the Soft Matte Lip Cream collection, 'Abu Dhabi' caught my attention straight away. It is this gorgeous warm toned, rose-beige shade, that makes for the perfect, everyday classic nude lip colour. It applies onto the lips really effortlessly and offers a really good, almost opaque colour pay off with just one swipe. Unlike your standard matte liquid lipsticks, this one feels lovely and creamy throughout wear, rather than feeling dry, tacky and somewhat uncomfortable. I am currently loving this lipstick for everyday wear, as it does look and feel lovely on, however I wish it was just a little bit more long-wearing!

 Copenhagen || Occasionally I like to switch up my classic nude lip for something a little bit bolder, that really makes a statement. Particularly in Autumn and Winter, a dark and vampy lip is my favourite 'go-to' for most days, and 'Copenhagen' is the perfect shade for that time of year. It is a lovely deep, burgundy-toned plummy red with warm undertones. I love that even though this is a bold lip colour, it is still a very wearable berry lip, that can be worn everyday without looking too over the top. Similarly to 'Abu Dhabi', this shade also glides onto the lips effortlessly and feels very smooth and comfortable on ..However, compared to the lighter shade, I do find that this darker one does go on a little bit more uneven causing it to look more patchy. Copenhagen also does not seem to have as an intense colour pay off with just one swipe, so it does need building up to get the desired look, but once that is done, it looks gorgeous!

 Prague || Something that I very rarely wear now when it comes to make-up is a pink lip. When I was younger I used to love pink lipstick, in fact I never seemed to wear much else..but, as I have got older I have started to realise that maybe it is not the most flattering shade for me or my skin tone. However, when I was browsing through the Nyx soft matte lip cream range, I spotted the shade 'Prague', and even though this is a fairly bright pink colour, I surprisingly really liked it, and after much deliberation I did decide to purchase it. It is a beautiful purple toned mauve-pink, and it is neither too bright nor too dark, but it sits somewhere in between..which I personally think is a great balance. It has the exact same formula as the other two shades I picked up, so it offers fuss-free application and it feels soft and velvety on the lips too. As for the pigmentation of this one, I find that it does give a fairly opaque colour coverage, however I do always apply two layers just to avoid it looking streaky or patchy. Prague is a very versatile shade that will look great all year round, and it will also suit a variety of different skin tones! 

I am seriously so impressed with the Soft Matte Lip Creams that I have tried from Nyx Cosmetics so far, and to tell you the truth, I am already considering making another purchase to collect more shades..Albeit, that is probably no surprise, as I am a bit of a matte lipstick maniac! In all honesty, even though I seem to have collated a large collection of matte lipsticks over the past year or so, I always find myself being very reluctant to wear them. This is because I suffer from dry lips, and matte lipsticks can often feel uncomfortable and look unflattering on my lips..unfortunately for me! However, because these matte lip creams have such a unique, creamy formulation, they really do feel like nothing I have ever used before..they are not your 'typical' matte lipstick, and I personally absolutely love it!  
Upon application the lip creams feels buttery smooth, and they just glide onto the lips so effortlessly with the doe-foot wand. This sort of applicator is my personal favourite for a liquid lip product, as it gives a much more precise application, to keep everything tidy and is totally fuss-free! Once the product has been applied, something that is instantly noticeable about these lip creams is that for a matte lip product, rather than feeling drying on the lips, they actually have a formula which feels very soft and moisturising..They are definitely one of a kind, and it is by far one of the most comfortable matte formulas that I have ever tried (and I have tried A LOT!). As for pigmentation, they are not the most highly pigmented lip product I have ever tried, but they certainly are not the least either. They may not offer a strong opaque colour pay off straight way, but they only need building up ever so slightly..I normally go in with just two layers to get the desired colour that I am wanting to achieve. Once I have applied the lip cream, I leave it to dry onto the lips for a little bit, and whilst these do take longer to dry than most matte liquid lipsticks, they do offer a stunning finish afterwards. For roughly the first half an hour after application, they seem to appear more demi-matte, but after that length of time they do start to dry down to a complete matte finish. Once they have settled onto the lips, the lip creams continue to feel soft and nourishing..They do not feel or look drying at all. The one extra bonus that would make these the perfect matte lip products would be if they had the lasting power of a 'normal' lip stain or liquid lipstick..For me, the longevity is the only factor that lets these Soft Matte Lip Creams down. They only seem to last a few of hours maximum on the lips before needing to be reapplied, and if they are left for longer than approximately 3-4 hours, they fade away to pretty much nothing..Also, they do not hold up well during eating or drinking either! However, other than that minor issue, the Soft Matte Lip Creams really are such a lovely drugstore product, and I would recommend them to anybody who is on the hunt for some new, affordable lip colours for day-to-day wear!

In all honesty, I was not expecting to like the NYX Cosmetics Lip Creams as much as I do, but after trying them out, I now cannot wait to explore the brand a little bit more, and try out some of their other products as well.
What is your favourite NYX product? Have you tried the Soft Matte Lip Creams yet? 

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