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If you want to increase the longevity of your makeup, then powdering is an essential step in your daily makeup routine, to ensure that everything is kept in place all day long.
Even though I suffer from dry and dehydrated skin which does not secrete too much natural oil throughout the day, I still apply powder over my foundation every single day that I wear makeup. Yes, I may adding something that is deemed an unnecessary product to my skin, but it gives me piece of mind and just reassures me that my makeup will stay on for as long as I need it to last, without going patchy or flaking off in any areas.
Whilst powder can be the perfect finishing touch to a makeup look and it can make everything on the skin appear much more flawless and put together, it is definitely one of those products that you want to use an extremely light hand with..It is very easy to apply too much powder and end up looking overly powdery and cakey, which in turn will make the skin appear relatively dull and flat, rather than giving a nice, natural appearance - If you get the right balance and find the right powder, it really is a makeup game changer! 

When I first started wearing powder, I had one powder in particular (which we will talk about later on) that I would use every single day - for about two years I think I used the same powder, just because it worked so well for me and my skin, I thought, why do I need anything else? It was only a few years back that I decided it was time to start being more adventurous and try out some new products! Since then I have discovered so many more powders, some of which I absolutely love..

 Makeup Forever HD Powder || Similarly to my favourite Makeup Forever HD foundation, I heard that Kim Kardashian is also a lover of the HD Powder which goes along side with it..so of course I had to invest in this as well! The High Definition Loose Powder from Makeup Forever is a translucent setting powder that will give the skin a natural semi-matte finish, which isn't too matte nor too dewy..it is a perfect balance of the both. With just a thin layer of this powder applied with a light hand all over the face, imperfections such as fine lines and pores are considerably reduced and blurred out, to leave the appearance of smooth and faultless skin. This powder would be the perfect all-rounder for nights out, events or special occasions, if it wasn't for the fact that it causes extremely visible flashback. So, if you are doing your makeup to head off somewhere where there is going to be plenty of photo opportunities, this is the powder to avoid. However, for normal day-to-day wear, it is great for increasing longevity in makeup and it does look beautifully flawless on the skin as well.  

 Givenchy Poudre Premiere Translucent Loose Powder || My first ever Givenchy purchase guys!..It may not be the Antigona handbag that is on my wishlist, but I am still super excited to own something from the much loved brand (baby steps!). The Poudre Premiere from Givenchy is an extremely finely milled, translucent powder which feels featherlight on the skin and leaves an incredibly natural looking finish, which will last throughout the whole day. Even though it is described to be a mattifying powder, it still offers a slight radiance to the skin as well, which I love because it stops the appearance of looking dull and flat. With its light-inducing properties, this Givenchy powder is literally like photoshop in a tub and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to achieve a more smooth and soft-focus appearance. 

 Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder || Possibly the most talked about and most loved powder at the moment in the Blogging and YouTube community, the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder is a firm favourite, and it is the latest powder to have been added to my collection. I have resisted temptation for so long, but a couple of months ago I caved in, and I am so glad that I did! It really is an incredible powder and I now see why it is so highly rated in the beauty world. It sets makeup in place and keeps it looking perfect for hours, whilst minimising oiliness as well. Also, it never looks powdery and it never look obvious either - it is so finely milled and has such a silky smooth texture that it just disappears into the skin, leaving a very natural finish. Perfect, right? As well as using this as an all over face powder, I like to use it for 'baking'..the makeup kind, not the food kind! It works amazingly for carving out the contour line to keep it looking sharp and cheekbones looking defined. 

 MAC Studio Fix Foundation Powder || Remember that powder which we talked about in the beginning? Well, meet the little guy that I used non stop, everyday for a good two years or so. I can't even imagine how many compacts I went through in that time..actually, I don't even want to think about that at £21 each! This is the famous Studio Fix Powder from M.A.C Cosmetics, and still to this day, it is my go-to powder that I absolutely love. Being a foundation powder, it is slightly different to the other four powders, as this one provides a slight bit of extra coverage, as well as setting everything in place and helping with oil control. I like to use this powder best for nights out, events, or for any other occasions where my makeup needs to last on my skin for a long time..It is also the perfect choice of powder for when I am suffering from problematic skin, as it helps to cover a bit more than just a translucent powder would. As well as being used to set makeup in place, Studio Fix can also be used on its own, all over the skin as a powder foundation - I have never used it this way personally, but I can imagine it would give a really lovely light-to-medium coverage on the skin..Perfect for the summer time or those minimal makeup days! All in all, this is just an all round great powder, which I will continue to use forever, as I know it never lets me down! 

 Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder || My everyday powder that never does me wrong, and it is the most affordable of the bunch coming from highstreet brand, Rimmel London. The Stay Matte powder is what I use pretty much everyday now..I refer to it as my 'work powder' because whenever I have work I will use my more affordable products, and this one is definitely an essential of mine for that. Stay Matte is a pressed translucent powder, so it adds no extra coverage or colour, but it works like a dream for keeping your makeup in place all day and for keeping any oil at bay. To get the best results from this powder, always remember that less is definitely more, as if you go in to heavy handed and apply too much product, it can go to look overly powdery very quickly.

I am so happy that I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and explore the world of powders more, because I have come across some amazing finds, which I really love using.
Is powdering an essential step in your everyday makeup routine? 
Which powders are your favourites? 

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