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By now I think we have all started to realise that I am a little bit of a shopaholic..Yes, I admit it! Wether it is beauty, fashion, homeware, (the list is endless) I just cannot stop is a dangerous, yet satisfying trait that my bank account hates me for!
  Every month, I seem to gather together a small wishlist of all different pieces and products that I would like to purchase in the near future, and when I was away in London last week, I figured it was the perfect time to start striking some things off of my forever growing list! London is without a doubt one of my favourite places to go shopping..albeit, I may need a whole lot of time to get around and a whole lot of money to spend as well! Over the four days that I spent in the beautiful City, of course I had to give myself at least one 'shopping day' (much to my boyfriends disappointment), to make sure I could get everything that I have been lusting after for the past couple of weeks.

Kiehl's || Investing in some amazing skincare products and getting myself into a good, daily skincare routine is something that has become imperative to me recently. As much as I love investing all of my time and money into make-up, I am at an age now where I am starting to realise how important skincare is, and how much of a difference the right products really can make. Growing up I was lucky enough to have my mums good skin genes, so skincare is something which I regrettably become quite lazy with over time. Now, at the age of 22 I can notice my skin starting to change and I have learned a very valuable lesson..Even if you do not suffer from problematic skin, skincare should always be a priority! There are so many incredible skincare brands around now, all of which offer some amazing products, and one brand in particular that I hear about constantly is the much loved, Kiehl's. They are without a doubt one of the most coveted skincare brands of the moment, and where ever I look on social media, I can guarantee that I see at least one person talking about their products, saying just how good they really are. More Recently I have started to suffer from a quite a few break outs on my skin, even though I have not changed anything I do in my daily routine, and it has been getting me down for quite a few weeks so I decided to do something about it. Whilst shopping on Kings Road, I stumbled upon the Kiehl's store, so I decided to pop in, and I ended up having a brief consultation with the manager in there. We sat down and I explained to him about the recent troubles I have been having with my skin and I told him that I was on the hunt for some great products to help combat the problems. We then talked about my 'lazy' skincare routine, as he looked at my skin and determined exactly what it is that I need. The first product he suggested to me was the Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash to use every night to take my make-up off, and also every morning to wash my face completely before putting make-up on. This cleanser will help to lift away any impurities and will clean the skin thoroughly to ensure that the skin is fresh, revitalised and free from any products or dirt that should not be there. To use along side the cleanser he also recommended using the Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner as well. Honestly, I have not used a toner on my face for years, and I was told that this could be the reason why my skin has started to play up recently. Taking a small amount of toner on a cotton round and applying it all over the skin, removes excess oil and helps to shrink and close pores, which means unwanted dirt cannot seep its way in..After having this explained to me I now see that toning should be a vital part in any persons skincare routine. Once I have used the cleansing foam to remove any make-up and dirt off my skin, I will then use the toner afterwards to help soothe my problematic skin. I am super excited to start using these two products within my daily skincare routine, and hopefully my skin will be restored to its former glory in no time!
If you would like to know how I get on with these products then please let me know in the comments below and I will arrange to do a follow up review post in a few weeks! 

I also wanted to quickly mention this letter that I received to my home a couple of days after my visit to the store, from the Kiehl's Business Manager of the Kings Road branch. When I first saw that I had received something in the post from Kiehl's I assumed it was just going to be a news letter, as I had signed up to that service in store..however, when I opened up the envelope to see a thank you letter and a handful of little samples inside, I was a bit overwhelmed. I have never known a brand to do something like this before and I wanted to share it with everyone because I personally think that it is such an amazing and generous gesture for Kiehl's to do. This is the first time that I have ever shopped with Kiehl's before, and with Customer Service like this, they have definitely earned themselves a new, loyal customer! 

Marc Jacobs || For a long time now I have always lusted after the Marc Jacobs beauty range. I first tried make-up from the luxurious brand back at the beginning of last year when I took a trip to Sephora in Rome, and ever since then I have wanted to invest in some more of their products..however, up until recently Marc Jacobs make-up has not been very accessible here..In fact, it was only a couple of weeks ago that Marc Jacobs Beauty become an exclusive line, available only at Harrods here in the UK! We may have been waiting a long time, but I think every other UK make-up enthusiasts will agree with me when I say, it is totally worth the wait! There are so many make-up products that Marc Jacobs offer and even though my wishlist of everything that I would love to try from there is pretty much on-going, there was one product in particular that I was desperate to get my hands on, and that was the Marc Jacobs Undercover Coconut PrimerOver the past few months, I have heard so many incredible reviews on this product, and I am so excited to now finally be able to try it out for myself. Marc Jacobs say that this perfecting face primer "instantly extends make-up wear while creating a smooth and improved skin surface". I definitely have high hopes for this primer, and if you would be interested in seeing how I get on with it then make sure you follow me here on Bloglovin' to get notified every time I publish, as in a few weeks I will be doing a follow up post to review the Undercover Primer, so I can let you all know my thoughts on it.  

Charlotte Tilbury ||  Some of you may already know that Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite make-up artists of all time, and her incredible cosmetics collection is definitely a firm favourite of mine as well. I adore every aspect of both her make-up range and her skincare range..From the ingredients used in the products, to the quality of the products themselves, and not forgetting that gorgeous rose gold packaging that has me in awe every time I spot it! Charlotte Tilbury is without a doubt one of the most loved brands across the globe, and for good reason too. I have tried so many of their products in the past, and I have never been left feeling disappointed or dissatisfied with anything. When I first discovered the brand a few years back I made a rather large online order, (I went a bit crazy and wanted to try it all) and ever since then I have been a Charlotte Tilbury lover and a very loyal customer. Back around November time last year, it was revealed that Charlotte Tilbury was going to be opening her first ever UK Boudoir in Covent Garden, and since hearing the news I had wanted to go and pay a visit there, to see the store in all of it's beautiful glory! So, last month when I booked the hotel in London for a few nights away, I also went and booked in to go and get my make-up done by one of the senior artists at the Charlotte Tilbury Boudoir..I am going to be doing an entire blog post dedicated to the experience, so stay tuned for that coming up soon! Whilst I was there, of course I decided to do some shopping as well..being surrounded by all of those amazing products was just far too enticing, and I quickly gave into temptation and started making a list of all of the items that I wanted to purchase. All of the products that I bought were what Martha (The Senior Artist), used on me to recreate one of Charlotte Tilbury's signature looks, The Golden Goddess
The first item I bought was one of Charlotte's latest releases that has been on my wishlist since it launched last year, The Magic Foundation. The minute I felt this foundation on my skin, I knew I had to purchase a bottle of it for myself..It feels super lightweight on and it gives a gorgeous medium-buildable flawless coverage which erases imperfections, whilst still looking completely natural. I am really excited about this foundation and I cannot wait to test it out more! 
The second product I bought is another face product that I have wanted to try from Charlotte Tilbury for quite some time now, and it is the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder. This powder goes hand-in-hand with the foundation as it blurs away any fine lines and imperfections, giving the illusion of soft-focus, faultless skin. I use face powders religiously in my daily make-up routine to increase the longevity of my make-up, and I am continuously on the hunt for a good powder that looks natural and feels weightless on the skin, without looking dull or cakey..I have high hopes that powder could be exactly what I am looking for! 
Next, I picked up one of the incredible Rock 'N' Kohl Eyeliner Pencils. I already own this pencil in the shade Bedroom Black, and on this shopping trip I decided to also purchase it in the shade 'Barbarella Brown'. I often find that using a black pencil to line the eyes with can sometimes appear a little to harsh, so I chose to get a brown pencil as well to make it look slightly softer and more suitable for everyday wear. Out of any eyeliner pencil I have ever tried, these ones from Charlotte Tilbury are without a doubt my absolute favourites..They smoothly glide onto the eyes so effortlessly, they have great pigmentation which resembles that of a liquid eyeliner, and they last all day long without smudging - What is not to love?!  
Moving onto the last couple of products I treated myself to, and they come from the lip product ranges that Charlotte Tilbury offers. It is no secret that I love nothing more than a charlotte Tilbury lipstick, so of course I purchased another one to add to my collection. This one is in the shade 'Penelope Pink' and it is a stunning pink toned nude with warm undertones. Coming from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick range, it has a gorgeous satin finish to it..Out of every lipstick finish available, satin is my all time favourite as it is neither too matte nor too glossy, but it just sits somewhere perfectly in between, meaning it looks flattering, it feels comfortable and it stays in place all day long. 
The last lip product I bought is something which I would never normally gravitate towards as I am not a big lipgloss wearer, however when I saw this paired with the Penelope Pink lipstick, I fell a little bit in love with the colour combination. This is one of the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre's in the shade 'Seduction', and it is just a lovely, classic warm toned nude. Combined with the Penelope Pink lipstick and the lip liner in Pillowtalk (which I already own), this created the perfect everyday nude lip shade for fair-to-medium skin tones. The reason I normally stay well away from lip gloss is because I find that they tend to leave the lips feeling quite sticky, but these lip lustres are nothing like the norm..They feel soft and comfortable on the lips, they give an amazing mirror-shine finish and they stay in place for up to 6 hours! I am so excited to try this out more for spring and summer and hopefully I will invest in some more shades soon as well. 

LADUREE || Is a shopping trip really complete if you do not buy some form of food?..Not in my book! And, what better shopping companion is there than a box of delicious macarons?! Ever since I tried macarons from LaDuree for the first time in Paris back in 2014, it is safe to say that I became infatuated with the little sugary treats. Now, anytime I go to a City that has a LaDuree store, it is always a top priority on my list of places to go. I usually buy myself the 'Green & Parma Arabesque Box' which holds eight macarons (because obviously one just is not enough), and I choose eight different flavours that I want to indulge myself in..Salted Caramel and Vanilla are definitely two of my favourites!  

I am so happy that I took the opportunity to splurge a little bit and treat myself when I was away in London..I mean, it has to be done every so often, right?  It is nice for me to see that my 'cosmetics wishlist' is now finally a tiny bit shorter (not for long!), and I am so excited to start using these new products in my daily make-up and skincare routines. 
Have you tried any of these products out for yourself? What are your thoughts on them?

Thank you all so much for reading. Do not forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to make sure you do not miss out on any future posts, and in that case, I will speak to you soon. 

Lots of Love,
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