Tuesday, 26 April 2016


While we all know and love Zoeva for their stunning range of affordable makeup brushes, more recently they have started getting noticed for their incredible makeup range as well. 
In particular it is their eyeshadow palettes from their makeup line that get a lot of positive recognition..I see them everywhere over social media platforms, being featured in many different blog posts, and they are definitely becoming a firm favourite in the beauty community. After reading multiple times that Zoeva eyeshadows are easily comparable to the likes of those from M.A.C Cosmetics and Urban Decay, I knew I had to check them out for myself. With eleven different eyeshadow palettes to choose from in total, I was a bit spoiled for choice to begin with, but after much deliberation, I finally decided that the Cocoa Blend palette was the one which was best suited for me. It is a very neutral spectrum palette that is made up of a variety of gorgeous warm toned shadows..As someone who has a strong affection for warm toned eyeshadows, this palette is right up my street! Taking inspiration from warm truffle colours, delicate nougat shades and tones of shimmering marzipan, the luxurious Cocoa Blend was created and it is completely irresistible. To make it even more desirable, the palette even smells sweet like chocolate..it certainly is a taste of temptation. 

Inside the Cocoa Blend palette there is a total of ten different eyeshadow shades, each one being as beautiful as the next. The shadows come in a range of different finishes, including some mattes, some shimmers and also a couple of metallics as well. With this versatile mixture of colours and finishes, using just this palette alone it is possible to create a multitude of different eye looks..wether it is a classic day-to-day look you are after, or a sultry evening look, this palette can help achieve whatever you desire..

 Bitter Start || Palest matte nude.  

 Sweeter End || Shimmering duo chrome nougat.

 Warm Notes || Glittering cranberry purple. 

 Subtle Blend || Metallic deep bronze. 

 Beans Are White || Deep cocoa brown matte.

 Pure Ganache || Pure and luxurious metallic gold.

 Substitute For Love || Toffee brown with a subtle shimmer.

 Freshly Toasted || Rich mahogany brown.

 Infusion || Matte dark brown infused with golden glitter.

 Delicate Acidity || Berry toned brown shimmer.

Considering that the Cocoa Blend palette is such an affordable palette, (£15.50) I am so impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows included..In fact, I would go as far as saying that they are possibly some of the nicest eyeshadows I have ever tried (and I have tried A LOT)..they could certainly take some of the more high-end brands for a run for their money!
Each shadow has such a soft texture that they just apply effortlessly onto the lid and they blend out so seamlessly as well. Despite being powder based, none of the shadows feel or look chalky at all, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that during application there is very minimal fallout when using these eyeshadows. When it comes to pigmentation, each of the shadows definitely packs a punch..they offer a very intense, opaque colour pay off with very little product. To increase the longevity of the eyeshades I would always suggest using an eyeshadow base or primer on the lids first, however if you do not suffer from oily eyelids I would not say that this is an essential step..Used alone, each shadow has really incredible staying power, and they can be worn for a good 6-7 hours without signs of fading or creasing. Honestly, the Cocoa Blend palette from Zoeva has impressed me in every way so far..I totally understand why people rate their makeup so highly, and I do not have a bad word to say about this palette. 

The Cocoa Blend palette is my first ever makeup product that I have tried from Zoeva, and as far as first experiences go, it certainly did not disappoint! From the travel friendly packaging to the quality of the shadows, it is a pretty impressive palette all in all. A few more Zoeva makeup items have now made their way onto my forever growing wishlist, and I am excited to try more out and explore the brand a little more. They offer so many lovely pieces, including blush palettes, lip products and of course eye shadow palettes, all of which come with such affordable price tags..there is no reason not to love them! 
Have you tried anything from Zoeva? What are your favourite products of theirs?

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