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I think it has become apparent over the past few months that I Love me some nudes. Take from that what you will, but today I am referring to the lip product variety of nudes.
..Did you think I was talking about something else? Shame on you! 

It is no secret that a nude lip has inadvertently become a signature look of mine recently, and like a lot of other girls, I am on a constant quest to find the right nude for me. Finding the perfect nude lip combination can be such a huge struggle at times as there really is so much to take into consideration..Is it the right shade for my skin tone? Does it wash me out? Do I suit cooler or warmer tones most? What kind of finish do I want?! Ooh the hurdles we face..It really is third world problems here, right?!  

Recently, I took a trip to the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Boudoir in Covent Garden to have my make-up done by one of the incredible senior artists there. Whilst I was there the lovely woman that did my make-up started talking me through all of the different lip shades in the Charlotte Tilbury range, and it was in that moment that she introduced to me, the most perfect nude lip combination for me and my skin tone..The Dolce Vita Lip Trio.

Warning || This blog post contains nudes!
 'Pillowtalk' Lip Cheat || You recognise this little number already, right?! Of course you do..The much loved, 'Pillowtalk' Lip Cheat from Charlotte Tilbury needs no introduction here. Unless you live under a rock or you really aren't that in to your luxury make-up products, I am going to guess that you know exactly what I am talking about, as Charlotte Tilbury lip cheats are some of the most coveted lip pencils on the market right now, and Pillowtalk is without a doubt the most 'famous' shade of the range. Pillowtalk is one of those lip pencil shades that you see everywhere and hear so much about because it is such a universal tone, and it offers the perfect base to create the perfect nude lip for many different skin tones. It is a beautiful neutral pink-nude colour which looks very natural on the lips..It's almost like one of those 'my lips but better' shades, and it is honestly one of the best lip pencil shades I have found for creating a classic, true nude lip. To get the best results, I personally like to use Pillowtalk to not only line my lips, but to also fill them in lightly as well. By doing this I can achieve the definition and fullness that my natural lips unfortunately lack, I can alter the shape of my lips to make them appear more even, and also the lip pencil provides a nice, even base of colour for the lipstick to be layered on top of, which should increase the intensity of the nude lip as it will block out any red tones from the natural lip colour.    

Ever since I first tried a Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil back in 2014, I have been a huge fan, and out of every brand I have tried, I would say that they are hands down my all time favourite lip pencils..Ooh, that is a bold statement to make, but it is one hundred percent true! The most noticeable feature on the lip cheats is their unique texture, as they are so soft and creamy to apply, they really are like nothing I have tried before. They just glide on to the lips so effortlessly (without dragging or tugging the lips!), and with their incredible pigmentation one swipe offers a great opaque coverage of colour that settles down to a lovely matte finish. Also, I am not exaggerating when I say that the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheats are completely budge-proof..Once you have applied the product, it is setting up camp and not going anywhere for the day, which is actually really great as this will prevent smudging, transferring and feathering as well as prolonging the wear of the lip products. Considering these lip cheats do offer such a long-wearing, matte finish, it is surprising just how velvety and comfortable the product feels on the lips. If you are after a lip pencil that is going to offer you precise application, great colour, good lasting-power, without drying out your lips, I highly recommend these ones.

 'Penelope Pink' K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick || When it comes to luxury make-up brands, there is no one that does lipsticks quite like Charlotte Tilbury, in my humble opinion..And I'm not just saying that because the products looks fancy on my dressing table (I mean, they look fancy on my desk too!)I have tried everything from YSL, to Burberry, to Chanel, and while I do love each and every one of those beauty brands, I will still always return to a trusty Charlotte Tilbury lippy when I want the perfect nude lip, as her selection of shades are just beautiful beyond compare. The most recent shade that I have added to my minuscule Charlotte Tilbury lipstick collection is the lovely, 'Penelope Pink'. This is a shade that I never hear too much about personally, and for a long time I have always overlooked it, without giving it a second thought when searching for a new nude..Something which I am kicking myself for now, as it has quickly become one of my most favourite nude lipsticks that I own. Penelope Pink is a gorgeous warm-toned nude beige shade that has a slight hint of pinky-peach undertones to it, and I find it to be really flattering against my fair complexion. I often have a hard time finding a good nude shade for me, as a lot of them will wash me out, but this one absolutely doesn't do that, and it is just so complimentary to my skin tone. Being part of the 'K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen From The Lipstick Tree' range, Penelope Pink is a satin finish lipstick, and as we all know by now, there is not much that I love more than a satin lipstick..especially a nude satin lipstick, from Charlotte Tilbury..So in other words, there is not much that I love more than Penelope Pink! 

Similarly to the lip cheats from Charlotte Tilbury, their lipsticks also have a formulation that is simply unique. The special blend of waxes included in the making of the lipsticks ensures that the bullet glides onto the lips softly with ease, and the dreamy texture of the lipstick, leaves the lips feeling hydrated and moisturised throughout wear. In terms of pigmentation, these lipsticks definitely pack a punch, and one swipe over the lips is enough for an almost opaque coverage of colour, that drys down to a satin (semi-matte) finish. With Penelope Pink also being a pink toned nude, it is the perfect partner for pillowtalk, and I cannot get enough of this combination at the minute! 

 'Seduction' Lip Lustre || As someone who religiously only wears a matte lip or a satin lip whenever I wear make-up, it may seem quite strange for me to be featuring a lip gloss here on my page, but in all honesty this lip trio is not complete without it (obviously, because I need three items for this to be a trio!), and this product really is the secret finishing touch to completing the perfect nude lip. This is the first, but it certainly won't be the last, lip lustre that I have purchased for myself from the Charlotte Tilbury gloss range, and it is in the shade 'Seduction', which is pretty much Penelope Pink in gloss form..They are practically identical shades, that completely go hand in hand together to produce the perfect nude. Seduction is just your classic pink toned nude lip gloss, which looks gorgeous on fair-to-medium skin tones. While I am only just starting to come to terms with wearing lip gloss, I can definitely see the difference already that this lip lustre has on the overall finished look of my lip make-up..It has the ability to transform the lips in seconds, giving them a high-mirrored shine to create the illusion of a three-dimensional, voluptuous pout..My lips have never looked so full, and I am loving it!

For me, gloss is one of those marmite products, you either love it or you hate it..And while I have been totally opposed to wearing gloss since I was in high school, these lip lustres from Charlotte Tilbury are slowly starting to covert me back. Now, I am not completely against rocking a glossy lip..especially in the summer time for that extra luminosity! The reason I have always stayed clear from lip gloss in the past is because I always associated it with being sticky, tacky, uncomfortable and just all-round unflattering, but these lustres are actually nothing like that at all. The formula of these are like no lip gloss I have tried before, and Charlotte Tilbury has got it absolutely spot on! Seduction applies onto the lips so softly, like a cream texture almost, and it leaves the lips feeling soothed and hydrated. It does not feel tacky on the lips at all, nor does it leave behind a sticky residue either, instead it feel lightweight, and extremely comfortable to wear. Every time I shopped at Charlotte Tilbury in the past, I always quickly glanced over the lip lustres, admired how pretty they looked, and then continued with my shopping..My fear of lipgloss always held me back from putting one of the lip lustres in my basket, and now I thoroughly regret that! Next time I go to a Charlotte Tilbury counter, these are definitely at the top of my list!   

Gosh, I don't know about you, but all of this talk about nudes, seduction and pillowtalk is getting me a little hot under the collar!

With me having a bit of a fetish with nude lips at the moment, I am constantly switching up and changing the lip products which I use, in order to find the perfect nude for me..However, I honestly think that this Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita lip kit trio is exactly what I have been looking for, and I can definitely see this being my new go-to nude combination over the summer months.   
What is your favourite nude lipstick? Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury lip products?

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