Friday, 6 May 2016


Diptyque is a luxurious Parisian company that produces many beautiful things..Candles? Check. Perfumes? Check. Body Care? Check. Face Care? Check. The list could go on and on.
Over the years it has become more and more apparent that Diptyque is one of the most highly coveted brands within the blogosphere, with the vast majority of us swooning over their lines of sumptuous products. While everything that they have to offer is absolutely incredible, it is without a doubt, their candles in particular that get everybody talking. 

Diptyque is known for their unique range of candles, and they offer a vast choice of roughly fifty, rare and different scents that will get your scent senses tingling! All of the candle scents in the Diptyque collection have been inspired and recreated from a childhood memory, nature or exotic journeys that French perfumer, Diptyque has experienced over the years. It has taken over 50 years for Diptyque to perfect the art of making scented candles, and today they have a huge variety of fragrances which capture the essences of green figs, orange blossoms, tuberose petals and blackcurrant leaves (just to name a few)Diptyque candles are all handmade with a high quality vegetable/paraffin wax mix, which is properly distributed to ensure that each ones burns evenly. Also, because each fragrance contains a unique mixture of natural ingredients, Diptyque custom blends specific wax formulas designed to compliment every candle scent. Every last detail that goes into creating these candles really is incredible and it is clear to tell that Diptyque have a real passion for their craftsmanship. As a self professed candle lover, I really appreciate a good candle, and these ones are definitely some of my favourites!

As I mentioned earlier, Diptyque have an extraordinary amount of scents in their collection, and they are all categorised into different 'families'. Altogether there are five different families, and depending on the scent of the candle they will either be placed in the Fruity, Floral, Spicy, Woody or Herbal category. 

There really are so many incredible scents to choose from that it is extremely difficult to narrow down a favourite one..however, the scent Baies (Berries in French) is definitely a stand out one for myself! It is described as being 'a bouquet of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian rose'and even though it is grouped within the Fruity family, I find it to be the perfect balance between fruity and floral notes. Whilst the scent is quite sweet, fresh and uplifting, it is also very warming as well, and that is why I love this one for the bedroom..It is a relatively strong smell, but it is not too overbearing at all, and the freshness of it gives an earthy, natural feel which makes it very inviting. The blend of these two scents together is definitely a unique twist, but because neither of the them are too over powering it works perfectly, and it creates a very distinctive and romantic aroma.

I have this Diptyque candle is the smaller-sized jar (70g), and it claims to offer up to 30 hours burn time. To get the best possible results from your candle, you need to take care of it..Diptyque advise that you trim the wick before each burn, and they also say that you should keep it burning for at least 2 hours each time, to make sure that the surface of the wax melts all the way across the diameter of the candle, as this will help keep your candle even. If you follow these simple and easy instructions, your candle will keep going strong for as long as possible. 

Where Diptyque is concerned, I undoubtably have an achilles heel, as they really are a fragrant lovers dream. Admittedly, they are not the cheapest candles around, however, if you are similar to me, and you really appreciate a nice, deluxe candle, then you will definitely want to indulge yourself in one from Diptyque. Whatever kind of scent you are after, Diptyque have it covered and you should not struggle to find at least one that is right for you and your home!

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